Do You Believe In Magic?

Ello my names Rosaline but I go by Rose.... Can I trust you with a secret? Well.. I'm a wizard I know you think ' yeah right this loser is a wizard as if they even exist looserrrr!!! Well believe it or not it's true... I was already schooled with the magic arts since I was seven... Now im 18 and I'm a wizard but I'm also more... I'm a shapeshifter.. In my case I can even turn into a vampire, werewolf you name it but my favorite is I'm also a bender which means I could fuck around with the mean girls at my school..
When rose faces her biggest threat, does she have what it takes to train a new wizard or will they have so many road bumps that they can't do it? Read more to find out <3


1. Prologue

Hi my names is Rosaline E. Wild. I'm no ordinary person/human or whatever you wanna call it heh... I'm a wizard and a magical shapeshifter which means I'm able to turn into animals and all the "fairy tale " creatures dragon is probly my fav.. I love half dragon better just wings heh.. Anyways I've been trained since I was six or seven....I'm 18 I'm a senior in high school... Yay.... Now my job is to find the one called.... Max... And see who or should I say what he is.. And train him... But first I have to gain trust... Which usually ends up being annoying for my ancestors....hope it will be easier than those pasts... Well anyway lemmie tell you more about me I have naturally blue hair it goes up to a little lower than my waist and it's like a kind a dark blue so it looks like dark brown or black hair and dyed it so I let them think that... Us non humans so I shall call it we have something different from normal humans in my case is my hair it could be anything and all of us have symbols some where with me it is on my neck it's a heart with wings with a sword through it it's right on the back of my neck so I don't like put my hair up when I turn my powers fully on a crescent moon goes and appears on my forehead and my eyes turn a really light purple... Originally my eyes are green/ blue some times when my half powers are on my eyes change with my mood it's hard to not get caught then hehe... It's really fun to play around with my powers at school though... Uhh oh yeah I gues you could call me ' skinny ' our people don't really gain weight so.... Yeah anyways I live alone.... My parents died fighting a person who came for my powers... My mama told me I was special and different from the others ( other creature not humans )... I tried it once but nothing came out.. Since my parents died when I was four I had a foster family which was really only a old man who was Actually a master or teacher for me he left when I was 17 .... Anyways let's get the story started ehh?
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