Truly, Madly Deeply

'I hate you Harry Styles...'

2 years after finishing school and being tormented by Harry Styles, Ellie Laker finally gets accepted into a presigious performing arts academy in London. This was everything she had ever wanted, but she knows that it is probably too good to last...


32. Finding Her

Harry's P.O.V

The taxi's kept flying past us, no matter how far Liam stuck his hand out.

'We are part of a world famous boyband, this is ridiculous. How are all our cars being used, and we aren't able to hail a cab?' Liam huffed.

Mikaela stood, frantically biting the ends of her nails. I looked over at her.

'Hey. Mikaela. It's ok. I don't even understand why we are rushing. She's probably just at her parent's place and she's fine. Everything will be ok.' I reasoned.

'I don't know Harry. I'm just getting a bad feeling.'

I chose not to reply. I didn't know what to say, and honestly I thought I would be making the situation worse. I truly didn't understand why we were rushing. And Mikaela's 'bad' feeling was honestly just annoying me. I can't believe I was cutting class to go and find Ellie, when she was just probably off on one of her moods, and when we do find her, she's just going to go back to hating me.

'Finally!' Liam yelled, as a taxi came driving over to us.

Both Liam and Mikaela quickly rushed into the taxi, speaking quickly to the driver, giving him Ellie's address. I waitied a few minutes, not sure whether it was a good idea to get in the car or not.

'Harry come on!' Liam shouted at me.

I jumped in a slight fright, before giving him an annoyed look. And I got in, slamming the door behind me.


Ellie's P.O.V

The sun was hot. I shouldn't have come so early. The train still had an hour and a half to go. I slowly opened my eyes, seeing black spots in my vision. The hot wind stung my eyes, but I held them open long enough to see the empty road beside the station.

No one is going to come. No one cares. So here I will wait.


Harry's P.O.V

I sat in silence. Liam and Mikaela sat in silence as well, but their's was agaitated and stressed. I took a deep breath in, as we sat in back to back traffic. By the time we actually go to her house it would be dark.


20 minutes later, we were walking up Ellie's driveway. Personally I felt a little awkward. We were just barging into her personal property, searching for her, when the main reason she left was to get away from us.

Liam and Mikaela set off in a sprint up to the front door, repeatedly ringing the doorbell.

By the time I reached them I could hear young voices screaming through the door, and a woman's voice shushing them.

The door opened, with a middle aged women with mousy brown hair standing in the door.

'Hello?' She eyed Liam and Mikaela suspiciously, but as soon as she saw me her eyes narrowed. 'Harry. What are you doing here?'

'Uh, Mrs Laker? Hi. Um. We were just wondering where Ellie is. See, she left school and she hasn't come back, so we thought we'd just look for her.

With one last dirty glance at me, she averted her gaze to Liam. 'Um, well she was here yesterday, but I haven't seen her since. I thought she had gone back to the school. I must admit, I feel guilty I didn't pay her more attention, but the boys were at each other all day. She did look a little sad actually.'

Liam turned around and gave us both a look.

Ellie's mum's face was changing from unease, to anxiety. 'When you find her, would you call me please?'

'What? Uh yeah sure Mrs Laker. We'll go right now.' Liam looked a little distracted.

I loud scream came from the inside the house. Ellie's mum opened her mouth and closed it again, as if she were about to say something. She gave us a small smile, although I noticed it was significantly aimed at only Liam and Mikaela.

'Samuel be quiet!' She yelled, as she shut the door.

We were left standing on her doorstep. Liam kept running his hands through his hair, thinking. And Mikaela nails were becoming noticeable shorter.

'Well maybe she's gone back to the school.' I shrugged.

'But something doesn't feel right.' Mikaela whispered. Liam nodded.

'Well, how about we go back to the school, and we'll search for her again tomorrow.'

Mikaela frantically shook her head, but now Liam was on my side.

'Maybe that would be the better thing to do.' He said. 'Cmon Mik.'

We walked over to the taxi, which we had paid to wait for us.

The engine started and we drove back onto the main road. I started to close my eyes. I was so tired.


'Wait. What?' I woke to the sound of Liam's voice.

I sat up slowly, to see the front window rolled down, and a police officer talking to the taxi driver.

'What's up?' I huskily croaked.

'The roads been blocked off! We've got to go another way.' Liam said, clearly annoyed.

'I'm sorry sir, but the alternate way isn't that far. Just turn down the way and keep driving until you see a sign to direct you back to the main road.'

