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Katie and McKennzie are contestants on X-factor and get to tour with one direction! Will this change their lives or ruin their expectations of the boys? Will true
Ove provail? Or will it fall to pieces? (warning I am very stereotypical about Niall being Irish and Katie being Irish......... Don't judge me) read and find out what happens


6. In a hospital AGAIN?

Zayns POV
"where is she?" I see louis who looks like he's gonna burst into tears at any moment. " at the moment she is with doctors... But after how you hurt her I don't know how I can even look at you." "mate, what are you...." "Zayn, she saw you kissing Perrie." the doctors stepped out "she is conscious, no broken bones lucky her um, Mr. Tomlinson," "Yes?" he said " she said she wanted to speak with you." "thank you" he got up and walked inside. A couple minutes later he walked out. " she doesn't wanna see you, but she doesn't exactly not want to see you," I didn't let him finish I ran into the room. "McKennzie!" I said as I Ran into her room. She looked up at me. I sat at the end of her bed. " well, if it isnt mr. Malik. He gave up time making out with Perrie to see me. What a boy!" she said TO sarcastically. "listen, I know your upset and you have every right to be. But you have to know, Perrie and I broke up,Moshe kissed me, she wants to get back together," I say not done. " we'll, I hope you two are happy together." " do you wanna know what I said to her?" she didn't respond. So I sang to her, "this is what I said,
We are never ever ever getting back together we ee are never ever ever getting back together." she just stared at me. " I said no because, well i love somebody else... McKennzie, I love you."
Hey guys!!!!! Sorry for the short chapters :) I honestly don't know whats wrong with me AHHHH XD lol anyways if I wrote a vampire book would ya read it?
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