Do You Believe In Magic?

Ello my names Rosaline but I go by Rose.... Can I trust you with a secret? Well.. I'm a wizard I know you think ' yeah right this loser is a wizard as if they even exist looserrrr!!! Well believe it or not it's true... I was already schooled with the magic arts since I was seven... Now im 18 and I'm a wizard but I'm also more... I'm a shapeshifter.. In my case I can even turn into a vampire, werewolf you name it but my favorite is I'm also a bender which means I could fuck around with the mean girls at my school..
When rose faces her biggest threat, does she have what it takes to train a new wizard or will they have so many road bumps that they can't do it? Read more to find out <3


2. The encounter

First day of school.... Doesn't seem fun coming back HERE.. I hated this place... now aparrently max is moving here ironic I didn't even have to move anywhere!
I wake up at six thirty.. I get up and grab some clothes and head to the bathroom I stripped down then reclothed myself with my school clothes which was a nice black beanie with a light blue t-shirt and my ripped jeans with my black combat boots. I added a bit of eyliner and mascara with a bit of lipgloss then I headed to the kitchen... I heated up a bagel and spread cream cheese on it I grabbed my back pack and walk out of my house I locked the door and walked to my bus stop which was only two blocks away so I check my watch 7:03 shoot run run runnnn!!! I think as I race to my top. Thankfully it didn't leave yet me knowing because I saw four people already there I started munching on my bagel when some one taps my shoulder I spin around chewing on my last bite hmh?? I sound to show I was listening... Wow.. He's cute heh... " hi my names Max and my mom told me to find someone named Rosaline or rose with blue hair" he says lifting a piece of my hair I giggle and nod " wow you really don't talk do you?" I finished chewing and say " I can talk I was chewing hehe" I giggle " ohh, my mom told me that you didn't talk much.. " he says " I dont usually talk much so.. She's not lying.." the bus stops a few steps to the right so I start walking,max run to the bus and hold onto the sidebars while leaning out and says " c'mon blueberry hurry up or ya gonna miss the bus!" I run and board the bus behind him he grabbed my hand and leads me to the back...i go into the seat first and he sits next to me. "hey cutie... What are you doing sitting next to the freak?" I turn my head as I hear 'ooh' and one person say ' oh no she didnt!!' ohh yay just my luck I get to have madison on my bus- Madison is probably the most meanest person and annoyingest one Ive ever met which makes it fun to screw with her hah!- " well shes pretty cool and she is my best friend ever " max says I pull him by the sleeve of his leather jacket shock was on his green polo while he had blue jeans and Nikes on. " since when was I your best friend" I say to him ..... Ill train him I wont be his friend.. Like Grandpa - the old man who took me in - told me ' dont get feelings for the trainees you don't want it messing up the training or any problems that occur' " I dunno it sounded right.." he says giving me a cheeky smile after our little conversation and maddison trying to get into it we finally made it to school... Yaaay... Fun... I walk to my locker and get situated, when I was about to close t some one closes it leaning on it "hey babe how you doing this year?"
"leave me alone Brandon >:( " I say as I turn away and begin calming towards my next class "c'mon babe gimme one chance!" he says keeping up with me as I try to speed walk away " why? Why should I? What reason is there?" I walk into my next class and place my back pack under my desk and my binder on my desk .... Now this is where things get weird.....

Hey everyone immortality flamer issss back.... Yeah I know this isn't a fanfic but I thought itd be cool i think it's a cool new Iderrrr aaaand well yeah tell me if you like it comment, like , favorite it really means a lot if you do aaaand love you my little flamers talk to you later <3 ~ Flames
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