Over again

If you’re pretending from the start like this,
With a tight grip, then my kiss
Can mend your broken heart
I might miss everything you said to me


6. Over again

"Holy shit harry get the hell out before I call the police!!!" He got up "you wouldn't " I looked at him " I would harry don't fucking temp me if you fucking think I'm one of those girls who can just take you back just like that your wrong I love liam now harry." He came towards me "look at me Tiffany look at me " I looked into his tearing green emerald eyes "tell me you love him and you don't love me anymore " I looked at him crying I loved liam more than anything but I still had feelings for harry " I can't harry" harry pinned me too the wall "HARRY!!!! STOP LEAVE ME ALONE!!!" He kept kissing my neck I got a hold of him and threw him off me "harry I love liam don't make me choose cause it will be him I'm sorry you ruined it that day trust is like a mirror you can break it but you can see that fucking crack leave harry just leave " he looked at me crying even more " I love you just remember that Tiffany I love you "he hugged me and gave me a kiss on the forehead he disappeared I just laid in bed crying and eventually fell asleep. Until I felt huge arms around me i opened my eyes it was liam he smiled I hugged him so tightly " Liam I love you okay only you you " he chuckled " I know you do and I see presents " "no peaking " "I won't baby but what's wrong I feel you different " I looked Down " it's just that harry I still care about him but I don't love him I lost my love for him he kinda snuck in when I wasn't here we got into an argument." He hugged me tightly " it's okay I know the love you have for me I trust you and I trust you okay " I looked up and smiled at him than he got sad " I have to leave later " I got sad once again and began crying " don't cry ill be back soon " he cleaned my tears "I have to go now" I got up " ill take you " "no babe" "yes okay please" "alright" "I owe you big time right?" "Big time " he hugged me again and I grabbed his hand "wait where's your stuff?" "Niall took it with him " "oh okay" I grabbed my jacket and keys and we left we got into the car and drove to the airport he had one hour to leave so we meet up with louis, Eleanor , niall , zayn and perrie you waited than harry came and just stared at me "flight 24B private jet to Los Angeles is now boarding " said the speaker I looked at liam and kissed him I pulled away " I love you" he told me and kissed me harry got upset but I couldn't help it no more I felt upset the fact that he was in my house lastnight they started to bored and eleanor and perrie started to ask me questions about me and Liam's night the other day I told them everything than we went on our separate ways I went home a gifted wrapped the presents than I went to take a shower 30 minutes later I got out and there was 3 text messages I opened each one

My love ❤��
I miss you so much right now I can't I wanna be holding you close to my body

I smiled

I miss you more baby I'm gonna go to bed love you . Be careful :* xx

I'm so hungry can you for christmas get me food or something that deals with food haha love you

Maybe would you like a nandos gift card?? Jk love you too night :)-sent-

I saw the next one

Unknown number
You have to be careful you can cause pain and death to any of the members it will affect your relationship with liam ..... You have been warned

I put my phone down it's probably some fan and fell right to sleep

-next day -
I couldn't sleep much cause of the text this is way to far but ill Just relax I got up and went to the bathroom and did my daily routine after I finished I ran to Rachel's room she was asleep so I bothered her "Rachel wake up we need to buy more gifts than wrap them " she just stayed in her bed I went downstairs and made breakfeast than my phone rang it was liam I picked it up "hey baby" he said happily " hey I miss you a lot" I said "me too baby ill be home tomorrow " I know I can't wait " "what's wrong you don't sound happy" " I am it's just that I'm tired " I hurd him close a door " you won't be tired tomorrow " I laughed " shutup" he laughed "well I have to go now love you" "love you too liam " he hung up the phone my phone went off

Unknown number
I told you stay away either you or him will get hurt
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