Over again

If you’re pretending from the start like this,
With a tight grip, then my kiss
Can mend your broken heart
I might miss everything you said to me


2. Over again

I looked at them it felt like a huge hole was punched in my chest it hurt me so much . Just than my eyes were covered "oh lord " the person laughed "hey there " I turned around "hey liam" I said with a sad tone liam already knew what was wrong. He looked behind me "ah I see " "what is it exactly you see " he smirked "we'll the fact that your ex is over there kissing her and it's killing you " "your so good" he chuckled "come on let's go somewhere else " he grabbed my hand "wait my friends and sister are inside the store and what happened to niall, zayn and louis" "Oh okay and they are at the food Court. " I laughed he was still holding my hand "niall right" He laughed "hahaha yes " I turned around to look for my friends when I saw harry staring at me . I turned to see liam holding my hand I did not let go I ignored harry when I hurd my name "Tiffany" It was the boys as they ran, and hugged me "so I see someone is here" said louis "oh right" said niall "you okay with this" Said zayn I looked down "yeah sure I guess " than my sister came out with my bestfriends they said hi we were talking than someone cleared their throat I was having a good time I was still holding hands .And of course I turned around it was harry "goddamnit" I screamed out loud everyone looked at me I got red than rolled. My eyes I let go of Liam's hand he got sad "vas happenin harry" said zayn to break the awkward stare down harry and I had . He took his eyes off me and looked at zayn "oh nothing just chilling " I laughed he looked at me so did everyone else "oh that is cool" yeah just chilling or should I say making out with a slut I rolled my eyes than stephaine came and ruined my mood "we'll I am gonna leave now you all have the fun lets go Rachel " "I'm coming" said Marta , Victoria and Jocelyn "okay but let's go like now " They followed behind me "wait Tiffany I'm coming " said liam "me too" said zayn and niall than they followed behind me we walked out we walked to my car I didn't say anything . Everyone else talked except me a few minutes later I arrived at my house everyone got out accept liam "Liam go inside" "no not like you in this condition" I looked at him "what condition I'm fine liam perfectly fine " tears started to fall thank god it was night time "you are not okay Tiffany please look at me " I looked at him "okay what " "Tiffany don't do this he took you for granted hes using her I bet you that " I put my head on the wheel "honestly liam I don't care what he does and who he fucks or kisses "he reached me and hugged me than pulled away "look tonight your gonna have fun okay " I looked at him confused "what" he laughed "were going to a party all of us " "I really don't want to go " "your going okay " I got out the car and he followed we opened
the door everyone was laughing than zayn looked at me "so are we going to the party" said niall I rolled my eyes "what party " said Rachel "yeah what party ?" Said Jocelyn "the one you all are invited too " said liam "lets go get ready girls " said Marta I was still quiet "we gonna partay " said Victoria I followed them to the stairs when someone tapped my shoulder it was liam. "it's gonna be fun do not worry Tiffany" "I hope your right liam" I went up stairs all the girls were changing I went to my room and put on a black corset with a cheetah print skirt and black high heels . I went to the bathroom and did my make up and curled my hair all the girls were downstairs I hurd them talking to the boys I started to head down stairs as I made my way to the kitchen. I felt myself a little nervous I got to the kitchen liam stared at me and so did "damn bestie " said Victoria "yeah yeah let's go" I said we walked outside and got into the car the party was at one of the popular football players his name is Jared he is 5"11 Italian green eyes very good looking hes my bestfriend but he is also a player . Anyway we got to the party everyone spread Marta was dancing with louis Rachel was dancing with Jonathan Victoria was dancing with some random kid. And Jocelyn was talking to some guy I just stood there . When I hurd my name "Tiffany" I looked it was Jared I hugged him "omg hey great party" he laughed "it's alright I guess" "it's alright really Jared" he laughed "well I am not enjoying myself " "ah I see " "looks like your not either " "I am but it's just that something ruined my day earlier" "oh yeah I know what it was" "exactly" "listen you look so beautiful tonight have fun and