Friends With Benefits

Kayla and Laissa are really close friends, but when Zayn Malik went to their school both of them fell in love with him and stop being friends. Zayn and Kayla became friends with benefits and he doesn't even care about Laissa. Zayn and Kayla fall in love. And this is all way before Zayn even got into X-Factor. Hope you like it. :)


1. The Fresher!

"KAYLAAA!"- I turned around and saw Laissa runing over everyone in her way. I looked at her, scared and confused.-"What the hell's wrong with you?! Calm down!"- I said smiling at her.

"There's a new guy, HERE, in this school, he's sooo HOT!"- she said it with a huge smile in her face.-" His name is Zayn, Zayn Malik, and I'm already his friend.-"she hugged me and said-"I love you"- I couldn't have any kind of reaction so I just hugged her back, still confused.

"Uh...But why are..."-but she cut me off before I could even finish...

"Just say you love me too please...It's just that I...I think I'm in love..."-Laissa's crazy! How could she think she's in love with someone she just met? She stopped hugging me, smiled and said-" You've got to meet'll love him!"

I rolled my eyes thinking-"typical of Laissa.

We went to our class and she sat with Adrianna to tell her about this 'wonderful' boy she think she's in love with. And I sat alone on the first table near the door, I've always liked to be the first one getting out!

After almost five minutes of class someone knocked the door-" Hello Miss Scott, may I come in?" it was the school director but she wasn't alone...

" Sure you can, come in please"- Miss Scott said smiling.

We were all corious, we tought someone had already been suspended in the 1st week. But then she comes in with a boy, he was tall, skiny but in good shape, black hair, light brown eyes. He was wearing a white t-shirt with a black jacket, black jeans, black sneakers and an almost empty backpack in just one shoulder.

When he came in I've heard Laissa taking a deep breath...I assumed that was the Zayn who she was talking about. I looked back and saw Laissa pretending to have fainted. I rolled my eyes and looked back to the director. The new boy, Zayn, didn't seem so excited to be here, instead he looked bored.

Miss Scott told him to sit where ever he wanted and he sat in the nearest place, which was next to me.

I felt something wet on my back...Laissa was throwing me spit balls...I looked at her like 'WHAT?!'---and she started whispering-"that's Zayn...that's your future brother in law!"-supposedly she was whispering but everyone could hear her...her eyes were shinning, and she just kept saying it over and over...

"OK! I GET IT!"-I said it out loud...everyone looked at me like I was a psycho...-"WHAT?"

"Hey, calm down dude!"-...Zayn said.

I looked at him angrily-"Don't you dare telling me to calm down when I'm pissed off, douche!"

"What the fuck did you just called me?!"-he says angrily too.

"I've called a douche cuz that's what you are ass hole!"- I said.

"Say that again and I'll punch you in the face!"-he was reaslly pissed off.

"YOU ARE A DOUCHE!"-I said provocative.

He was starting to get up but, Miss Scott interrupts-"Hey, you two, stop it right now!"- she said pointing at us.

"Just wait 'Till we get outside!"-he said pointing at my face.

"Don't worry I will fresher...but don't be late I got things to do!"-I said.

"Mr. Malik, would you like to introduce yourself please?!"- Miss Scott asked him smiling.

"No!"-he said without even looking at Miss Scott.

"Rude and arrogant!"-I said rolling my eyes.

"Shut up!"-he whispered.

The class is over and we go outside. We were on the wall looking at each other when suddenly everyone's around us.

"So, what are you going to do fresher? Hit a girl?"- I asked.

"Any doubts?"-he asked pulling me back.

"Oh no you didn't!"-I said.

"Oh yes I did. Now try pissing me off again and you'll have to do a plastic surgery!"- he said teasing me.

I punched him in the balls-"try messing up with me again and I assure you won't have kids!"-I said.

"Ouch!"-the crowd said.

"Goodbye fresher."-I said ironically.

"You'll pay for this!"-he coughed.

"Sure I will!"-I said.

Laissa came to me running.-"why did you do that? Now I'll never have his kids!"-she said it looking down. Then she starts smiling-"that was sooo cool! I can't believe you really did that! But, what do you think he'll do?"-she asked.

"He won't do anything, I'm a girl. I'm sure he's not capable to hit a girl."- I said said.

We went to my house and had lunch. We were really quiet until Laissa said-"so...whats's up?!"-she said with an awkward face.

"Yeah?!..."-I said-"ok, fine...he's cute, is that what you want me to say?...yes, he's beautiful but is also really stupid for trying to hit a girl!" I said.

"Yeah I knowhe's beautiful...but you kinda asked for it...he was just trying to help you and you just yelled at him, that was really rude."-she said protecting him, just cuz she thinks she like's him doesn't mean she has to be against me now!

"Really Laissa?!...are you really gonna be that way?!...wll thank you for the supportment, you're a really good friend protecting him even knowing I hate when people tell me to calm down when I'm pissed off!"-I said angrily.

"I'm sorry Kayla...It's just know I don't fall in love easily and I think this was love at first sight. I don't know...I'm really scared. What if he doesn't feel the same way I do?. And I was hopping you to support me...!"-she said really disappointed.

"Oh, I'm sorry Laissa...I didn't know!"-I got up and hugged her tightly-"sorry love, it wont happen again. I'm here for you!".

"Thank's love..."-she said smiling at me.

We finished our lunch and went to school again, we needed to finish a quimic prowork. We got there by 15 and went straight to the library.

I guess that was the 2nd or 3rd time I went there...I've always hated there cuz it's too quit and I really don't like people telling me to shut up everytim I say something!-"Er, Laissa, where are the quimic books?..."I asked.

"Q-3."-she said looking at her Mac really focused.

"Thank's..."-I said. Then I went looking for the quimic book's and...
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