Over again

If you’re pretending from the start like this,
With a tight grip, then my kiss
Can mend your broken heart
I might miss everything you said to me


3. Over again

Next morning I kinda woke up late I got up and almost fell to the floor I got my clothes quickly and quietly not to wake up liam I closed the door quickly. And quietly I ran to Rachel's room where she and my friends were sleeping on the floor I opened the door "guys wake up there's school" they all groaned "we can't we didn't sleep and on top of that we have a hangover " yelled everyone "we'll who told y'all to drink and where are the rest of the boys?" "There in the guest room oh okay well bye guys. and Rachel mum comes home in a week " she mumbled "yeah yeah" I walked out and walked to the bathroom and started to take a shower and as soon I stepped into the shower
When I hurd the door creak open. I peeked behind the shower curtains I looked it was harry "HARRY wtf?!!!!!" He laughed "I'm sorry love I have to use the bathroom " "ugh okay but no peeking you're very naughty" he laughed "you don't wanna know " I laughed actually I do know but really don't peak " he smiled "I won't " I put my head back and turned the water on I started to shower and thought of Liam than finished 20 minutes later. I got out and looked at my phone it was 11:56 I shouldn't go it'd be stupid if I go cause I'd only for 2 hrs I got dressed brushed my teeth and curled my hair I finished when I saw zayn push me to the side and ran to the toilet and louis and niall followed. "sorry Tiffany" said niall "it's fine ill go to the pharmacy and buy you all something to feel better " niall smiled "thank you Tiffany " said louis while helping zayn who looked exhausted they all did I went to Rachel's room. "I'm gonna go to the pharmacy okay?" I hurd them all groan I left the room and went to my room where liam was on his phone "you aren't going to school love?" "No it's 12 and I'm going to go to the pharmacy they need medicine they all have a hangover zayn has it the worst " he sighed "want me to go with you " "it's fine liam I want you to help them with zayn if you can" he got sad "okay " I went up to him and kissed him ill be back okay " he smiled "ill miss you". "Me too" I grabbed my keys and walked out the door I got into my car and drove off to the pharmacy. Paparazzi were around I decided to put on my shades and got out I walked inside ofc I hurd a girl say harry is in isle 4 looking for shaving cream fuck my life I walked around and found the things I need. Than than I hurd the british boy accent "hey" I turned around it was harry "why harry why?" He looked confused "why what ?" I looked down "why would you say all that lastnight I felt humiliated harry were in the past I'm done with you. I've moved on but why must you always do this hurt me like this was I a bad girlfriend ?" Tears started to fall from his eyes I teared up "goodbye harry people need me" he wiped his tears and put his shades on "okay tell the boys we have to go to the recording studio tonight" "will do I walked away and got online and started to pay the cashier lady looked at me "are you okay sweetheart ?" I smiled and lied knowing I was hurt "I'm fine than you for asking " "no problem that will be 12.00 I have her the money and walked out into the car as I started I saw paparazzi surrounded harry I ignored it and started the car and checked my phone liam texted me. But I put the phone down and started to reverse and drove off my mind was confused and my heart was hurt too 10 minutes all it took me to think and sad songs just playing I parked my car and went inside it was quiet I went upstairs the girls were with headaches and I gave the girls Tylenol. Than I went downstairs and got them all ginger ale than I walked into the boys room where liam was I gave them Tylenol as well and ginger ale they drank it and feel back to sleep I grabbed Liam's hand "lets go" he whispered and I followed him to my room I didn't stop thinking about harry but he was in the past I sat than quietly while he started at me "are you okay " "not really" he grabbed my face "what is it ?" "Saw harry he felt bad about lastnight and he said you boys have to go to the recording studio today" he frowned. "Right ... Tiffany ?" "Yes ?" "Do you still have feelings for harry?" I looked at him " I used too but no anymore but I choose you over him liam okay I'm done with harry" he smiled " I know you do" we laid down and watched tv when tmz said "harry styles and his ex girlfriend spotted in the pharmacy talking harry styles was reported crying " I looked at Liam "I'm fucked " I went on tumblr and girls just started saying nasty stuff I couldn't take it so I responded to them .
everyone honestly I would never hurt harry like that we just started talking okay please mind, you're own business and treat me like I'm a piece of crap I'm not okay if you don't know what's going on stay out of it thank you. xx

As soon as I wrote that 2 seconds later a lot of people commented and retweeted and got hurt more I ignored than harry tagged me

@Tiffymarie_48 everyone please stay out of our business right now we can't tell what's wrong but we were just talking please stop the hate thank you love you guys xx

I stood quiet "it's okay Tiffany you can cry" I hugged liam and cried till I fell asleep than I felt him move me "I have to leave with the boys now okay ill miss you a lot " he kissed me than left I got up and went to the girls room "you guys can't stay in bed. All day ill take you all home " "really Tiffany" said Victoria "yeah sure why not?" They got on and put on shades I dropped them off one by one than I told Rachel about Liam and I .

(A few weeks later)
Liam had told harry about our relationship he was upset but he had to accept it . He also left stephaine I don't know why but yeah , anyway today me and Liam go out in public for like the first time I'm nervous we went to Starbucks and kissed than went to school together we were perfect together no one will ever break us apart.
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