Over again

If you’re pretending from the start like this,
With a tight grip, then my kiss
Can mend your broken heart
I might miss everything you said to me


10. Over again

you knew I still loved you, and I wish you would do something with that knowledge I can’t fight for you anymore. I want you, I really do. But lately this is just feeling more and more like an uphill battle and honestly, I don’t have the strength I used to. I wasn’t made for this." I began crying I know when harry speaks the truth he cries I still love harry he was watching me I had tears forming in my eyes he was waiting for me to say something back I hesitated but I spoke " I love you so much, but I've hate what you've done. I know from here things will never be the same and things will probably never change, I know what we want but isn't exactly what god has planned. And all I can do is hope you see the difference,and pray for the best." he cried more I got up and hugged him I thought what the actual fuck I just told harry I love him what's wrong with me. I pulled away " I'm sorry harry." I left and walked back to the room outside the room I sat down and began crying "Tiffany your so stupid" I said to myself I wanted to leave but I can't I took out the card and opened the hotel door Liam was only wearing the towel around his waist. he looked at me " um sorry baby " "it's fine I've seen your body many times its fine" he chuckled and gave me a kiss "babe you okay?" I gave him a fake smile " yeah baby I'm just tired.

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