On the year 2510 A deadly and mutant sickness overcomes the worlds. Everyone would lock themselves in their metalic rooms while the beasts roam untill dawn. A girl lost her father one night, his dad was killed by the sickness. She was kidnapped a few weeks later where she would unlock the secret of the virus. How you may ask? read and find out.....
___ means your name!


3. Killing Me

"Oh no ____ please, do not hate me after tonight, let's hope you will still be alive by tomorrow" Jake said frantically running around. He glanced at ____ who was smiling and held up her crossed fingers. Jake felt the pain every time he transform and his visions got blurry.

'hey time for me to wake-up!' a voice in the head corrupted and became a lot scarier. (words in '  ' means in his head) " Oh your still alive?" He crept toward her with his claws out.

"Nice to see you too!" _____ said waving her arms. 

'_____ is crazy!' Jake thought to himself. With that the claws ripped through skin, Jake saw nothing but pain and blood. ' I feel like a monster!' 

Soon it was morning and Jake layed ____ on the bed. She had her bandages bloody and her head scratched up badly. There were bruises here and there. Jake was so scared to even touch her skin. Even if Jake's own hands and mouth were covered in ____'s blood. He just took care of fragile ____.

'I want to get out of here and see the world, breath in air, eat NORMAL food and let _____ away from me.' Jake was falling in love with _____, Hard. It would kill him inside if _____ was killed by himself and even if it will hurt Jake wanted to let _____ go.

"Jake........I ....." _____ was talking in her sleep. " lo- AAHHHH" _____ woke up in a cold sweat. 

"_____ shh.... go back and rest it was probably a nightmare." _____ calmed down as Jake held her close. ______ will admit she also is starting to like Jake, even if it would kill her he would rather be killed and met Jake than vice-versa. _______ could hear his heart-beating slowly and just listening to it made _____'s eyelids drop. 


"I hate you!" Jake said turning into the beast, even if the sun was high upon the sky. " I trusted you! I protected you! I loved you!!" The beast was now ripping ____ apart. 

"It wasn't me!" ____ pleaded "I promise!!" the slashing and ripping of her skin had no effect on her, she was crying because Jake didn't believe her. " Please forgive me!!" ______ was dieing now but it killed her more that her love didn't believe her.

"Jake .......I love-" The monster cut open her chest, ______ woke up in the arms of Jake once again and finally ______ slept in his arms comforting her.

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