On the year 2510 A deadly and mutant sickness overcomes the worlds. Everyone would lock themselves in their metalic rooms while the beasts roam untill dawn. A girl lost her father one night, his dad was killed by the sickness. She was kidnapped a few weeks later where she would unlock the secret of the virus. How you may ask? read and find out.....
___ means your name!


4. The plan

I can't stand ______ being through this! I am going through a plan right now in my head and once she wakes up I'll tell her and we could go to the library here! She stirred in my arms. I smiled knowing I am in-love with this girl! 

"Jake?......." Her eyes fluttered open and she smiled at me. Even if ______ has bruises she looks like an angel. 

"Yah?....." I sat up and helped her sit. 

"I'm alive!....." The usual enthusiasm in her voice.

"I know!" I practically shouted causing her to laugh. " You are a miracle you know?!" She shrugged and got up.

"My father was a Semi, his genes didn't make me one...." She was in deep thought and finally understanding she spoke. " but I still am on the inside...." I was shocked! Is she saying the truth or talking bullsh*t ? 

"Wait did I just hear you say you are a Semi inside?" I was very shocked and she didn't seem to take it harshly. 

"Yes, that is why I can heal very quickly and could talk to any animals, sometimes I could hear my semi talking to me and often I listen." ______ said sounding very pleased.

"So then could you help me out on something?" I asked but I was almost sure she would say no.

"Sure what you need help on?" _____ was just so smiley right now I was sure she was also half-clown.

"Would you....." I looked at her who had a curious face on which really turned me on. "Help me....... escape?" I closed my eyes ready to regret what I said.

"Sure, all we have to do is get some research and probably I could talk to some animals outside!" She was really smart, maybe because she had a great dad. "Oh and maybe we could go to the library you said about..." 

"Wait I did't talk about any libraries!" Is _______ not telling me something?

"I forgot I could read minds at times......." wait did she hear me say I loved her?

"Now I did!" She screamed hugging me. I was blushing like crazy but I was happy that she knows I do.

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