Spin the bottle

I was just a normal teenager. Until the night i got 7 minutes in heaven with my crush.... Thats when things got complicated.


3. Spin the bottle

Niall's P.O.V:

I saw Becka sitting alone so i decided to go for it, but as soon as i was about to speak. Cassesdey screamed out"LET'S PLAY SPIN THE BOTTLE". Becka went running. Thx alot cassedey.

Becka's P.O.V:

As soon as i heard spin the bottle. I was IN. I ran into the circle. There are alot of people. I also noticed that Liam and his friends are in the circle to. That blond one, Niall was it, kept on staring at me. Creepy!! Anyways. Cassedey is spining first and it lands on a kid named Jacob. I have to admit he is good looking but im Liam all the way. We are going clock wise and now its my turn. I hope it lands on Liam. Here we go, i spun the bottle. It stoped and it landed on .... shit, it landed between Liam and his blond friend."You can choose between them or spin again" someone told me. Sure i want to choose Liam but on the other hand its really embarassing."Uhmmmmm....I think im gonna spin again"I said and so I did.This time it hit Liam's foot"bottle blips" someone screamed out."7 minutes in heaven for you to" she continued. Yesssss i said to my self, this is awsome.

Liam's P.O.V:

We got up and went in the closet. It was awkwardly silent for about a minute, when she asked me "Soooo are we gonna do something?""Uhmmm, look your cute and all but my freind, the blond one, Niall he likes you and i dont think it would be right for me to do anything with you or even kiss you" i told her. She stared at the ground all embaressed like she felt stupid for what she said. I lift up her chin and i tell her "Niall really likes you. You should really give him a try" and with that i give her a kiss on the cheek but at the same time Niall opens the door.

Niall's P.O.V:

"BEEP,BEEP,BEEP" I hear the alarm for the seven minutes go off. Finally, i hate the feeling of one of my best mates, in a closet with my crush. But i have faith in my mate, i know he wouldnt do anything. So i go to open the door and when i do what do i see Liam kissing Becka on the cheek."I trusted you, how could you"I yelled."Its not what it looks like, mate."He tells me"Ya well it looks like you where kissing the girl i like" i say."Come on mate, ket me explain" he says as i run off.

Becka's P.O.V:

I see Liam, he has this mad/sad face."Im really sorry" i tell him."Its fine i just have to go find Niall"and then he runs off. Then i see Rachel comming towards me and she asks me"What happend?"man she is clueless. So i end up having to tell her everything."Wow" Is her only reaction."Ya and now Liam jst might lose his best mate because of me"i say"Well you cant really do anything, and by the way i told you he had a crush on you" She laughed"its not funny, can we just go home now?""Sure  lets go" and with that we left.

Harry's P.O.V:

I see Liam running up to me with Zayn and Louis right behind him."Niall ran off and we dont know where he is""WHAT!!WHY??". Once they calmed me down. Liam explained everything to me. Liam told me Niall opened the door on him kissing Becka on the cheek and thats when he ran off."So what are we waiting for lets go!" We go ouside to look for him."NIALL, NIALL, NIALL.".We yelled no answer. Where is he!!


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