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Katie and McKennzie are contestants on X-factor and get to tour with one direction! Will this change their lives or ruin their expectations of the boys? Will true
Ove provail? Or will it fall to pieces? (warning I am very stereotypical about Niall being Irish and Katie being Irish......... Don't judge me) read and find out what happens


10. The date :3

Nialls POV "so, we should go on a double date." Katie said. We all agreed. "what should we do?" Zayn asked. "oh I singed us up for paintball at 7pm." Katie said. "KATIE you couldn't have thought of anything more romantic?" McKennzie asked. "what's more romantic then paintball?" she asked. McKennzies POV That girl! Ugh I swear to god. I hate paintball, my cousin took me once and it hurt and I couldn't sit down normal for a month. Zayn looked so excited to go. So being the actress I am I made my self faint to get it of it. Zayns POV I saw McKennzie fall and caught her before she hit the floor. "CRAP!!! Louis!" "what" he yelled " take McKennzie into her room please." he scooped her up and did that. Louis POV I put mckennzie on her bed. I turned to go tell Zayn. "Lou?" she said. "oh your ok I'm telling Zayn." "no! I hate paintball, but I didn't want to Hurt him." " ok I'm telling him ur ok though" "fine" I ram downstairs"Zayn" "what" " um, she's up but she feels light headed." I said as he bolted up the stairs. Katie's POV My heart dropped. We finally get to go on a date with our boyfriends and now it will just be me and Niall and Zayn. "babe," he said pulling me outta my thought, "yeah" " you okay?" " we'll its gonna be you me and Zayn," Louis ran in. " I WANNA PAINTBALL" he yelled "me too" Harry said. McKennzies POV "are you sure your gonna be ok while we're gone?" Zayn asked. "yeah babe, I'll be fine." I said as everyone left. Katie was the last one to leave she turned and mouthed ,' liar'. Crap, how did she know? Has she really become an expert on telling if I was lying after all these years I texted her. To: KT:3 Katie! Don't say a word Plz. From: KT:3 Fine... But you owe me.. Liar It was around nine when they came back. "we are NEVER doing that again." I heard Liam yell as he came in. "why not? I had tons of fun!" Louis said " yeah, that's because you were on Katie's team!" Harry yelled. "ya, Niall your girlfriends pretty scary." I heard Zayn say. Niall just smiled like a goof and kissed Katie. Nialls POV It was too bad McKennzie couldn't go with on our date. I could tell Katie wanted her there. Nothing could make me upset because our next stop was mulingar. I knew my family would love Katie just as much as I do. (mulingar is where Niall is from if you didn't know) Liam's POV We were on the plane headed to Ireland. I had kept this a secret but Danielle had dumped me. McKennzie came over to me. " hey, why arent you with zayn?" i asked. "he's sleeping and im not that tired." "well i was gonna do a twit came if you wanna join me." " sure that would be awesome." we were answering questions and giving shout outs. it was quite fun until mckennzies face dropped. she got up and left the section of the plane i was on.  i looked on the screen, a girl had sent a comment and it said, ' mckennzie, how does zayn even like you? you dont deserve him  he belongs with perrie. so let perrie be with zayn.' i ifnished the twit cam and went to find mckennzie to make sure she was okay. i got up and started looking for her. when i was walking by katie and niall, i asked if they had seen mckennzie. "Ya, i saw her. whats wrong with her anyway?" kaite said. "wel, um she got some hate from a fan." "aw poor mckennzie. here i should go make sure shes okay." "NO!" niall yelled. we both stared at him. " let zayn cofort his girlfriend and let me cuddle with mine." " okay ill go get zayn." 

Zayns POV

liam woke me up telling me mckennzie had gotten some hate from somebody. i got up to find her. when  i did she wouldnt talk to me. i pulled out my phone when i got back to my seat.  wen ton twitter, this had to work. 'guys, dint hate on @McKennaBrannan if anything i dont deserve to be with such an amazing girl.' i tweeted it. mckennzie came by me and kissed my cheek. yupp she had see my tweet.


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