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Katie and McKennzie are contestants on X-factor and get to tour with one direction! Will this change their lives or ruin their expectations of the boys? Will true
Ove provail? Or will it fall to pieces? (warning I am very stereotypical about Niall being Irish and Katie being Irish......... Don't judge me) read and find out what happens


8. Wake up call and wait what??????

Katie POV
I woke up to a set of blue eyes, not nialls. "good your up." Louis said. " we have a big day ahead of us, full of interviews meet n greets concerts." I just stared at him blankly. " come on get dressed!" " can eat first?" he threw a carrot at me. " wow that helps!" I say and throw the arrow and my pillow at him. I felt a two arms lifting me up. " Tommo if you don't put me down" " Louis? Why would I be louis?" " Niall, I thought you were Louis!" he laughed "I know." he carried me into McKennzies room, where there were clothes laid out for me. " hey McKennzie? Did you pick this out?" " nope, the boys did." I yawned again Niall picked me up and started carrying me outside. "Niall james horan paid you don't put me down!" I said. " okay he said as he dropped me in the pool. McKennzie jumped in after me and Zayn after him Liam after him Louis in screaming " WEEEEEEEE" and Harry kinda stood there, then fell in. Niall just laughed like an idiot. " guys! Were gonna be late!" " nope babe we got you up early." I got out of the pool and locked myself in the bathroom to change.
Nialls POV
Katie looked really upset when she left so I walked into her room to wait for her. She came out of the bathroom in a towel. I started laughing. " Niall you scared me." " sorry" I said getting up to walk over to her. " I just wanted to make sure you weren't mad at me." " actually, it was pretty funny." she laughed. I kissed her as Louis walked in. " whoa sorry for, interrupting" Katie blushed as she went back into the bathroom to. Change. McKennzie walked in the room. "hey, Lou? Can i talk to you?" " yeah sure" they left the room.
McKennzies POV
" okay so I had zayns phone and I was reading it and he had texted Perrie saying that e loved her and I just," he was hugging me." I never would have thought." he said. " I don't know what to do." "do you love him?" "yes" I whispered. " well, I'll talk to him." " thanks"
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