Truly, Madly Deeply

'I hate you Harry Styles...'

2 years after finishing school and being tormented by Harry Styles, Ellie Laker finally gets accepted into a presigious performing arts academy in London. This was everything she had ever wanted, but she knows that it is probably too good to last...


15. Interruptions

Ellie's P.O.V

'Ok class,' Ms Schour began. 'We are again practicing another scene between Lucy and Jarrod, but this time everyone will be behind the curtains, waiting to come on for your scene, which is what will actually happen on the night when we perform. So mains, on the right side of the stage and everyone else on the left hand side please.'

Everyone filed off to their positions and Callum and I walked up onto the stage. I had just come back from singing, and seeing as though singing and acting were the only two classes I took at the school, I had spent time in my room beforehand, practicing my lines. I was pretty sure I knew them back to front now.

Hallie, Mikaela and Harry moved to the right side of the stage and everyone else moved to the left wing. I turned to face Callum, slipping into Lucy's mind.

'Look, what we did last night was wrong,' I began, 'but I can't take it back. I didn't know what I was thinking, I should've stopped--'

Callum cut me off. 'But what if I don't want to take it back?' He leant in, I closed my eyes, preparing myself for the kiss when,

'Uh,' Harry said quite loudly. 'What's the time?' The whole class just turned to look at him, and even Harry seemed to be shocked that he had dared to speak during a scene, even being a special guest.

'Mr Styles! Excuse me! Next time, kindly refrain from loudly interrupting a scene. And it is 9 in the morning for your information,' Ms Schour told him with a firm stare, not seeming to remember that he was a part of a world famous boyband.

Harry's P.O.V

I had no idea what made me do it, but I did know that I could not bear to see Ellie kiss that Callum freak again. After I got told off I shrank back into the shadows of the curtain, trying to ignore the flirtatious stares Hallie was giving me. At first I did think she was really hot, but after a few conversations with her, she had come across as extremely selfish and vain.

And even I had to admit to myself, that every other girl seemed to be invisible to me when Ellie was anywhere near the situation.

They started the scene again and I just stood there, watching.

'Look, what we did last night was wrong,' she began, 'but I can't take it back. I didn't know what I was thinking, I should've stopped,'

'But what if I don't want to take it back?' Callum leant in, and suddenly I saw red and my body started acting without me meaning it to.

There was an almighty crash as I ran forward and knocked over a lightstand. Ellie was looking at me with shock written all over her face. Callum was looking at me with, annoyance? I smiled with the thought of succeeding in annoying Callum.

'Now really, that is enough!' Ms Schour stomped up the stairs to the right wing and turned to face me. 'Do you have a problem with this scene Mr Styles?'

I sneaked a look at Ellie, who was intently watching me. 'Im really sorry, I don't know what happened.'

Ms Schour fixed me with a stare that did actually make me feel quite scared. 'Well you better hope for your sake that it doesn't happen again.'

I tried to ignore all the stares I was getting, and I just sat back down in the shadows.

Ellie's P.O.V

I didn't know what was wrong with him. What was his problem? Was this his way at getting back at me for going out with Callum or something? We started our scene again for the third time.

'Look, what we did last night was wrong, but I can't take it back. I didn't know--'

I made eye contact with Harry at that precise moment, and my mouth just seemed to falter. I had just revised my lines one hour ago, and I had already forgotten?

I tried again. 'I didn't know...'

I looked up at Callum who was looking extremely exasperated. I moved my mouth and racked my brains for the rest of the line.

'Oh for heaven's sake, let's just practice a scene with no Lucy, Ed or Jarrod!' Ms Schour threw her hands up in annoyance.

I went off to the side of the stage with the other mains, and Mikaela looked at me, looking sorry for me, but I felt weird. I wasn't disappointed that I hadn't been able to complete the scene.

And as hard as it was for me to admit, there was a tiny part of me that was happy I didn't kiss Callum.

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