21 <3

Katie and McKennzie are contestants on X-factor and get to tour with one direction! Will this change their lives or ruin their expectations of the boys? Will true
Ove provail? Or will it fall to pieces? (warning I am very stereotypical about Niall being Irish and Katie being Irish......... Don't judge me) read and find out what happens


1. X-Factor

McKennzies POV
We walked forward hand in hand. I wasn't ready but the time had come. Across the stage I saw the directioners, the boy band competing with us. Lights hit our faces as I saw the faces of, Demi Lavato, Simon Cowell and, Britany Spears. If we didn't win this i'd cry my self to sleep for the next week. This was the big moment. X-factor. The boys were amazing and like us, loved one direction
Zayns POV
" I can't believe this" I yelled walking into the room with the other boys. "what's wrong mate?" Harry asked. "Little mix canceled, and then she dumped me..." "aw you need a hug Zaynyboo?"
Louis asked. God, I hated when he called me that. "No mate, I'm fine." I took out my phone and texted Simon.
'sorry to bother you but Little mix canceled........'
I hit send and waited.
McKennzies POV
Simons phones beeped ruining the suspense. He looked down and cursed under his breathe. He turned to face the other judges. They whispered something and then faced us. "well, plans have changed, both groups will get a show, just one, better." Simon said. Katie and I smiled at each other. "Directioners, you get the LA show, congratulations." My heart dropped. "21" our group name, two girls one dream. "You girls won first and get to open for one direction on their tour!" Katie and I screamed! Omg! One direction! I'm gonna die! I'm gonna........ Everything went black.
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