Truly, Madly Deeply

'I hate you Harry Styles...'

2 years after finishing school and being tormented by Harry Styles, Ellie Laker finally gets accepted into a presigious performing arts academy in London. This was everything she had ever wanted, but she knows that it is probably too good to last...


27. Confrontations

Ellie's P.O.V

'So basically he was having sex with her in your room, when you were supposed to be out at an appointment?' Mikaela questioned me. Liam looked on, shocked.

I nodded. I was too numb to think properly, and even after sleeping, I still felt brain dead. I was starting to feel sympathy for all those characters on TV who had been cheated on, and I had just laughed at them.

Mikaela leant back on her chair, staring at the ceiling, her head shaking from side to side. 'Look El, that can't be it. Harry loves you, he wouldn't do that. There's gotta be another reason why.'

'Ok look.' I started. 'If you love someone, you don't fucking go and have sex with one of the people which whom they hate. It was all a lie..' My lip started to quiver but I stopped it before my emotions started to take hold of me. I needed to act like I didn't care, like it meant nothing to me.

'Ellie. Look. I'm one of his best friends, and I see no reason why he would do this. I mean other than trying to protect you or something. Look Haz is a sensitive guy, and he is terrified of anyone cheating on him, so why would he do it to you?' Liam asked.  

'Well that's exactly right!' I threw my hands up in anger. 'Just before I walked in on them, Harry kept asking me if I was cheating on him. Of course I wouldn't, but he looked really scared at even just the thought. And then he goes off with that bitch Hallie.'

'Well, you should go talk to him,' Liam said. 'Figure out both sides of the story.' Mikaela nodded.

'What are you talking about, there's only one side to the story. He cheated on me. He cheated on me...' My chest lifted and I tried to suck in breath, and force the tears that were threatening to break backwards.

'Look, cmon I know where he is now Ellie, let's go.'

'No. I'm not talking to him. You go.'

'Ellie. Cmon, I think it will be better for both of you.' Mikaela reasoned.

I resoutely shook my head. Mikaela sighed and looked over at Liam who shurgged.

'Alright, cmon now.' She grabbed my arm and pulled me off the bed.

'What the-- What are you doing? Stop!'

She just shook her head and kept pulling. I was surprised at how strong she was. I was resisting with all of my might, and she had still managed to get me to the door. At this point, Liam grabbed my ankles and they lifted my off the floor, both having small hints of a smile on their faces.

'Stop! Stop it! Let me down!' We arrived outside One Direction's room.

'Alright then milady.' Liam chuckled and set me down in front of the door. 'He's in here, Lou just texted me.'

As soon as they set me down I turned and sprinted down the corridor, but it wasn't long before Mikaela caught up with me and had dragged me back.

'Are we really going to have to resort to this?' She asked me.

I shot her the dirtiest look I could muster, but then the door opened. And he stood there. And even though I was on the verge of breaking down again, his appearance still made me lost for words.


Harry's P.O.V

'Ellie?' I whispered.

'Ok, let's go Mikaela. We'll leave you two alone. And don't even think about running Ellie, you know how fast Harry is, you'll just be wasting your energy.' Liam said as he walked away.

I cleared my throat nervously. I gestured inside. She stalked past me without one look and slammed the door behind her.

'Well, erm, do you want a drink?'

'No.' She said stiffly.

I breathed nervously. 'Ok Ellie, look. What you saw, you weren't meant to see, you were supposed to be away.'

'Oh well that makes me feel a whole lot better doesn't it?' She snapped, although I could see a glaze of tears appearing on her eyes.

'You didn't let me finish.' I reasoned. 'I was protecting you. I was trying to not hurt your feelings. Hallie had physically injured you El, you think I was going to let that continue?'

The look in her eyes softened. She turned and looked me in the eyes. 'But why that? What has she got on you?'

I coughed. 'Well, you see I was also trying to protect your feelings, by fulfilling her blackmail, but also in a way that you wouldn't find out, because if you knew...'

'Just tell me.' She shuffled closer to me on the couch.

'Well..' I cleared my throat again. 'Well, the first week of term, we, she, we had sex ok.'

Ellie sucked in breath, but seemed to recover. 'Well that's ok I guess.'

'But wait..' I sighed. 'Well she seemed to stick to me, so we did it again, repeatedly. But then I started falling in love with you. But whenever I didn't show up in her room, she used to threaten me. Do you understand?'

' were having sex with her, while you were still with me?' She shrank back away from me.

'No, it's not like that. I was being threatened, and it meant nothing to me--'

'Well that doesn't fucking matter! You were still doing it with her when we were together!' She shouted. 'And anyway, what was she threatening you with?'

'She said that she would tell you, and basically the whole school, what we were doing.'

Her mouth fell open in disbelief. 'Are you kidding me. I wouldn't have believed her anyway, and if she had told the school, she wouldn't get to have sex with you anymore, so why would she say that? What sort of threat is that?'

My argument was sounding stupider and stupider by the second. 'Well now that you say it like that--' I started.

'A cow could have realised that her threat meant nothing, so obviously you are pretending and enjoyed it!' She yelled. 'Just tell me when was the last time you had sex with her before I walked in on you two.'

I swallowed. 'A few days ago.'

She stared at me with glassy eyes. And then she got up. She tried to leave but I forced my body in front of her.

'Ellie! I'm sorry ok, I didn't enjoy it, but the threats seemed dangerous!'

'Don't lie to me.'

'I'm not lying to you!' I was yelling now too. Could she not see this from my perspective? 'Look, I was just trying to protect you, alright?'

'No you weren't!'

'Look Ellie stop being so fucking stubborn and listen to me.' I yelled. 'I have explained my side, and everything adds up to me not wanting to hurt you, and me trying to protect you, so why are you still upset?'

'Because you were having sex with her, while you were kissing me!' She yelled, tears now falling.

'I've already explained to you that it meant nothing to me. Do I need to tell you again?' I yelled.

'No.' She quietened down. 'Because we are never going to talk again. We are done, you understand? You won't have to explain anything to me. Ever.'

'Fine!' I yelled as I let her go past me, and open the door.

And with the door slamming, I felt my heart break. I had just lost the one girl I had actually loved.


Ellie's P.O.V

I slammed the door and ran. I couldn't even see where I was going, tears streaking my vision. I hated him. Every single part of him. My chest heaved in pain as I could feel my heart crumbling.

I arrived at Mikaela's door, only to say the words that would tip me right over the edge.

'Ellie, how did it-- El?'

'Me and Harry are done.' And then I ran away from Mikeala and Liam's shocked faces, and clutching the place where my heart once sat.

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