Over again

If you’re pretending from the start like this,
With a tight grip, then my kiss
Can mend your broken heart
I might miss everything you said to me


9. Over again

Taylor swift releases new song called " I knew you were trouble" we all looked at each other you could see the awkwardness in Harry's eyes, it's been a week they broke up then the reporter said is this song to her former ex boyfriend harry styles. No words have been said by her reps we will keep you posted I got up and grabbed my phone and searched up the song I laughed and it was playing loud. " not gonna lie this is a catchy song harry" he rolled his eyes " if I were you harry when they ask about her just say things didn't work out but she is very talented" they rest of the guys agreed " but if she disses you one more time that's when I'll tweet something " oh shit" Louis said "we'll I mean we do have the vmas in a few days would you like too come? Perrie and Eleanor are coming, I nodded.

-Week later-
We were in New York for a few days cause of the movie premiere too, harry and I were in the game room it was a day before the VMA'S it was awkward at first but we got over it. "so how is everything with Liam?" I smiled " were good how about you?" He looked down " upset" I looked at him confused " Harry Edward Styles upset why?" he looked up " can I be honest with you?" I nodded he began to speak " "You're the only person that ever made me feel anything, really feel. Even if it wasn't always the best feelings, you're the only one who could make me smile or tear me down in three seconds flat. You're the only person that can drive me crazy, in both good and bad ways. You're the only person that ever made me feel like I didn't have to try so hard. And I know that you're not okay without me either, or you wouldn't talk about such things as you do. I just wish you

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