Only You

Christi Frost was an average, 17 year old girl. Despite the fact that her father abuses her in every way. One day, she just had enough of it. So, she snuck out with everything she had. She found herself in a ditch, when someone saves her...that someone is, Niall Horan

A/N: the description may sound sucky to you, but the story's better. No hate please! This is my first time writing anything


2. 2

Niall Horan was right in front of me. That's who the person was! He started coming closer to me so I moved back. When he stepped in the moonlight, his beautiful, sparkly blue-green eyes shined through-out the ditch. Which was weird, but a wonderful sight. I was frightened at the same time though, "don't worry, I won't hurt a beautiful girl" he said. I was stunned by what he said but decided to ignore it. "oh-ok"

A/N: sorry it was like REALLY short, but I'll try to update it tomorrow. If not, the next day.
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