Truly, Madly Deeply

'I hate you Harry Styles...'

2 years after finishing school and being tormented by Harry Styles, Ellie Laker finally gets accepted into a presigious performing arts academy in London. This was everything she had ever wanted, but she knows that it is probably too good to last...


22. Discharged

Ellie's P.O.V

I sat with my back leaning against the wall of my bed, my left leg and arm wrapped in temporary bandages. I looked at Harry who seemed to be preoccupied with his phone, brows creased. I smiled at him. I would never have dealt with these past few days as positively if Harry hadn't been here. He had basically never left my side, and the feelings I had for him were growing stronger.

Just then a nurse came in. 'Ms Laker, these records show you are ready to be discharged today. Are you ready? Does your body feel ready? I have some crutches here ready for you to use, but you should be fully able to walk in a few weeks.'

I looked at Harry who smiled and nodded, so I turned back to the nurse and inclined my head.

'Great! I'll come back in about half an hour to help you clean up and everything.'

I started to get off the bed, but Harry held me back. 'No no, it's ok Ell, I'll do that.'

'You don't need to do everything for me know Haz?' I told him.

'It's really ok, think of me as your personal assistant,' He said with a cheeky smile, popping his dimples. He leaned over and pecked my lips.

I just laughed at him and I started to pack what I could, from the bed. A few minutes later Harry got up and gestured towards the door with his phone in hand. 'I'm just gonna make a few calls, you going to be ok?'

He walked out of the room and left me staring at the blank wall opposite me, which was simply decorated with a fake palm. I was excited at being able to leave. I wanted to get back to acting, to singing. I looked over through the little glass window on the door, to see Harry looking a little frustrated as he talked through the phone. I dismissed the thought of anything being seriously wrong, so I started humming under my breath.

'Step one you say we need to talk
He walks you say sit down it's just a talk
He smiles politely back at you
You stare politely right on through..'

I lost myself in the words and I didn't hear Harry come in until he appeared next to me. 'You know, you really are amazing.' he told me with a smile.

I blushed a little. I didn't think I was all that good. 'Thanks Harry..'

'I just talked to your mum and she's going to come with us to take you back to the school. She's really excited for you and I even think Mikaela and the boys have prepared something for your return.' He was excited. I could sense it. And I really didn't want to break the mood.



'Who else were you talking to on the phone?'

'What do you mean?' He looked at me with his mesmerising eyes. 'I only talked to our mum, and I called Zayn as well.'

'Well, I saw you talking to someone and you looked a little angry? Everything's fine, right?'

He smile seemed to freeze onto his face, straining it. 'Oh..yeah..I forgot about that person, that was just a, uh, colleague of mine. Old friend..' He started nodding his head but his eyes seemed to lose focus, as if his mind was someplace else. 'Well, it's fine!' He suddenly told me with a smile. 'C'mon, let's get you out of here.'

He stood up just as the nurse came back into the room. She was holding a couple of spare pillows and a few plastic bags as well. I carefully moved my right leg off the bed, and tried to find my balance. Harry held my waist firmly as my toes familiarised themselves with the ground once again. I shifted myself closer to the edge and shuffled my bandaged leg across the bed.

'Mmm,' I breathed as small spasms of pain ran up my leg.

'You ok?' Harry asked slowly. 'Go slower if you need to.'

I just nodded and I more carefully moved my leg so that it dangled off the edge. The nurse handed me some crutches and I placed them underneath my arms, testing to make sure they supported my weight. Harry was there next to me, arms outstretched, ready to catch me if I fell.

'I'm ok.' I smiled at him. He didn't move, but his arm muscles relaxed a bit.

I straightened my legs and leant onto the crutches. With a big smile I took a step with the crutches, but the crutch slipped under my arm and I stumbled.

I felt a pair of arms catch me as my heart continued to race. 'Do you need me to become your personal bodyguard as well?' He asked me with a chuckle.

'I'm fine, really.' I took a few more steps and I had reached the door. I looked both ways down the hallway and followed the sign that read 'Exit.' I heard Harry close the door behind me, with my bag and belongings in hand.

'Ellie!' I turned my head to see my mum running down the corridor. 'Hey, sorry I'm late hun, your brother lost his bear, and we basically turned the whole place upside down trying to search for it.' She kissed me on the forehead. 'I'm so glad you're ok, I was so worried about you.'

We continued to walk down the corridor, me becoming more confident with using the crutches. We reached the doors and my mum opened the doors for me.

'Harry was going to drive you, but I'm so sorry honey I have to go. I know I just got here, but I need to back to your brothers. See you. Love you.' And she was off.

My face dropped in disappointment. She only just got here two minutes ago. But my well trained mind had removed the thought in a second. It didn't matter.

'So,' I felt a hand slung over my shoulder. 'You ready to go back to school?'

I laughed. 'Yeah sure.'

Harry suddenly turned nervous. 'Um El, I also have to ask you something else. Erm, well, these past few days have been really changing for the both of us, and the feelings that I used to have towards you have, changed, completely. I...I really like you, and uh, would you be my girlfriend?'

My stomach leapt and knotted itself. I had dreamed of this moment ever since I met him. And even though I had tried my hardest to mask my feelings for him, they had somehow turned up again. But he damaged me. Said the most hurtful things.

But he had changed.

'Sure,' I told him with a smile. I arched my right foot to give myself some height and I kissed him. He was taken by surprise, but as soon as my lips were there, he reacted. His hand tangled itself in my hair and he pressed himself against me.

'Ow..' I mumbled. My leg had hit the floor.

'Oh I'm so sorry Ellie!' He whispered.

'It's ok.' I smiled at him. And he smiled back at me. 'I'm fine.'

And we walked to his car, hand in hand.

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