21 <3

Katie and McKennzie are contestants on X-factor and get to tour with one direction! Will this change their lives or ruin their expectations of the boys? Will true
Ove provail? Or will it fall to pieces? (warning I am very stereotypical about Niall being Irish and Katie being Irish......... Don't judge me) read and find out what happens


5. Carnivals <3

Harry's POV
"Um... Niall?" "yeah mate?" "well... Don't be mad but.... I really don't like Katie. I mean in the lovey way I like her as a friend. Zayn kinda told me that you were starring at her, so I thought it would be fun to mess with you, so ya know." Niall looked pissed offbut then releved. A huge smile spread across his face. I looked past him and smiled. "she's all yours, ya little irish leprechaun." I laughed. His smile increased as he turned around.
Nialls POV
I was so happy Harry didn't like Katie so I actually had a chance with her. I smiled as he said something about me being a leprechaun, but I didn't listen I was to happy. I turned around and could have died! I saw Louis Liam apzayn McKennzie and Katie. I would have hoped they had heard nothing when I saw Katie blushing like crazy I blushed to. There was a bit of an awkward silence. Liam finally spoke. " um.. There's a carnival in town and we wanted to know if you guys were gonna come with." "yeah buddy," I said making Katie laugh her insanely cute laugh. I smiled at her and she blushed even more.
McKennzies POV
On the way to the carnival Katie and Niall sat together, thanks to the help of Harry and Louis. But they were awkwardly silent, and kept glancing at each other then looking away. When we pulled in to the parking lot my phone beeped.
From Zayn;) : make sure tht Niall and KT don't leave eachothers side they both like each other and are meant 2 b :) - da boyz
I looked up to see Harry Liam Louis and Zayn smiling at me. I looked at my phone and typed.
To: Zayn;) : I always told her they would end up together :) its bc their both Irish lol.
He looked up and smiled as Lois tried to read what I had said. Zayn slapped him on the head and we got out of the car.
Katie's POV
I saw McKennzie and the boys starring at eachother and discoursing me or Niall from It.... THEY WERE TRYING TO SET US UP!!!!!!! I pulled her to the side when we got out of the car stating that I had to use the bathroom and she was forced to come with me. " Listen..." "don't you gotta pee?" she sparked. " shut up and listen, I like Niall... And well.... Just let us, happen naturally don't rush it okay?" she smiled. "by the way," I said, " I think you and Zayn would be absolutely adorable." sh just smile at me and we walked back.
McKennzies POV
YAY!!! Katie liked Niall, not that I didn't know that. But now maybe, I cold hang out with Zayn we had been crazy flirting with eachother. Katie walked off to find the other boys as I went to the ticket counter to find Zayn.my phone buzzed
From:Zayn;) :
Hey.... I really like you, maybe do you think we could spend the t
Day together considering Katie went off with Niall and the other boys went to do something?
I quickly replied
To: Zayn;) :
Yay of source :D
I was smiling my face off. When I finally got back my smile faded. Zayn and Perrie were kissing. I like Perrie I oneself do shes really talented. They were full on making out and he was kissing back. I ram not caring where I go as long as it was away from there.
Katie's POV
"hey Niall wanna go on the ferris wheel?" "yeah sure." he smiled. I love his smile, and his laugh. We stopped at the top. "we are experiencing techipnical difficulties. Sorry for the incontinence." great, this was my chance. I leaned over and kissed Niall.
Louis POV
I saw McKennzie run across the parking lot crying. "Perrie" I muttered. I knew she would have wanted Zayn back. I had gotten really close to her lately and hated seeing her upset. "I'll be right back lads." I say as I stand up and run after her.she was sitting in a curb crying. "hey, Kenzie? You alright." "yeah I'm fine." she said turning away from me. "Perrie kissed Zayn right?" " how......" "we knew she still liked him.. So we knew she was gonna try something. She is a really nice person though." "yeah I figured." " ya know... Liam doesn't hurt......." "shut up Louis." she said coldly. " sorry". "just shut up" she said again. "you gonna be okay?" I asked she got up " ya I'm just gonna go to the car." she walked forward as a car came from nowhere and smacked into her.
Katie's POV
Omg, Niall Horgan was kissing me back I was freaking out on the inside. I pulled back. "wow" he said. I wanted to kiss him again as I was about to lean in one thing stared playing. It was my phone I grabbed it. " hello" " KATIE ITS LOUIS, MCKENNZIE GOT HIT BY A CAR!!!!!!" "is she okay????" "no she got hit bay bloody car and we are on the way to the car so hurry and meet us there." he hung up. Niall looked at me. "you okay babe?" I shook my head not being able to speak from the treats in my eyes as he held me closer.
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