Do You Believe In Magic?

Ello my names Rosaline but I go by Rose.... Can I trust you with a secret? Well.. I'm a wizard I know you think ' yeah right this loser is a wizard as if they even exist looserrrr!!! Well believe it or not it's true... I was already schooled with the magic arts since I was seven... Now im 18 and I'm a wizard but I'm also more... I'm a shapeshifter.. In my case I can even turn into a vampire, werewolf you name it but my favorite is I'm also a bender which means I could fuck around with the mean girls at my school..
When rose faces her biggest threat, does she have what it takes to train a new wizard or will they have so many road bumps that they can't do it? Read more to find out <3


4. More friends and a secret revealed!

I looked at my hand which was gripped around his, I quickly let go of it and began walking to my bus as Brandon left for his. I sat in a seat and quickly took out my phone I saw max boarding the bus and I quickly pretended like I was actually doing something. He sat down next to me as soon as he could, "hey Rosie" I cringed
"don't.. Call me that..."
"sorry..." he shifted awkwardly in his seat. He fiddled around on his phone and said,
"so for our health project...wanna come to my house? Maybe now..?obvioudly after you ask-"
"sure I'll come I live alone by the way" I interrupted him


Me and max walked into his house and as soon as we walked in we were mobbed by about 2 maybe 6 year old boys and a 4 year old girl, they all ran to maxs feet and hugged him.
"WELCOME HOME MAX!!!!" the two boys parted away from him when they saw me
"whos the lady?" they walked up to me and examined me from head to toe.
"a friend her name is rose" max says and the boys nod.
" I'm Dylan, this is Harry and my sister is Sam" one boy says finally pointing to the 4 year old hiding behind maxs feet.
"hello Sam" I say walking towards Sam smiling. She looks at me for a second then walks over to me and hugs me I pick her up slowly.
"Max can I keep her? She's so cute!!" I say happily as she plays with my hair Max takes her from me and places her on the floor
" guys were going to my room so don't bother us!" Max says he grabs my hand and walks upstairs
" ooooo I bet theyre gonna kiss and stuff........ EEWWW!!!" the boys yell I giggle and Max chuckles as he opens the door to his room. I put my stuff down and politely sat on his bed.
" I wasn't kidding I do want your sister!" I say playfully getting my binder from my bag I open it as max sits next to me.
"consider yourself special ( ohh I do ... ) she isn't very fond of most people and she doesn't really get off that easy with people" he says scooting closer looking in my binder.
"so our project is 'getting to know you'....." he reads
" we learn stuff about each other, write it down, get pictures ect." I explain to him
" seems easy enough " he states
"it's weird how easy this is...isn't it?" I ask
"don't jynx it" he says jokingly
" we have two weeks for this so... We can get the answers now and do the other stuff later" I say asking him
" ok let's start..... Favorite color?"


"hobbies?" he asks I take a deep breath and say
" gimme your hand" he nevously gives me his hands
" what does this have to-" he started to ask as light orbs flew around and gusts of wind blew my hair up.he quickly pulled his hands back and jumped back on the bed.
" ok what the fuck just happened!?!!?!" he tell but not too loud.
"Max that was all you... Your a lot more powerful than I thought...." I mumble to myself but audible enough for him to hear.
"still partially not answering my question.... WHAT THE FUCK JUDT HAPPENED!?!?" he says emphasizing more on the question.
"let's just say for now to you... I'm a wizard.... More or less a magical being"I say breathing slowly to get a heartrate back.
"so what does- what do I- wtf?!- I can't even....." he tries to say
" your mom knows all about this.i am here to teach you about all the ways of us 'magical beings' and to make sure you are ready for anything that may occur and you are here to learn from me this school was only a way of meeting you, that's why your hear that's why you're meeting me and that's why you should stop freaking out in your head." I explain to him trying to make him calm down.
" prove it...." he say calming down slowly.

Hey guys hope you liked it I enjoyed writing this even though im doing this at 3:00 in the morning haha! Anyways thanks for reading if you like it leave a like, comment favorite or become a fan! Anyways write for you later. BYEEE. xoxo <3 ~ImmortalityFlame
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