Over again

If you’re pretending from the start like this,
With a tight grip, then my kiss
Can mend your broken heart
I might miss everything you said to me


7. Over again

And again I couldn't text back FML who the fuck is this . I ran to Rachel's room while she was on the phone "Rachel so lastnight I got this creepy text and now today " I gave her my phone and she began to read than she looked at me "MrX??" I looked at her "no I don't think so this person knows us " "you never know Tiffany " "yes true but still " "hmm well lets go okay ?" I left her room and went to the bathroom did my make up I finished and got dressed so did Rachel and we left we called Eleanor and perrie and we met up I showed them the texts they got scared .too but I think it's harry okay yeah call me paranoid but its just a thought anyway I finished we finished and we had finished shopping .
When I got home I went to my room and saw a picture of liam and I ripped... I ran to the picture on my photo it read " 3rd warning " I looked up than I hurd the doorbell ring I ran downstairs to open the door it was no other than liam I hugged him before anything came out of his mouth he chuckled "someone's happy to see me" I stood quiet still holding him . He closed the door and followed me to the kitchen "thirsty liam?" "No babe I'm good but where's my kiss I haven't got one from you" I looked at him "sorry " than looked down,he came from behind me and hugged me "what's wrong" I turned around looking into his chocolate brown eyes . my eyes started to tear "babe what's wrong why are you crying ? Why are you treating me like this?" I hugged him my tears just came out he hugged me tighter I pulled away and looked up at him again he was tearing "what's wrong did I do anything wrong to you Tiffany" I smiled "liam never that I just can't take these threats " he grabbed me "what threats Tiffany ? Babe tell me anything you know I'm here for you " I got my phone from my back pocket and gave it to him. he unlocked it and saw the messages he looked up at me and put the phone down " ill get to the bottom of this and I'm staying with you tonight" "Liam you can't my parents are gonna be here tonight" he cleaned my tears " I don't care I want you to sleep with me tonight I won't be able to " "so what are we going to do liam ?" He smiled "say your gonna spend the night at Eleanor's ?" I looked at him " okay but there's another thing " he got serious "what is it ?"I grabbed his hand he followed me than we got to my room and I showed him the photo of us torn he got mad. " read the back " he grabbed the picture and began to read than looked at me " you're deff coming home with me I don't care lie to your mum" "Tiffany !!!" I hurd coming from downstairs it was Rachel with Jocelyn and Victoria Marta had left on a cruise ship with her family than I hurd my parents too liam and I went downstairs " liam " Rachel ran to him so did Jocelyn and Victoria my parents smiled at him he smiled back. "mom can I ask you something " "sure sweetheart what is it?" I looked at liam than I looked back at her "I was wondering if I could go to Eleanor's tonight she asked me if I could help her wrap gifts can I ??"she looked at me " you can your 17 will you be sleeping over?" I looked at liam than back at her "possibly " "okay be careful but would you and liam like to join us for dinner??" Before I looked at liam I hurd "we'd love too" "yep we would " we went and help my mom a hour and a half later we sat down and ate. than I went upstairs and packed my bag than I went downstairs and saw liam talking to my family I smiled than hugged Rachel from behind "I gotta go now eleanor is waiting for me love you guys " "love you sweetheart " " love you Biotch " I started laughing we walked out and got into his car . "You know you haven't given me that kiss " I looked at him "come and get it" he leaned in and kissed me I held his neck than he pulled away " thank you " I smiled "shut up and drive he chuckled "yes mamm " he started to drive I fell asleep . I was dreaming again and saw blood in my hand I started moving around yelling "no no no" than I hurd my name "Tiffany Tiffany " I woke up I was in Liam's room he was on top of me holding my hands I looked up "ahhh what happened" he got sad " you hit me and you were screaming no no no babe what's wrong" he got of me and sat down and grabbed me and put me in his lap. "Babe your shaken up whats wrong " "the dream I had blood on my hands " he hugged me I'm here okay I nodded and put my head against his chest than he began singing little things it didn't make me go back to sleep after he finished I looked up at him " I love you liam thank you " he smiled I love you too lets go back to sleep okay?" We sat laid down and he put he's arm around me and fell asleep .

I woke up liam wasn't next to me I got up and headed to my bag and got my toothbrush than I went outside where the boys were "hey Tiffany " said zayn and niall "morning" said harry "morning said louis "morning" than I felt Liam's arms behind me "morning" I turned "morning" he hugged me than louis handed me a plate " here you go Tiffany mind if liam comes out with me , niall and zayn?" "Not at all" I said "harry will babysit you " I looked at them "wait what ?" "Harry would look after you he is gonna invite one of his girlfriends over in a bit okay?" " I don't need no one to watch me I'm grown " "babe it's okay eleanor will come over too " I nodded "okay " he kissed me than they left harry started at me and I went to Liam's room .I got his Mac and went online I hurd a knock "Tiffany can I come in?" I sat up "yeah sure" he opened the door and sat down across from me I had my eyes on the computer I felt his eyes watch me and follow every move I would make I got annoyed "what harry?" He smiled "nothing " bullshit "how are you and taylor ?" "Oh me and her broke up " "ooh so after your ski trip accident ?" He laughed "yeah it still hurts " I laughed again "it will get better " he laughed "I know " I put the Mac down "you seriously hurt yourself" he laughed "yes " I laughed "okay so you got a ship louis got a compass and zayn got a skull are you guys secretly pirates or???" He laughed "it's our secret and I'm sorry about the other day I didn't mean too really am sorry " he said "it's okay harry " he smiled "but I do love you" I looked down "harry don't do this to me " "I'm not I want you to be happy liam is good for you " I looked down "he is " he got up and hugged me and gave me a kiss on the forehead "ill be outside okay if you need anything " he smiled as he started to leave his eyes were watery mines started to . When he left I started crying I still had feelings for him I did but I still liked liam I don't know what to do .
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