'Those directions aren't very clear.' The taxi driver reasoned.

'Don't worry, you'll pass a deserted old train station on the way. When you see it, you know you're going the right way,' he told us with a small smile.

'Thankyou.' Mikaela said.

The car turned around and we drove down the street the officer had pointed us in.

We had been driving for around 10 minutes before we started to see a train station in the distance. Liam exclaimed happily, and leant back in his seat, apparently satisfied we were heading in the right direction.

I leant back in the seat, , my eyes slowly closing, but something caught my eye, just as I was drifting off.

We were getting closer to the station, and I could see something on the tracks.

I nudged Liam, pointing towards the shape. 'What is that on the tracks Li?' I asked, squinting.

He yawned. Looking over to where I was pointing, he just shook his head, muttering something about an animal.

But something wasn't right. But then it clicked. That brown hair. The shape of her legs. Ellie.

I yelled at the driver to stop, before my instincts took over. 'Ellie! Ellie!'

The last thing I saw was Liam and Mikaela's bewildered faces.

My legs were pumping beneath me, the dirt kicking up behind me. I could now hear Liam and Mikaela's voices, as they realised why and where I was running too.


Ellie's P.O.V

I twitched my hand, trying to keep the feeling in my limbs. I wasn't regretting was I was doing. In fact I was actually enjoying it. I had control over everything that was happening, and I was going to be able to control my fate.

I blinked a few times, in an attempt to stop the dirt from blowing into my eyes. I heard a few noises coming from the road, so I craned my neck, trying to see what the noise was. I looked up at the sign. 10 minutes. 10 minutes till everything was over.


Harry's P.O.V



I ran to the platform, almost tripping in my rush.


Her face was almost unrecognisable. There were cuts and scratches all over her face, and her skin looked raw and red. How long had she been here, lying in the heat?

'Harry. What are you doing here?' She looked absolutely bewildered.

'Look please Ellie, no matter bad you think things are, this isn't going to fix anything.'

Liam and Mikaela had caught up by now, and were looking at Ellie with shock clearly written all over their faces.

'Ellie..' Mikaela's voice cracked. 'Please get off the tracks.'

'Well, why should I? I finally have control over everything. Nothing is working anymore.' Her voice was croaky and dry.

I couldn't do it anymore. I leapt from the platform, onto the tracks.

'No, Harry get off. It's dangerous.' She started to sit up, in an attempt to stop my actions.

'No. Ellie. I am not letting you do this. I don't care what you say.' I walked up to her and tried to grasp her waist, but she kicked and thrashed, anything to stop me.

'No! Stop! This is what I want to do!'

Liam and Mikaela stood on the platform, too shocked to say anything.

She continually shook against my body, but I kept a firm grip on her.

'Ellie. Listen to me. There are people that care about you. That would be absolutely devestated if anything happened to you. Can you imagine how your mum would react?'

'My mum wouldn't care. And no one cares about me.'

She had stopped thrashing, but she was still feebling kicking my shins. She was starting to break down.

'That's not true. Liam cares. Mikaela cares. You family cares.' I hesitated. 'And-- well I care too.'

She stopped moving. She stopped everything, she just collapsed into my arms. I wrapped my arms protectively around her. She looked up at me, with tears falling from her eyes.

And before I knew it, I was kissing her. I wanted to stop her hurting.

She quickly broke us apart, but her face was noticeably more red.

'Uh.' She swallowed.

But suddenly there was a scream. I looked up at Mikaela, whose eyes were wide with fear, looking behind us.

'Harry!' Liam bellowed..

I turned around, to see the train thundering towards us. I looked at Ellie, then quickly ran towards her and boosted her up to the platform, and she was quickly heaved up by Liam.

The platform was higher than my shoulders. I planted my hands onto the concrete, but I didn't have enough strength to pull myself up. I could hear the whistle of the train coming ever closer. I grunted in effort.

Ellie was screaming, and Mikaela was holding her back.

Liam was on all fours, his arms extended in an attempt to pull me up. I jumped up and grabbed his arm, but my palms were so sweaty, I just slipped out.

'Cmon Haz. Jump!'

With another grunt, I hoisted myself up, breathing heavily. Liam grabbed my arm, and Mikaela ran to his aid.

I felt my stomach graze the concrete, as I was pulled up and onto the platform.

I looked back and saw the train speed past, crushing the place where I once stood.


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