Only You

Christi Frost was an average, 17 year old girl. Despite the fact that her father abuses her in every way. One day, she just had enough of it. So, she snuck out with everything she had. She found herself in a ditch, when someone saves her...that someone is, Niall Horan

A/N: the description may sound sucky to you, but the story's better. No hate please! This is my first time writing anything


1. 1

Christi's P.O.V-

"AHH!" I yelled, as I was being abused. "SHUT UP YOU LITTLE SKANK! Now, where were you last night?! And I think you know what would happen if you don't tell me" my dad said. He abused me everyday and raped me every night. But, tonight, I have a plan and have all my things gathered up. By now I was crying, "I'LL NEVER TELL YOU!" "Alright then, have it your way" he smirked. He pulled my hair up the stairs and brought me to his bed. The only good thing about this is I never and won't get pregnant. I'm forced to enjoy this and stuff. He was taking off my clothes, well, practically ripping my clothes off, so I had to take off his in the process. His name was Mike, and well, we're finished with the sex part now. "I'm going to bed, but that was amazing. It was better than your mother. But she's dead now, so it doesn't matter." Mike smirked. Did I forget to mention about my mom? Well, my dad killed her and now, I'm going through depression. But, I'm leaving tonight, so it won't matter. When I heard the door slam, that's when I took the chance to leave. As I closed the door quietly, I heard yelling. I just made a run for it and never looked back. Some how, I had ended up in a ditch. I've never been so scared in my life. I heard someone cursing under their breath and coming closer. That's when I saw him. Niall Horan
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