Truly, Madly Deeply

'I hate you Harry Styles...'

2 years after finishing school and being tormented by Harry Styles, Ellie Laker finally gets accepted into a presigious performing arts academy in London. This was everything she had ever wanted, but she knows that it is probably too good to last...


14. First Date

Ellie's P.O.V

I stood with my hands in my pockets in the cold, waiting for that person to come. I self consiously moved my hand to straighten the beanie I had on, and to fix the curls underneath it. I looked around at the street in front of me, watching the cars go by in a mad rush of honking and beeping. I felt someone's presence beside me. He was here.

'You ready?' He asked me.

I looked at Callum, in his coat and scarf and nodded. 'Lead the way,' I told him with a smile.

Since talking to Callum on the phone, we had organised to go to a cafe not far from the school. It was fantastic according to Zayn and Callum. I wasn't nervous as such, but I had a feeling that what I was doing was not completely right. As we walked down the steps to go to the cafe I looked back at the school, and I saw Mikaela give me a good luck wave. I returned it, with a thanking smile, and we left.

The silence wasn't awkward, as such, more of a thinking quiet. We had had so much to talk about that first day when we had met, but now it seemed there was nothing to say. I looked up at his blue eyes and he looked at me, smiling.

'So, Ellie, are you looking forward to performing this play in two months?'

I shrugged. 'I guess, I really love acting. I find it helps me. Playing a different character and taking a break from my own life just gets me a bit of a rest I guess.'

He looked at me questioningly. 'Why would you need a break from your life? It seems perfect. I mean, you have good friends, a good education. You're doing well in classes, and well, you're definetely not ugly.' He playfully nudged me.

I smiled at him, but my cheeks didn't seem to flame up this time. 'Thanks Callum, but I guess it's just family and financial problems. My life is definetely not as bad as the people in the third world countries, but it's not perfect, but I guess I am a lot better off then some people so I shouldn't be complaining.'

By this time we had made it to the little cafe, which was off the main street. We walked inside, and a bell went off, signalling a new customer. The doors blocked out the chill of the morning and the heat from the toaster and the stove gave the cafe a cosy atmosphere. We chose a table and sat down, and I tried to not notice Callum's staring at me.

The cafe was filled with a chatter and pretty soon a waitress came up to us. She eyed Callum noticeably, but he was looking at the menu and didn't seem to notice. But I did, but it didn't seem to bother me, weirdly.

'What would you like today?' She asked us.

'Um, I'll get a flat white and a blueberry muffin, thankyou,' I told her.

'And I'll get the same just with some raisin toast,' Callum added.

As she walked away with the menus I turned to look at Callum who was playing with the sugar sticks in the plastic cup in the middle of the table. I smiled at him and suddenly my phone beeped.

I unlocked it as I read the text from Mikaela.

How is it going? - Kaela

I looked up at Callum to see him on his phone as well so I figured it wouldn't be that rude to reply.

I guess it's ok. We haven't talked that much, but the cafe's really nice. He seems a bit bored to tell you the truth. Any ideas on exciting conversation starters? - Ell

When I looked up again, Callum was looking at me with interest.

'Someone interesting?' He asked with a smile.

'Just Mikaela,' I said with a slight laugh. Just then the waitress turned up with our orders and I took a sip of my coffee. It was really good, and when I told Callum, he just laughed.

Maybe it was nerves, because by the time I had finished my muffin, we were both talking animatedly to one another, just like after the play. We arrived back at the school, and we both had seperate classes, so after a slightly awkward hug goodbye, we went our seperate ways.

I saw Mikaela and the boys over near a statue, and Louis saw me and gestured over to me to come join them. Their heads all turned to look at me, Mikaela's a little later from playfully trying to punch Zayn. I smiled at how quickly she had gotten over her shyness, and her obsession with the band. Myself and Harry's eyes locked together, and I nearly dropped my coffee on myself. I swallowed and continued walking, cursing myself along the way, for lack of control over my emotions.

But then I heard footsteps behind me. It was Callum again. I was just about to mouth an apology to Mikaela and the lads, who were all still watching, when Callum spun me around, and I nearly spilt my coffee again.

'I forgot something,' he whispered.

'Is this going to take long because I've just got to tell Mik--' I started, but then he pressed his lips against mine. I wrapped my free arm around his neck, before we both let go, and Callum, with a small smile, walked away.

I turned back to face Mikaela who was looking at me with an expression close to happiness so extreme she was about to burst. I smiled as I walked over, but Harry seemed to just be looking at the ground. The rest of the boys seemed to be giving me conflicting looks as well.

I walked over to Harry, and trying to keep the friendship thing going I asked him, 'Are you ok?'

'What? Yeah, huh? Oh yeah, I'm fine.' He stuttered. 'And uh Ellie?'


'You, uh, you look really good, er today,' he said as his gaze returned to the ground.

I was surprised but I felt my mouth turn up at the corners slightly, and my cheeks turned a couple of shades darker.

'Thankyou Haz.'

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