Over again

If you’re pretending from the start like this,
With a tight grip, then my kiss
Can mend your broken heart
I might miss everything you said to me


11. Over again

*Day of VMA'S*
Getting ready was hectic all the things we had to do,the clothes we had to pick and hairstyles. 


we all got ready everyone look wonderful harry kept checking me out we arrived paparazzi and fans went crazy over the boys while Perrie, Eleanor and I went to go sit down I said hi to selena gomez.I thought she didn't like me but I guess she still does, I said hi Taylor swift she grilled me than I said hi to rihanna she is very sweet. I also saw Ed and I ran to hug him I love Ed he's so down to earth. than everyone went inside harry brought some oranges with him I don't blame him we were all hungry. The first preformed was lady gaga it was a pretty good performance than Miley Curtis twerked I was shocked.so was will smith family she made a fool out of herself, than the guys went up and talked and the Camara went to Taylor swift ,which looked like she said shut the fuck up. I didn't pay any mind whatever than Taylor won an award and the bitch pointed out harry, I got pissed off 
I just wanted to grab her and beat the living out of her but pez helped me. Harry went to the after party with Ed and Taylor was there the rest went to the hotel Liam was acting a bit strange,today he went to shower when I saw his ex name on his phone and the messages. He still loves her I started crying Liam came and saw me "baby?" He said sadly I looked up at him " why didn't you tell me Liam ? " he looked down " cause I saw what happened between you and harry last night. and I never really got over Danielle" I stood quiet I wasn't mad but relieved now I don't have to choose,I ran up to him and hugged him " go get Danielle" he smiled " go get harry" I got dressed so did he Danielle was in NY so he was good.I went to Harry's hotel room I knocked on the door Taylor opened it my heart felt, I wanted to cry like a little baby but I managed to put a brave face. " hey Taylor is harry here?" She stared at me with dark eyes " he is but as you can tell he's with me and were happy" I heard harry say " who is it?" Than he appeared behind her his eyes soft " oh well have a goodnight" I managed to say " your pathetic you think you'd actually have a chance, with harry when you know he doesn't fall for ugly girls like you." I felt my hand turn into a fist than someone grabbed me it was Liam. I looked at him and he mouthed " not worth it" I looked at Taylor and harry one more time and walked away Liam took me to the room.We shared he sat down next to me " everything will be okay, he doesn't know what he's doing" I started crying more than wiped my tears " how was Danielle ?" "She's good but i noticed something" I looked at him confused " what Liam?" he laughed than got serious " i don't love her anymore i love you tiffany are you going to the premiere tomorrow?"i started crying "  what ? liam you can't and I don't think so I might take a flight back to Britain back to my loft( yeah I moved to Britain and my family doesn't care about me I changed this cause I am no longer friends with any of the people I mentioned ) "I love you "he said to me " i love you more i don't care harry is a douche."he hugged me and kissed my forehead." good lets go to bed" we went to sleep all cuddled up

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