Over again

If you’re pretending from the start like this,
With a tight grip, then my kiss
Can mend your broken heart
I might miss everything you said to me


8. Over again

I stayed in bed thinking was I still in love with harry and used liam to move on I thought about his eyes and how green they turned how he kept moving his hair with his hand his eyes looking into mine . Why? did he have to watch me? as I opened the door I saw Taylor's figure tall and skinny and harry arguing his eyes now dark I closed the door lightly and  stood behind the door to ease drop my mind still thought of him  " omg your so stupid harry " "shut up you slut I take you places I handle your bullshit 24/7 I'm breaking up with you sorry " "you will regret this harry" I walked out in my white tank top Liam's white shorts and anger took over me the fact what she was saying to him was unnecessary I tapped her on her shoulder and she looked at me my eyes were now dark  "you mean as in write a album get 1.2 million copies sold than go fuck someone else. wow you have a perfect reputation and best part how you called directioners basic bitches " her eyes widened harry orbs froze while I walked to the door and opened it where liam , zayn and niall were they looked at me confused their eyes were focus on me and taylor she started walking towards the door watching me of coarse I wanted to hit her but its not worth it at all I was pissed my mind went blank "don't let the door hit you on the way out " i looked at her and her eyes were watching me she walked out and I closed the door before she began to say something. "what just happened ?" "Oh well you know if your gonna boss someone around 24/7 and you don't have enough balls to say fuck you the way I did than this wouldn't have happened."I said harshly looking at him my eyes where still dark he looked scared at my reaction I didn't mean it but I was conflicted "Babe relax " liam grabbed my hand I his warm hand grabbed mine as I looked into his eyes they were warm and he calmed me down a bit "you know I could defend my self "he spoke softly  "harry please you know you didn't have the balls but your welcome " I looked at harry now a bit calm "oh shit fiesty" i looked at zayn and niall  I let go of liam his eyes in confusion  a bit and I  felt dizzy and ran to Liam's room and laid down I closed my eyes than I felt liam sit on the bed . I felt his eyes  watching me as i had my eyes closed I looked up he took his hand and held my chin and kissed me "are you okay ?" I smiled "yeah I just moved away quickly but I'm good now" he laughed I felt horrible I lied to him I didn't want to tell him anything  "you sure it wasnt because you didn't eat yet?" "Oh yeah that too" he grabbed my hands and we went back to the living room. Niall was eating zayn was watching tv and harry was asleep, "niall you better not have eaten my good " he laughed "no I haven't I wouldn't want to see you get mad at me " I giggled "don't worry " I grabbed my food and sat next to niall his eyes watched my every move. and liam than zayn sat next to us when we began talking and laughing than niall got up and went to the living room and started to watch tv. As liam zayn and I started to clean up "uhhhh guys you might want to see this" I had this weird feeling I looked at zayn and liam and we went to the living room. Harry woke up he was staring at me cautiously so was niall than he took the remote and put the volume high I looked at the tv

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