Over again

If you’re pretending from the start like this,
With a tight grip, then my kiss
Can mend your broken heart
I might miss everything you said to me


14. Over again

I knew what i got into and i didn't want it to ruin Liam's career. So either i have an abortion or just leave London and start my own life with the baby, the thoughts kept me up at night i ignored my phone i didn't want to be bothered at all. I decided to go to the café it was still pretty early i got ready.




The night was a pretty relaxing night in London i walked with my headphones in i walked in the café and ordered my coffee and kept listening to Ed Sheeran 

and sipped my coffee every 2 minutes. I kept thinking about my future and the baby's i knew that maybe i could give this parent thing a try? Someone sat i front of me making me loose my train of thought, it was harry  he looked upset "thank god i found you" "hey" was the only thing that escaped my lips " do you know how worried sick you've made all of us looking for you for god sakes your  pregnant" a old lady looked at me and harry and so did other people thank god they were much older. i glowered at harry " wanna say it out loud so the whole world can know?" he chuckled "I'm sorry why are you out?" i paused the song " i needed fresh air i also made a decision" he looked at me puzzled "decision?' i took a deep breath " I'm leaving harry,  i can't be here I'm leaving london i don't know when but i want the best for the baby." harry grabbed my hand "please stay i - we need you and the baby will be fine" i felt tears forming " harry i don't know okay" he got up and grabbed me " i love you please let me know where you going okay?" i nodded my head i grabbed my scarf and started walking towards the door "wait" harry came up to me "let me walk you" i held the door open and we stared walking. a few minutes later we got to my door "bye harry" i closed my apartment door before he could say anything. I plopped down with my back against the door and cried my eyes out stupid hormones till i felt sleepy and went to bed 

"please stay.....

the next day i woke up around 11 ate breakfast and thought about leaving to new york or stay


i decided to go to zayn's and perrie house everyone was there i had no choice this was my last time seeing everyone before me leaving to new york i always had an apartment out there i just never told anyone. Anyways i drove to their house i rung the door bell it was liam it was kinda awkward "hello" he smiled and hugged me.  i walked into the living room where perrie rushed to hug me " you always light up the room when you're here tiff." i smiled and felt somewhat protected when she hugged me "Eleanor gave be the biggest hug i hugged zayn,niall,and louis and waved at harry you could somewhat feel the tension. i walked into the kitchen where we started talking "so where were you last night?" asked perrie " i i went out i needed air" "i know hun are you gonna tell liam?" she whispered eleanor looking at me cautiously " no i won't i-" i got caught off by harry walking in " lets eat" said perrie i walked out with a bowl and we began eating.

I was cuddling with liam the whole time while watching the movie when i felt sick and ran to the bathroom i closed the door and eleanor and perrie helped me " you have to tell liam sweetheart" said eleanor i nodded my head " i got an idea" said perrie "we have a cake and we can write on it Daddy Directioner you're gonna be a real daddy" I smiled " that seems like a good idea" we got out the bathroom and the boys were all looking confused we ran to the kitchen and i wrote on the cake and i had the cake in my hand so many emotions were running through my mind i ended up in front of liam zayn was smiling Liam's eyes widened and he jumped up "OMGGGGG BABYYYYYYYY" he hugged me really tight "c-cant breathe" he laughed and pulled away and grabbed my flat stomach " i love you already" "WE ARE GOING TO BE UNCLES" screamed louis everyone congratulated us and we were excited liam was more than i 





Ps. i changed chapter 11,12,13 I'm going to make it liam and tiffany


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