On the year 2510 A deadly and mutant sickness overcomes the worlds. Everyone would lock themselves in their metalic rooms while the beasts roam untill dawn. A girl lost her father one night, his dad was killed by the sickness. She was kidnapped a few weeks later where she would unlock the secret of the virus. How you may ask? read and find out.....
___ means your name!


2. Right Here for You


I woke up with a HUGE headsche. I sat up and looked at the sleeping boy beside me. He stirred and I smiled to myself. I glanced at the walls stained with blood, I quickly looked down at myself. Phew! I was covered in bandages and I had a clue who did it. I decided to walk around the facility, I wrote a note to the boy indicating where I was.

~outside the room

____ walked for awhile to ease the pain. Jake the boy found the note and ran after her. ____ bumped someone on the hallways and Apologized.

"Sorry I didn't see you..." ___ said helping the guy up.

"A girl as pretty as you? I can't stay mad !" He got up by himself and straightened his shirt. "You okay? You have banages all over you!" He got worried and ___ mannaged to ignore them as Jake came running in.

" Good you okay!" He said breathing heavily. "Forgot to tell you I'm Jake" ____ smiled and shoke his hand. " You okay? Still in pain?"

"I'm okay I met a new friend" ___ said pointing to the new boy.

"Oh that's Leonardo, the jerk!" He exclaimed.

"Jake shush be nice..... even if he is a jerk" ___ whispered to Jake. "Nice to meet you, Leo but we need to go" ____ said walking away with Jake

"I'm really sorry.... I almost killed you!" Jake said leading ____ through the hallways.

"It's okay it was your friend not you- oh wait sorry I know he isn't your friends" ____ said taking it back. "My dad was like you but he called the beast his friend." ____ said smiling.

"Really?" Jake asked ____ while entering the bloody room. " Did he hurt you?" He asked not thinking it over. ____ she looked like she was going to puke then burst into tears. "Oh sorry I didn't mean to say that. I was just curio-" 

"It's okay," ___ cutted him off and continued. "But yes he did but I know he would stop it if he could, like you" ___ was crying now and sat on the bed. Jake saw this and wiped her tears with his thumb. "sorry I just feel so alone because I have no one here for me. No one cares anyways." 

"Oh don't talk that cr*p," Jake said standing up, ____ just stared at him as he continued. " I will always be right here for you, no matter what even if you hate me for trying to kill you." He joked around more and asked _____ questions about the real world.

"Really? A beaver is a mammal, I thought it was a bird!" They talked about more things until they heard the siren and the doors lock. Will a love bloom or will death end our story?

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