Truly, Madly Deeply

'I hate you Harry Styles...'

2 years after finishing school and being tormented by Harry Styles, Ellie Laker finally gets accepted into a presigious performing arts academy in London. This was everything she had ever wanted, but she knows that it is probably too good to last...


31. Disappear

Harry's P.O.V

I woke up to the sound of my phone, its loud rings echoing through the empty room. Liam's name appeared on the screen, but I chose to ignore it. I didn't feel facing anyone right now.

She was gone. After everything I had told her, after letting out everything I had felt towards her, it still wasn't enough. She obviously didn't care enough to stay. Angrily, I hit the bed, cursing the drying patches of tears that lay upon the covers. I didn't need her. I was part of a world famous boyband, with a whole bright future ahead of me, I didn't need some girl to make me happy.

Looking over at the clock I had a fleeting thought of what life would have been like if I hadn't met her. I picked up my phone and stared at Ellie's contact. I needed to start afresh and forget. I hovered my finger over that red button. She was bad for me, and I didn't need her. My phone easily sat in my hands, and with a slight movement from my fingers, she was gone from my phone, and my life, without any trace that she had been there before.


Staring at my white converse, I walked onto the stage, fully ready to face any confrontations from her. But I was quickly met with Ms Schour, her face full of stress and her arms full of books and papers.

'Mr Styles, where is Ms Laker? I thought I made it perfectly clear that despite problems you may be having, this play is going to go ahead, with both of you as the leading cast.'

'How could I know where she is?' I looked up at Liam and Mikaela, who were both gesturing me with frantic actions.

'Look, this play is being held in two nights time, so I sure hope you will both be ready. If you need this time to 'mend' your relationship, by all means. But if you two haven't made up by the time that curtain rises I will make sure you regret it.'

With a deep sigh I slowly walked over to Liam, prepared to face a talk.

'Mate, where have you been? I have been calling you non stop for the past hour. Where's Ellie?' Mikaela just stared at me with the same frantic look.

'How would I know?' I shrugged.

He just looked at me exasperated. 'Because you stay in the same room as her, and she was apparently still there last night. Did you say anything to her?'

'Look, I'm trying to forget about her ok. She's probably just gone off for a run or something.'

'What, since last night?' Mikaela raised her voice. 'I saw her hop off in a taxi as I was coming back from a class, and she didn't exactly look great. Do you understand how she's been feeling recently? I don't think it's a very good idea for her to be alone. And she could've gone anywhere, she could've left the country for goodness sake!' She ran a hand through her hair.

I tried to block out what she was saying, remembering I was trying to forget her.

'Harry, I know you still care about her, and if you still cared about her you can understand her situation. Do you understand how dangerous this could get. Her leg is still recovering from the accident and she probably hates herself right now, and there is noone with her that cares about her or is willing to protect her. Do you know what she could do?'

I opened and closed my mouth. Fuck everything. 'I don't know what you expect me to do. She won't listen to me, and it's not like I have a clue where she is.'

'Well you might know where to start.' Mikaela reasoned. 'Please. I know you still care about her, and I'm pretty sure she hasn't stopped caring about you, even though she might not show it, she just cares about her pride, you know?'

Her words resonated with me.

I didn't want to lose her, and if I was being truthful, I did still care about her a lot, and no matter how hard I tried to forget that, it wouldn't go away.

'Ok, well she could've gone to her mums, although I don't know how definite that is because she feels as if her mum ignores her.'

With a smile, Mikaela wrapped her arms around me. 'Thankyou so much.'

She quickly ran over to Ms Schour, who gave her a quick nod. She ran out, and was quickly followed by Liam.

I started to walk out too, but was stopped by Ms Schour.

'You will do well to remember my words young man. You better be back before this play starts.'

I quickly nodded my acceptance before joining Mikaela and Liam.


Ellie's P.O.V

I quickly hopped out of the taxi, after arriving at the deserted train station of my hometown. I slowly limped over to the tracks, not needing to rush.

I had arrived back home, breaking at the seams, but my mother, had once again continually rejected me. There was nothing left for me anymore. Everything I once knew and took refuge in, had been ripped out from underneath me.

So I was here, ready to end everything. Things would have been so much easier if that car had just squished me. I sat down.

2 hours. 2 hours till the next train.

My feet dangled off the side of the platform. I dropped off the side, my foot crumbling beneath me. I hissed in pain, but I continued to crawl towards the tracks. I sat myself between the two metal tracks and lay down. Breathing in the air.

I was ready.

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