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Katie and McKennzie are contestants on X-factor and get to tour with one direction! Will this change their lives or ruin their expectations of the boys? Will true
Ove provail? Or will it fall to pieces? (warning I am very stereotypical about Niall being Irish and Katie being Irish......... Don't judge me) read and find out what happens


4. Landing and zoos

Katies POV
We landed, finally as we got off the plane I saw Niall and smiled, something about that boy made me smile. I didn't see harry though... Was he alright? I hear McKennzie scream as I walk over to Niall.
McKennzies POV
Somebodys hand was over my mouth. " I've missed you so much, love." I knew in an instant that it was Zayn. "Zayn... You know I can't kiss you stop tempting me..." Katie would kill me if I dated Zayn and mess up the tour. "It's fun though" he teased. I bit his hand. "OW!" he screamed. "haha that's what you get you meanie." i said sticking my tongue out at him. "oh you little," he said chasing me through the airport. I stopped mid tracks when I realized Katie was starring at us. Crap, no flirting in front of her, don't want her mad. Harry walked up to us. "HARRY!!!" I yell giving him a HUGE McKennzie hug. I saw Zayn getting jealous I smirked. "who wants to go to the zoo?" Harry asked. Katie screamed. She loves zoos.
Harry's POV
I could tell McKennzie was trying to get Zayn jealous when she hugged me. On the way to the zoo Live While Were Young came on and McKennzie was freaking out.
McKennzies POV
I couldnt help it I started sing Live While Were Young. Zayn started starring at me and I blush and stop. "don't stop you're really good." he said with that adorable smile of his. As I blush harder. "were here" I hear Louis say as we pull up. We buy our tickets and as we step in Katie takes off in one direction (no pun intended). They all looked at e for answers. "Katie REALLY likes zoos." I say before we run after her.
Louis POV
The six of us finally found Katie, she had gotten special food and was feeding a giraffe. I hear Niall whisper under his breathe, " that has to be the cutest thing ever." I stare at him. "the giraffe" he says quickly.... He does have a strange obsession with giraffes.... Hmmmm I'll have to look into that later." we'll we should probably have someone watch Katie to make sure she doesn't run off again." I joke Niall and harry both volunteer imediatly.
McKennzies POI could tell Katie felt awkward when the boys volunteered. I laughed at louis. " as long as we go where she wants and do what she wants.... Well be fine." I saw her smile. " so where to next my directioner BFF?" I ask as she blushes and glares at me. "we need to see the sea turtles see what I did there hahaha beluga whales elephants monkeys kangaroos gazelles leopards penguins seals zebras apes sea lions koalas rhinoceros deer owls flamingos sharks dolphins jelly fish lions tigers and bears." "oh my" Louis laughed.
Before we left we stopped at the gift shop. Katie Louis and Liam were looking at snow globes. While Harry and Zayn were looking at t-shirts. Niall came up to me. "hey" "hi Irish boy" I laugh he smiles. "do you know what Katie's favorite animal is?". "ummmm gotta be a giraffe" I say. "okay thanks" when we got back t the hotel I saw Katie had a new stuffed giraffe.
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