Over again

If you’re pretending from the start like this,
With a tight grip, then my kiss
Can mend your broken heart
I might miss everything you said to me


5. Over again

Today liam was coming back to Britain he wouldn't arrive to his loft till 1:30 am . I thought I'd sleep over , so I went to bed in his t-shirt and sweats it was 10 my phone went off it was him

My lovee ❤��
I can't wait to be next to you and kiss those lips , you've been on my mind all day . Sorry we haven't been texting you lately I'm sorry babe see you tomorrow and we have to talk okay :) xx

I smiled than looked at the last line than began typing

Okay babe and what is it??-sent-
Then I saw 3 dots if you have an iPhone you understand than he sent something
My love❤��
Tomorrow okay babe , go to bed goodnight xx

Okay babe night xx

I started to fall asleep excited about him coming home . Yet again I had another dream but there was too much going on I couldn't bare to remember it than I hurd a door open and a chuckle I knew it was Liam's than he crawled into bed next to me I felt his arms around me he kissed my neck "didn't expect you to be here at this hour ?" I smiled "surprise" he chuckled again "so can we talk " my eyes opened wide I turned to turn on the lights than I turned to him "yeah sure baby anything " I got nervous and sat up he looked at me and smiled "well we've been dating for three months now but you're the only girl who's really been there for me ,really my family and friends all love you well I don't know about harry but haven't I made you feel better than he ever did . " I stared at him while he grabbed something in his pocket I spoke "liam?" He smiled he took out a box it was black I looked at him "well I know I might moving to fast" he opened the box "I'm not asking you for marriage but this ring symbolizes the respect and love , that I will never give up on you and I promise you we will be together for a long time . I love you tiffany always have you're perfect in every way possible " I started tearing I couldn't he read my mind I was already falling inlove with him I looked at him he had tears as well "I love you too liam and I accept the ring" he took the ring and put it on my ring finger he hugged me tightly smelling like Armani exchange I looked up at him. "Liam you're the one I've been looking for all this time " he smiled " I love you tomorrow is our anniversary did you know that?" "Oh shit I forgot lol " he laughed "it's okay but get ready tomorrow is gonna be you're best day ever " I chuckled "Liam everytime I'm with you is my best day ever" he kissed me than laid me down he turned off the lights than put his arms around me.
-next morning-
I woke up liam had the day off so I decided to make him breakfeast I woke up quiet as a mouse and closed the door gently. I walked to the kitchen it's about 10:00am I ran to the bathroom brushed my teeth and face than ran out back to the kitchen, I got to the frig and grabbed eggs , milk , butter , strawberries and bacon I took all the ingredients and put them on the counter and grabbed a mixing bowl and put it next to the ingredients than grabbed the pancake mix and poured some into the bowl following the ingredients than I started making them. I started to make coffee than grabbed a plate and put a pancake on it with a few strawberries than I hurd the door open it was no other than liam, I pretended I didn't hear him I have good hearing and sense so I keep doing what I was doing . Than his huge arms grabbed my waist "morning love" I smiled "morning sleepy head " he laughed "breakfeast smells great" "why thank you handsome" I finished fixing his plate and handed it too him with his coffee he started eating I got myself the same, "this was so good but can't wait to spend the whole day with you" I smiled "where are we going first?"he smirked "well lets go hang out with perrie , zayn , louis , Eleanor ,Rachel ,Victoria ,Marta and Jocelyn??" I smiled "okay babe " I ran to the room grabbed my clothes than ran to the bathroom and got ready did my make up and burned myself FML I screamed there was this intense pain in my hand it hurt a lot. liam came "babe you okay?" I said in pain " a lot" he grabbed me and turned on cold water it burned but it started to feel better "he turned off the water " he grabbed a towel "forget it lets just stay in and watch movies okay" I looked at him "alright " he helped me to the living room and we sat down together . He took off the towel "it looks pretty bad Tiffany" I looked at him "just go get the emergency kit " he went straight to the bathroom and got the kit he came back and told him what to to "okay so what now liam" he laughed "well let me go get movies and food okay ???" I smiled okay he kissed me and walked out the door I called perrie and told her my plan today was the day I was gonna loose my virginity to him so I went and got ready 20 minutes passed it was liam "baby I'm here " I got butterflies "yes baby here " he came and saw me in my towel "today I want you" I said nervously he smirked "I'm nervous " he smirked . He came towards me Every time he touched me he traced my sides and it sent shivers down my spine. He finally went up behind my back and kissed my neck finding my sweet spot. I moaned lightly. My eyes rolled to the back of my head as I groaned. He stopped and took my hand and lead me over to the door. He pushed me against the wall and pulled my bottoms down " i promise ill be careful" I moaned as he started to enter me it hurt he thrusted slow than I winced in pain than it became pleasurable and than he went harder. He groaned my name . We came up at the same time. I got cleaned up and he kissed my cheek and said “I love you always will do you know how badly I wanted to do this in New York " I laughed I grabbed his face "I love you liam James payne always and forever " he smiled " I love you Tiffany Marie " we both fell asleep than woke up we both took a shower together I felt perfect around him we went and warmed up the food and watched toy story till we fell asleep than I felt him carry me to bed . his huge arms were around me and cradled me I felt protected and perfect I didn't want it to end ,
A few weeks later
A lot has passed the boys been in alot of interviews and they are going to the X-factor finale on Wednesday so there gonna fly out to Los Angeles which I'm gonna miss him I will mostly be going to school and finishing early my senior year and going home I miss home my friends and family so I will be leaving today Liam's at more interviews. So I won't be saying bye but he will come by and visit I got my stuff and left
-at my house-
Rachel hugged me do did my mom than we went upstairs and I told Rachel about me and liam she smiled than got serious "you did use protection right?" I looked at her "yeah we did " she laughed "good " I laughed again it kinda made me think for a bit but she kept talking about how was school without her and just typical sister time . we decided to go out and look for christmas presents it was so much it didn't fit I'm my car but we fixed it . And we went home but my mom wasnt home and Rachel wanted me to drop her off at Jocelyn's house so I did I got home , it was quiet I went to my room and I saw something "holy shit !!!" The fuck are you doing here!!!!!"
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