On the year 2510 A deadly and mutant sickness overcomes the worlds. Everyone would lock themselves in their metalic rooms while the beasts roam untill dawn. A girl lost her father one night, his dad was killed by the sickness. She was kidnapped a few weeks later where she would unlock the secret of the virus. How you may ask? read and find out.....
___ means your name!


5. Break out

For the past week _______ and Jake have been building a brilliant plan. Using basic knowledge, they found out that guards were out after the sirens screeches; they block entries and are armed. The library provided some history about the facility; a control center was hidden in the high towers. Using some of _______'s talent in to talking to animals we discovered that workers in the control center have breaks for ten minutes. The animals became loyal to us and agreed to help out. 

In the middle of the day the plan would take place. The relationship between Jake, _______ and ‘Kill’ the monster has gotten more progress. Kill would calm down and let his anger out on the walls and _______ would do everything she can to try and make sure both Kill and Jake would be fine. Jake and _______ hadn't been talking awhile as Jake denied his feelings for her. Only in planning did they talk but sometimes the beast would be loyal and talk to _______ for Jake.


The day came and it was in the middle of the daily lockdown. Jake and ______ hid in the library while the guards cleared the hallways. Kill agreed to stay put until they all got out of the 'prison'. Sneaking through a window which a bird helped to keep it open the group decided this was a great escape route. There were no metal bars on the window so they smoothly got out. Next obstacle was that there are guards protecting the back entrance but only a few to speak of. 

For seven days (maybe even a week) groundhogs and moles helped dig a hole under a fence which was hidden by thick shrubbery. They climbed through and ran at breakneck speed into the surrounding forest. 

"WE ARE FREE!!!" Jake screamed when they made it deep enough in the forest. He did a little dance as _______ smiled and wandered off. After such an eventful night Kill came out and began slashing on a tree then jumping in a river. ______ dozed off and peacefully slept under a tree. Jake and Kill crept up beside her and found themselves snoring as well. (They both have the same body anyways).

"Hello there"

"Oh, Hello Leonardo. What brings you to the library?"

"Checking things out" Leonardo looked ______ over. "Some good things here" ______ laughed getting the flirty joke then continued to look for information. I hid behind the nearby bookshelf and stalked them. 

The Jerk stood beside ______ and whispered something in her ear. She turned bright red and turned away. Leonardo stole a quick kiss and was well out the room. I was so angry Kill would have easily taken over but I kept him locked in because I saw _______ smiling. 

After remembering the event Jake (or Kill) Stood up in rage and looked down on _______ with a twisted face. 

Why didn't you push him away, why were you smiling _____? You knew I liked you too, why? 

Before ______ could even open her eyes Kill's claws stabbed deep in _____ leg. She let out a horrible cry. 

"DIE! DIE! YOU BETRAYED ME!!" Jake scowled her. ______ usual calm self in these situation didn't seem to exist as she desperately crept away feeling the fear stir in her. Tears ran like a river from her eyes, another hit and it could be fatal to _____. 

Kill, stop this instant! 

It's not me Jake. This is the real you, this is how you feel right now.

_______ balled herself up and struggled to breathe as her lungs seemed to be in pain. Jake fell to his knees and sobbed. 

 What have I done? 

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