Truly, Madly Deeply

'I hate you Harry Styles...'

2 years after finishing school and being tormented by Harry Styles, Ellie Laker finally gets accepted into a presigious performing arts academy in London. This was everything she had ever wanted, but she knows that it is probably too good to last...


35. Forever After

Ellie's P.O.V

I sat on the edge of the chair, staring into my reflection in the mirror. My hair and makeup was done, and it hardly looked like I had ever been lying on the floor for over four hours. Everything was ready. Except me. I didn't want to have to face Harry after what he had said to me.

I smoothed out the creases in my costume, and looked over at the slowly ticking clock in the corner, it was nearly time.  At this the door flew open and Ms Schour bustled in. 'Ok Ellie? You ready? Curtains come up in 15 minutes.'

I smiled at her, but the corners of my mouth didn't quite reach my eyes. She smiled at me again, and sat down next to me. 

'Look Ellie, I know you might be a little nervous, but you have actually turned out to be a fantastic actress. I know you were having troubles with Mr Styles in the middle of the term, but you still pulled it off, and I know you can do this. And now that you and Mr Styles seem to be on good terms again, your performance will be even better.' 

She thinks this is about nerves.

'Thankyou Miss.'  She grinned at me, and left the room. I leant back against my chair, breathing in and out heavily. I closed my eyes and tried to focus on my lines.  


Harry's P.O.V

I nervously stared at the clock, the time coming closer and closer. I can't believe I ruined everything, just before the big play. I stared out through the curtain, and saw a lot of reporters, with their flashing cameras and microphones.  I'd honestly completely forgot about how the press were going to be coming. But why wouldn't they? Why would they miss the opportunity to see the Harry Styles in a pathetic play? 

I shook my head, letting the curls fall to the side. I needed to forget Ellie. As soon as this play is done I can leave with the boys, and go back to hating her and completely forget about these past few months, it is what would be best.   


Ellie's P.O.V

I stood in front of the curtain, palms sweating. I could hear the crowd, only a few metres away from me, but my sight was blocked off. Suddenly, everyone fell silent.  'Thankyou everyone for coming tonight. My class has worked very hard in this play and we hope that you enjoy it.' There was a lot of applause and then the lights turned dark. the curtains lifted and I stepped forward. 



'Why did you do that? You're supposed to be my best mate! Bastard!' Harry yelled.

'I'm...I'm sorry, she just came to me asking for help...I was just trying to help!'

'Bullshit!' Harry cried, fake tears glistening in his eyes. 'I....I love her, and you knew that.'

That was my queue. I ran out of the house. 'Ed? Jarrod? What happened?'

'I can't believe you would do that.' Harry quietly said to me, although he didn't quite meet my eyes. 

'I'm...sorry...' I told him. 'I was hurt. You--' I fell silent. 'You…'  

Harry waited expectantly. I could feel myself shaking with the remainders of our last conversation. The stage was slowly fading out of sight and was being replaced with Harry's room. 'You don't want to be with me.' 

Everyone was silent, and it was blatantly obvious I wasn't following a script anymore. I fell to my knees and felt myself shake with the sobs that were taking over my lungs.    I felt a pair of arms hold me, and lift me up. I collapsed into his chest, but his scent was different. I looked up and saw Callum, looking at me with regret written all over his face.   

'Lucy, you need to pull yourself together. Can't you see you and Ed are perfect for each other?' He looked at Harry. 'It doesn't matter how much you believe you are hurting her, can't you see you are hurting her even more by not being with her?'

I stared up at him, and then over at Harry who was looking at me like he had actually seen me for the first time. I walked over to him. 

'You don't want me.'  

'No that's not true. I just don't want to hurt you..'  

'You are hurting me now. I feel like there is a huge hole in my chest. Please, I don't want to be cared for, I want you, and you only.'  

He stared at me for a while, and I was suddenly scared that he would still reject me, in front of a few hundred people.

I nodded. 'Ok, that's still not good enough I unders--'  

But he had walked over to me, his hands reaching for mine. 'That is all I want. To be with you.' 

His head bowed down and our lips met. He hand reached for my waist as he pulled me in closer.  It was all him. I never wanted to be with anyone else.

As we broke away, I searched for Callum's face in the sea of people that had now surrounded us. I walked up to him and gave him a hug, and a whispered thank you. Mikaela came to meet me, with tear stained eyes, and I held her close.  Smiling, I walked back to Harry, but not before Hallie had stopped me in my tracks. 

She grabbed me by the arm and hurled me around to face the audience.  'Maybe you are all enjoying this little love fest, but you should know Lucy for who she really is, Ellie the ugly, lying, scheming little bitch who just can't stay away from those who aren't even hers.'  I opened my mouth to respond, but Harry had grabbed her arm tightly. 

'You will never threaten me or Ellie, ever again. I don't know if you forgot who I am, but I have a whole lot of security and lawyers at my use. So don't you ever, come near us again.' I grinned as Hallie scampered away, apparently she didn't like being confronted in front of an audience.     


'Ok, action!'

'I love you Ed.' 

'I love you Lucy. And nothing else matters.' 

His eyes were staring into mine, his green irises melting me. And then our lips met again, it was perfect, and nothing else mattered, because even after all our past, we were both ready to focus on our future, together.   


A/N This is the end :'( Omg I can't even, this story has come so far and I literally cannot thank you guys enough. I'm sorry if this wasn't the ending you want, but I had so much fun writing this story and I thankyou so much for all your support and beautiful comments. I am so sad to be ending this, but I will be writing another story again soon, if you are interested haha!   

Thankyou so much for reading this, it means a lot :) I love you all so much xxx  


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