On the year 2510 A deadly and mutant sickness overcomes the worlds. Everyone would lock themselves in their metalic rooms while the beasts roam untill dawn. A girl lost her father one night, his dad was killed by the sickness. She was kidnapped a few weeks later where she would unlock the secret of the virus. How you may ask? read and find out.....
___ means your name!


1. Missing You

____ was a girl who had a genius dad, ___'s mom died because of this sickness. This sickness was made on the year 2100, 400 years ago an experiment of combining the DNA of animals and humans went wrong and the creature went crazy and infected more. Soon the population grew and the goverment had to do something about it. The creatures were called Semis because the creature became human when the sun is out. Once it gets dark they transform and the infected one will lose controll of its one body.

____'s dad was a Semi and he killed his wife one night and hurt ____. He figured a formula to cure it but backfired and he died a week after. Now ____ is alone in a big house with no one and nothing to do. She is missing her dad and would love to be with him, but she could not commit suicide because for somewhat reason she felt like she was needed on this earth.

~NOW (your POV)

I heard a noise downstairs so I wrapped my robe around me and crept down the mechanical stairs. The lights to my kitchen was on I slowly took a knife from my pocket my father gave me to protect myself. When I walked in there were 3 big men in my kitchen, they were my dad's friends.

"Hello ____" He said in a very deep voice.

"Hello...." I trailed off putting my knife on the table.

"We heard your dad died and so we are telling you to come with us to Britain on our experiment facility as we are doing a study for the cure." Another said in a scary voice.

"Sorry I don't want to join you guys I am okay here...." I said backing out.

"We weren't asking! take her!" The same guy wrapped a towel around my mouth and as I breathed in toxic I was put in a box. ( in the future there is a box like that which has breathing tubes and it floats)

~In britain a few hours later.

I awokened to a someone shaking me. It was those men.

"Bring me back home this instant!!" I got up but was tied to a chair. " What the heck please I don't want to be reminded what happened to my parents please!!" I was softly crying now.

"We are sorry we really are but since you have experience with Semis and you have no more relatives we could take you for the good of human kind" He said it so convincing I gave in, anyways I would die and go with my parents.

"You are signed to a boy your age who is a Semi and you job is to befriend him and we will deal with the rest."

With that they untied me gave me a pile of fresh clothes and shoved me in a metal room with a huge bed and a window with bars inside. A boy was looking out the window. He glared at me. His blonde hair stained black with dirt and his blue eyes burning right through me.

"Change quick and I'll talk to you" He said going back to the window. I stripped down to my underwear and put on the yellow T-shirt and the jeans and I slipped on the comabat boots they gave me.

"I'm done" I whispered and he sat on the bed staring in my emerald eyes. He patted the area next to him looking away. I cautiosly sat down looking at him.

"You shouldn't be here I could kill you and you would be gone by tomorrow" He said very coldly.

"Sorry but I wish to be here and I hope I could last at least till morning....... but of cource you wouldn't control your friend so ......" I didn't finish because he grew angry by the show of his fisted hands and his eyes filled with anger.

"You think this is a joke! you think I like having this beast in me?! What you call a 'friend' is what drove me here! I haven't been outside since I was 9!" He threw me against the wall pulling me up. I was scared and apologized.

"Sorry, I don't mean it please....." I was about to cry while I covered my chest with my hands, after he let me down. A siren went on and the doors locked.

"Go on the bed and go to sleep, don't move or make a sound untill Sunrise." He ordered while backing to the farthest corner from the bed. I did as I was told as the moon rose.

He screamed and I could see his nails grow and his eyes change to blood red, his body became crooked as his face twisted. I wanted to scream but I knew if I did he would kill me. I hid under the sheets. I sneezed, everything went quiet but when I thought he was done the sheets were torn off and the creature picked me up and threw me to the wall. I squeled with pain, this beast came closer untill his face was inches away.

"Hello there prey! I have dinner now! ohh you look so pretty to bad you would be torn apart!" I winced and sat propperly.

"Hi! nice to meet you! I am ____!" I said lightning the mood. This creature face shoke and the boy's face twisted back quickly.

"What the bloody hell are you doing?!" He asked

"Being nice to your friend!" I answered smiling forgetting the pain. His face grew back twisted and the monster smiled. He scratched my arms and legs. He threw me to another wall and it was stained by my blood. My lip quivered as he laughed. I was frezing but it was hotter than summer here!

"Ohh a new friend? hhahaa foolish child!" He came close lifted my chin and scratched my face leaving blood and pain. I smiled with much effort and slowly held out my hand.

"So what's your name?" He gave me a look and slapped me.

" MY NAME IS KILL NOW SHUT YOUR HORRID MOUTH AND-" He kissed me!! what the hell is going on? He let go and scratched at my libs till the yellow T-shirt was ripped and red. I stayed there on the floor and blacked-out.

~ Jake

A girl came in, she was beutiful, but I learned that everything I loved always disappeared. She had clothes in her arms and I told her what to do. She obeyed and I looked away. When she was finished we sat on the bed and she said something I grew angry at.

"but of cource you wouldn't control your friend so......." I just went mad. I let her go knowing she had no idea what she signed up for. The sirens went on and I was locked inside again. I told her what she was supposed to do. I could always experience what the beast does but I can't control it.

I almost killed her tonight, I was lost because when the beast kissed her I felt sparks! She was acting crazy. Guess it worked because she was still breathing. When the sun rose I automatically set her on the bed and the doors opened and I ran out and grabbed a first aid kit and tended her wounds. She was all bloody and fragile. I felt so guilty. I slept for awhile next to her, when I awoke she was gone.

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