The Magic Games *for the crossover competition*

Their are only 4 districts. Huffelpuffs 1 Ravenclaw 2 Slytherin 3 Gryffindor 4. Harry and Hermione both from district 4 go in to the magic games their wands ready the only thing they left behind was their best friend Ron. Join them as they fight battle after battle spell after spell in this magical journey.


1. The Reaping

Harry's p.o.v

"Ron what if i'm picked?" "Bloody hell what if i'm picked!" he said frustrated  "i don't know mate.....i'm scared" "Harry! Ron! Hermione! breakfast!" screamed Mrs. Weasley from the kitchen "coming mum!" yelled Ron back "Coming!" we herd Hermione's meek voice we walked down the stairs and saw the breakfast Mrs. Weasley laid out "When you finish go get washed and ready for...the Reaping" Mrs. Weasley tried to hold back tears  "Ginny!" she screeched "Coming mum!" "mum how many times has Ginny been entered?" asked Ron "Once dear" she smiled back at him. Ginny  finally came down and ate the rest of the bread.  We sat their in silence only thinking of what would happen later that day. After breakfast we all bathed and changed walked to the place and got in line we had our fingers pricked and we stood their waiting for the woman who would announce the Tributes. "Hello!" she said over the loud speaker "Okay! Ladies first!" she smiled picked a name out of he bowl "Ginny Weasley! come on dear don't be shy!" "NO!" Hermione shouted "I VOLUNTEER!" "I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE!!!!"  "Okay well come on up!" Hermione walked up the steps. "Okay boys!" she grabbed a piece of paper "Harry James Potter!" she said i was stunned i walked up the steps and stood near Hermione after we did she took us into a room Ginny came in and hugged us both "Why did you volunteer?" she said teary eyed "because i wouldn't be able to live with myself if you got killed!" " I love you both please try to win" she smiled and was taken out in a hurry next came Mrs. Weasley "Good luck! both of you" she cried as she hugged us then it was Ron who came in last "Are you mental Hermione?!" he screamed with tears "No i'm not metal i saved your sisters life!" "Whatever just come here!" he said as he hugged us "try not to die" he laughed "we won't and please keep your mum calm while we're gone" i smiled as i feared she might have a heart attack he laughed and was hurried out after that so were we. "Come we have to go to the Capital!" the Woman who called our names said "I'm Rita Skeeter by the way" she said shaking our hands  "come this way we can board the train and you can meet Haymich" she smiled we sat in a tiny room and then the man known as Haymich came in and by the smell of Rum and Whiskey he was drunk "Hello" he smiled at us "I'm Haymich your mentor nice to meet you" "Harry" i weakly smiled "Hermione" she said softly he shook our hands and went back to his room with a glass of scotch.

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