Spin the bottle

I was just a normal teenager. Until the night i got 7 minutes in heaven with my crush.... Thats when things got complicated.


2. Maybe Later

Becka's P.O.V:

"Stop driving so fast!!!". I told Rachel, but she didint listen. We got there in about 15 min, when it should have been 30. We got out of the car and realized that there are sooooo many people. I looked around and saw Liam. Damnnnnn he is fine. Tonight is the night i make my move.

Rachel's P.O.V:

We got there and out of the car. I could see that Becka's eyes are glued on Liam but Liam's friend, the blond one, whats his name, Niall! yup Niall thats his name, well his eyes are glued on Becka. Does he have a crush on her!? " Hey check out that blondie over there he is tottaly checking you out, i think he has a crush on you?." I told Becka."I dont know, probably not and plus you know i like Liam not the blond one" she says."You gotta admit he is kinda cute""Then you go for him""Ewwwwww no! Not my type at all."I objectify."What evs im going in the house" she tells me."Wait up! im comming to." I say.

Niall's P.O.V:

"Come on mate, you've been staring at her for the longest time" Liam is telling me"Go make your move" Harry adds."Maybe later"I say.

Rachel"s P.O.V:

I walk up to Becka "Look now is your chance, he is all alone, go make your move". I said."Maybe later"She tells me."What evs im going to dance"and with that i did.




Sorry for the boring chapter, the next one is alot better and there will be more updates this week. Tell us what you think.




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