Over again

If you’re pretending from the start like this,
With a tight grip, then my kiss
Can mend your broken heart
I might miss everything you said to me


1. Over again

Hey there my name is Tiffany Marie I am a 16 year old girl i have reddish hair ,dark brown eyes, IM tall and im a bit chunky i love dancing alot i also can be very hyper as soon as i get to know you better. but lately ive been a heartbroken and depressed cause of my ex harry styles .yes harry styles from the band one direction I found him fucking stephaine the biggest slut in school .I have not seen him since that day since that day I've been different . Im friends with the rest of the boys they've helped me as well anyway I have my girls which are Victoria , Marta , Jocelyn and Rachel ill describe each one Victoria is pretty cute she had hazel eyes she loves dancing alot like me she is the best . Marta ahhh well I met her this year she is a very sweet but as soon as I met her I got a good vibe she has helped me with the break up she is also very pretty. Jocelyn she has dark brown hair and brown eyes and a beautiful smile she is a person who's bright me and her understand one another we have been through a lot I love her so much we have been friends since the 6th grade she is amazing . Rachel Shes my sister I tell her everything she is also very short with dark brown hair and brown eyes and can have a temper but of course you gotta love your sister .
Today I have school I really hate Mondays anyway I woke up and grabbed my phone my phone had a lot of notifications and text messages from my bestfriends I went on twitter where I saw #harrystylesgoesbacktoschool it was trending . I dropped my phone omfg he's coming back why the fuck would he come back I picked up my phone again and opened my texts than Liam sent me a text
Hey hope I see you today we have missed you and we have i mean louis , niall , zayn
I froze once again and texted him back I couldn't think I ran to my sisters room and shook her "harry came back he's coming to school today my fucking life is over" she froze "wait what" "harry came back " her eyes widened "omg how do you feel about this " I sighted "I do not know I just hope that this school

year goes by quick I have not seen him since June " she hugged me "everything will be okay " I got up and walked to the bathroom I kept thinking about harry . I did not want to think about him I just did not I started washing my face and finished doing everything else I straightened my reddish hair than went to the room and put on a cozy sweater some skinny jeans and uggs. I looked at the mirror and sighted "you can do this " than walked out the door Rachel was ready so we got into my car and drove to Starbucks. I fell like being late to school so we got to Starbucks I ordered a strawberry frappucino with an oatmeal cookie Rachel ordered vanilla bean with an oatmeal cookie as well we sat down I started nibbling my cookie "Tiffany are you okay" I stopped "yes.....no I'm not I do not wanna see harry I cannot " "you have to face it you know " I nodded "I know lets leave we got up and got into my car I drove to school I kept getting text messages from my friends I texted them saying I was on my way I got to the school the bell has not rang I parked the car and walked in with my sister. I got to the lockers were my bestfriends were anxiously waiting me . "Hey guys " "hey Tiffany how you feel " asked Marta "are you okay " asked Victoria "you okay booboo" asked Jocelyn I turned around "I'm fine is he here" they looked down "he's here alright " said Victoria a tear fell from my eyes "oh okay " I cleaned my tears they all hugged me but I managed to cry not . I got my books than they walked me to class I was already late . I walked in and of course my teacher had to ask why was I late " I am so----" he laughed "I'm joking go take a seat " I walked to my desk and opened my book when I hurd "tssk tssk tiffany" I turned around it was liam , niall and zayn they smiled big. I got up and moved my seat and sat in front of Liam "okay now get into groups and answer the chapter questions " I got into the group with the boys "I've missed you guys " "we've missed you too" said liam "things aren't the same" said niall "yes that is true " "why" I said "we'll because we hardly talk anymore " said zayn "we'll were in school we will talk a lot more now they smiled "where's harry?" I said there smile faded "he's in the next classroom and you will see him a lot more " said niall "oh well as long as he keeps his distance " I said "we know Tiffany " said zayn we did our worked we talked about the album and than the period ended I came to thought how cute liam looks I've liked liam a little while I was dating harry but I've never told him . Anyway he hugged me than I walked to my locker Marta met up with me and we talked about the boys I got my books than started walking than I hurd "that's how I get treated by you " everyone stopped and stared at me. I felt my face get red I turned around to see harry "oh great it's you " I said sarcastically I saw the rest of the boys trying to pull him back "let go liam " Liam let him go "ooh fiesty baby " I rolled my eyes "don't fucking call me baby you once had the privilege but never again harry never ever ever if you came to the school thinking I was gonna take you back . Well your so wrong I rather kill myself than date you stay out of my way the whole school year do not look , do not talk to me cause harry you will regret leaving me and fucking me over with stephaine okay " he
already had tears in his eyes I was crying already than stephaine came "excuse me" I turned to her and wiped my tears "excuse me nothing I do not give a fuck who you are but you took the person who ment everything to me . you slut karma is a bitch " she was about to hit me when I grabbed her hand "don't fucking touch me you will regret it as well " I dropped her hand and walked away Marta grabbed me and hugged me "I'm so sorry " I cried even more " I cannot be here " "yes you can you are brave " I whipped my tears and fixed myself than got to my next class 20 minutes late I opened the door thank god it was a sub . she handed me a piece of paper and I went and sat down sat down and started doing my work liam was in my class so he sat next to me "are you okay" I looked down with tears filling my eyes "not really I feel badly but I could not I am over harry I really am but why Liam why me " he hugged me "it will get better i promise you that he had me in his arms till the period ended . It was a free period so I dropped my books off and talked with my sister and bestfriends than I went to the dance studio it was closed but I did not care I needed to get my mind back on track . I got to the studio connected my iPhone and started dancing to bust the windows by jazmine Sullivan than I turned around Liam , niall. , zayn where staring at me . I stopped the music than I walked to the boys "so I see you're trying to calm down " said liam "nice song choice " said zayn laughing "yeah well might as well right" they laughed "so the bells about to ring" said niall "right " I got my stuff and we left the whole day I kinda spend it with Liam he is so sweet I think I like him more than friends oh god. I told my bestfriends and sister they smiled and told me we would make a cute couple I laughed than we went to the mall when I ran into stephaine and harry making out oh lord help me .
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