Over again

If you’re pretending from the start like this,
With a tight grip, then my kiss
Can mend your broken heart
I might miss everything you said to me


13. Over again

-6 weeks later Eleanor house-
Today I'm spending the day with Perrie and Eleanor,my two favorite girls. I've been sick lately having morning sickness pale etc, I know it's not normal the girls think I'm pregnant I do too. I haven't told liam anything only Perrie and Zayn went to buy me a test the boys are back to relax, Perrie and zayn are engaged too! so much has happened like I was saying if I am pregnant idk how to tell Liam. I don't think he will be pleased the girls said he will be happy but idk anyways 30 minutes passed I saw a + sign on the test, I walked out Zayn, Perrie and Eleanor were watching me as I grabbed the end of the counter to hold myself up "so?" Perrie said I gave her the test all 3 of them looked up at me, they looked like they've seen a ghost literally. "Wait who's kid is it?" zayn asked with a concerned tone I looked straight ahead " L-Liam"s " they all looked pale " when did you? How? I thought you were broken up and he went back to danielle" said Eleanor " it was the day of the premiere one thing lead to another and bom 6 weeks later I find out I'm pregnant." "Oh my god how will you tell liam" eleanor said I looked down tears forming " I don't think I am maybe ill just leave him without a goodbye " "NO tiffany that isn't right "  said eleanor I looked down " whatever I'm going to go home I'm tired." they all hugged me " we will all be here for you" said zayn I walked out man what did I get myself into 

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