Over again

If you’re pretending from the start like this,
With a tight grip, then my kiss
Can mend your broken heart
I might miss everything you said to me


4. Over again

Weeks had past as I got more and more hate from the fan base I really couldn't take it I'm the type that can take criticism but I still want to know what people say about me . Lately I've been called a hoe and that I'm no good for Liam , I haven't been the same so I just stop going to school now don't judge I had too cause 2 reasons the first was the fans in the school and how they would treat me, and the 2nd was everyone treated me differently well they have but now it's just to weird . But since we're still in New York I've been a little relaxed the fans are more sweet and supportive in Britain the school I go to just all give me hate except my sister and best friends well anyway harry and Taylor swift been seeing each other . I'm not sure if there in a relationship I'm not gonna lie I'm mad but whatever Today is the jingle ball and perrie and Eleanor are leaving with me back to Britain its been a while I haven't seen them the last time I saw them was when harry and I broke up , I felt someone kiss me it was liam his brown eyes looking into mines . " morning babe you're gonna miss your flight if you don't get dressed I put my hand over his mouth "shhhhhhhh I don't wanna leave your side" he chuckled "you don't know how much I want you to stay but you have school and work " I closed my eyes " I know well let me get ready " I got up and went to the bathroom I got into the shower and you may ask yourself if me and liam did it sadly no . I was into it than freaked out so we stopped trust me I want to so bad I'm just scared. Anyway I got into the shower and started to wash myself 20 minutes later I hear liam come in " you leave in 4 hrs " I looked at him he looked at my body and smiled "okay and like the view?" He smirked " yes I do you don't know the things I'd do " I laughed "get out I need to get dressed " "okay we're gonna go out to eat all the boys including Taylor ok " he said still looking at my body "k " he left I started drying myself than started putting on my clothes than started doing my hair and make up, I started thinking about harry and Taylor I'm not gonna lie a bit jealous yeah I went to the after party after MSG they were flirting like no tomorrow I just walked around with Eleanor saying hi to everyone but I just had to block it he hurt me. So bad I finished everything and walked out to see liam dressed " I went over to Ed's room "omg I'm so sorry baby you should of told me " he laughed "it's okay I rather have you take you're time " he came up to me and grabbed me tightly against his body and kissed the tip of my nose we started into each others eyes when we hurd a knock on the door liam pulled away and walked to the door it was zayn , perrie , louis, Eleanor and Ed liam came back to me "so are we leaving?" Said louis "yeah harry said to wait for him to wait at Liam's room " everyone looked at me "guys I'm fine I don't care I got this amazing person right next to me trust me " I said "we know" said zayn everyone gave me a reassuring smile than we hurd a knock eleanor answered the door I hurd his voice yep and I hurd Taylor's voice as well liam grabbed me tighter I looked at him he smiled a bit. I smiled back at him than we hurd zayn mumble and we turned and looked at him than harry cleared his throat everyone said hey I just smiled than we got our coats and walked out the door Ed , niall and harry and Taylor were in front I stood behind them with zerrie and Elenour and with liam as we walked out everyone was like "zerrie , Elenour Liam and Tiffany " everyone hated haylor I've seen the hate neither one of us actually support them but we have to for harry. Anyways we got into the car but fans kept coming at us "OMG they need to be careful " said niall as he took out his phone we all knew what he was going to do than taylor started talking so we all just looked at her I blocked her voice out of my head all I could see is her lips moving than I hurd "Tiffany!!" I shook my head "yes Taylor" "is this a bit to awkward for you I mean the situation with harry being my boyfriend ?" Liam was holding my hand you could see the hesitation in my face I started at her for a good 30 seconds than smiled "no not at all " she smiled "okay good" everyone else looked at me shocked including liam and harry .i looked at Liam and smiled he smiled back 2 mintues later we arrived at Olive Garden the place was packed thankfully we got a private area. As we made our way to the table liam grabbed my hand and pulled me somewhere it was a huge window everyone was outside taking pictures of the both of us than we backed away "Tiffany" I looked at him "yes babe?" "Do you still like harry" his face serious again he always had these doubts I grabbed his face it was so warm I looked him in the eyes with tears in my eyes "liam I pick you you will always be my choice I don't care about him he's with Taylor we've both moved on you mean everything to me , Liam never ask me this cause I will always tell you I pick you liam always ." He leaned in and kissed me "lets go eat " we walked to the table everyone was talking to each other we sat down "okay lovebirds leave it in the room " I felt myself red liam and I just looked at eachother Harry didn't look to fond than we ordered our food and began eating than my sister and best friends started texting me but I ignored it I kept eating. Than I checked my phone 2hrs till we were leaving than I started texting my sister best friends and my mum they were excited to see me .
- 10 minutes later -
We were headed back perrie and Eleanor went to their hotel rooms and so did I liam helped me pack than I had to leave he gave me the biggest hug and kiss "ill miss you" he said with the biggest smile "ill miss you more " he kissed me again then a tear ran down his cheek I cleaned it with my thumb"you're gonna see me tomorrow ill sleep at you're loft I don't have school on vacation " he smiled "can't wait" I kissed him again than grabbed my purse and the bellhop came and grabbed my bags and I left with him I saw eleanor and perrie , and we took the elevator together we walked to the car everyone kept saying "we love you have a safe flight " and we got into the car we got to the airport 20 minutes later and paparazzi where taking photos we waited 10 minutes till the plane was ready and we went in the plane didn't take off so I started talking to perrie and Eleanor. "so girls I need you're help " "yeah sure whats wrong darling?" Said perrie "yeah what's wrong we're here for you" said eleanor "well the thing is you know how I just recently turned 18 (ps.yes I know I said 16 but it doesn't seem right) and I'm still a virgin "omg you're still a virgin I thought you lost it to harry?" Said eleanor "no I didn't I wasn't ready but with liam I want too. " "we'll go for it liam is a great guy he wouldn't leave you besides you're both 3 months into the relationship he wouldn't rush you he would rather have you comfortable around him "Eleanor said "yeah as far as I'm concerned I've known liam for 6 or 7 months he doesn't seem like he wants you in bed like that listen to you're heart it would help you " said perrie "I know I will I really like him we have intense make out sessions I get to that point but I stop as soon as I start freaking out " they chuckled "don't he would probably be a little laid back cause you're new too it i will tell you it hurts " I know that eleanor " she laughed " "just go with the flow and listen to you're heart liam is smitten by you he wouldn't hurt you I see the way he holds you kisses you and holds you." "Aww thanks girls" "no problem" we got quiet we put our headphones in perrie and Eleanor fell asleep all I thought about was liam , I was prepared but I don't know I fell asleep and started dreaming about him . The best dream ever it was getting good when he texted me and wrote
My love ❤��
I miss you hope you're safe, I miss you're kisses and hugs goodnight babe .

I smiled and texted him than fell back to sleep and the dream continued
-dream -
Liam and I were at his loft we began making out and we started to take our clothes off ......( you can guess the rest ) a few weeks went by and I found out I was pregnant. We told everyone except harry he found out and tried to fight liam, I stopped him he cried and said "how could you I love you Tiffany always have and now you're having a baby that should be me that should be our baby you're carrying in you're uterus . " he cried even more I was crying too and he got close to my face " I love you Tiffany " I turned my face "you've should of thought this out before you cheated on me ,harry it's just a little too late I'm sorry harry but you choose this I moved on please leave " he hugged me and gave me a kiss on my nose than left than I fell to the floor.
Than I woke up I started crying what is this dream trying too tell me??
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