live while we're young" I laughed "can I tell you something" "Yeah sure" "can we go outside real quick" "yea we can " he grabbed my hand I followed him "what's up Tiffany " "we'll I like Liam but I do not know how to tell him " he laughed "we'll tell him cause its gonna be too late you never know" I looked down "yeah thank you Jared I love you" he smiled and hugged me "me too " he kissed me on the forehead than we walked in than he left me . I saw liam trying to get hit on and he mouthed the words "help me" I grabbed his hand and we started dancing we were looking into each others eyes than just than I hurd someone came and ruined the moment "well well well look who we have here Tiffany and my bestfriend dancing " I froze I knew who's voice it was exactly the music was toned down. I turned
around and saw harry "harry we were just dancing " he laughed "just dancing really you know what you can have my sloppy left overs shes nothing oh and did you know she likes you. " I looked at him tears started running down my checks " I hurd her tell Jared that a few minutes ago " " I know you are like a brother to me but harry you aren't like this and how dare you call her that and she does. " said liam "whatever bro fuck her " said harry Jared came and saw and hurd what happened everyone stared at me I started to cry more. " fuck you harry Edward styles fuck you I hate you " tears ran I ran towards the door and started walking I started to cry more just when I hurd my name "Tiffany Tiffany Tiffany " I kept running till I lost my breath it was liam he grabbed and hugged me "Tiffany I know you are humiliated
I am so sorry " I kept crying "why did not you ever tell me you liked me " I looked up at him "cause liam " he looked down into my eyes "I like you too I've always have " "What" "I've always liked you more than a friend while you were dating harry .I started to gain feelings for you " I grabbed his neck and started to kiss him he pulled my body closer to his he pulled away "you do not know how badly I've always wanted to do that " I smiled we started walking he grabbed these hands while we were walking "since when you started catching feelings for me" He smiled "we'll when Danielle and I broke up you see you helped me a lot the only ones who knew . Were zayn , niall and louis " "oh we should get going" I got up than helped him up he kissed me again than he got his phone and called niall than he puts his phone away "so what is gonna happen " "we'll niall said he can call josh and josh will pick everyone up and take them to your house I smiled "okay " we walked to my car and we drove off a few minutes later we had arrived to the house we walked into the house when liam grabbed my hand and kissed me passionately . He pulled away "Tiffany " I looked at him "yeah liam " he looked serious "are you a virgin" I took my hands off his neck and walked to the kitchen he followed me I got a soda and started to drink it his eyes were following me ."so you aren't going to answer me or" I put the soda down and walked towards him I grabbed his arms and put them on my waist than I put my hands around his neck I looked into his I am I was gonna loose it to harry but I was not ready for it . "Oh that is good " he smiled "I will not rush you " "I know you will not " I kissed him "lets go cuddle in my room " he smiled "okay " we started to go up the stairs and went to my room I grabbed my tank top and pants than went to the bathroom while he waited in my room I took of my bra put my shirt on . And put my pants than used mouth wash I went back to my room where liam was texting I turned off the lights "so who you texting " He laughed "josh he said there gonna stay out all night " i laughed "we'll than " I got my phone and crawled up next to him I pressed the home button where there was text messages from Jared and Rachel
I am so sorry about tonight
It's okay -sent-
Ima be out all night love you
I know be careful okay-sent-
I put my phone down so did liam
"Liam" "yes Tiffany" I got quiet and spoke again "can you sleep over " he laughed "yeah I can " He grabbed me and held me it was perfect "Tiffany " "yeah " he started playing with my hair "what Liam " he stuttered "I ... I was wondering if you will like to be my girlfriend " I stood quiet and looked up at the dark ceiling "you don't need to answer that ..." "But I do " "okay take your time " he sighed I started to think but I really like Liam whatever fuck it "Liam " "yes " "I will be your girlfriend " I turned around and kissed him and hugged him he started singing aha I felt right to sleep.

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