Do You Believe In Magic?

Ello my names Rosaline but I go by Rose.... Can I trust you with a secret? Well.. I'm a wizard I know you think ' yeah right this loser is a wizard as if they even exist looserrrr!!! Well believe it or not it's true... I was already schooled with the magic arts since I was seven... Now im 18 and I'm a wizard but I'm also more... I'm a shapeshifter.. In my case I can even turn into a vampire, werewolf you name it but my favorite is I'm also a bender which means I could fuck around with the mean girls at my school..
When rose faces her biggest threat, does she have what it takes to train a new wizard or will they have so many road bumps that they can't do it? Read more to find out <3


3. Levitation and messing around

So I was sitting in my desk getting everything I needed out. Now this is when things get weird and awkward.... Max walks in with madison and her followers litterally right by his side smothering him.... Ew
"ladies ladies calm down i might be just one guy but there is plenty max to go around " he says sitting down at the corner seat next to mine the girls leave and go back to their own classes before the bell rings max was talking to me and everything but all I was thinking about was how his entire desk seat( connected) was floating..... About one inch from the ground weeeeirrrdddd...... just kidding its actually pretty normal when your near another wizard I motioned slamming my hand down and his chair went back to the floor so during all of class I had to have one hand in a ball shape keeping the power still in tact.
Soon that day was over then the cycle continued with his powers sticking out and me having to fix it. Until two weeks later when I got my opertunity.


I walk into my health room with max like normal. We sat at a table in the far back right corner. "ok class everybody take your seats please" some people got up and sat in their seats instead of ON their seats "heh" I chuckle as the teacher continues "if you have looked at the board today you would see that we are going to have a project to work on...a partner project-" everybody interrupted by a bunch of kids asking each other questions (more like a command...) of 'be my partner' before you go ahead choosing partners Ive already done so-" that's not good..... i zoned everything out and stared at the teacher not blinking. I saw her pick up the list and I tried harder if you wanted to know what I was doing you couldve asked..... I'm using telepathy to try and adjust to having me and max as partners and if we were already picked as partners then that's great! Anyways she picks up her pen and crosses somethings out and writes in something new.Good. "first group----------------and our last group max and Rosie" she finishes her list I shudder and raise my hand "yes Rosie?" she says " please d-don't call me that..." I say talking quiet but slightly audible "oh I'm sorry shall I call you rose then?" she asks and I nod fiddling with my pencil. Health was my 8th period class so the rest of the day went by obviously quick. I went to my locker after 9th period was over guess who was their standing at my locker like a stalker? " not this again" I mumble as I walk over to my locker I pushed the 17 year old freak out of my way. "oh hey babe didn't know you'd be here!" I open my locker and say "Brandon... This is MY locker wtf are you talking about. and like I said before DON'T CALL ME THAT!" I pull my binder out of my backpack and into my locker" Aww c'mon don't be that way" he says I slam my locker shut which almost hits his fingers. I start to walk through the hallways making my way to maxs locker with Brandon on my tail I turned around while walking and said " leave me alone already we are done we were over a long time ago and you don't get a second chance!" he runs up to me and grabs my shoulders "If I don't get a second chance then will you be giving HIM one?" he points behind me and I turn around to see max... Kissing.... HER. The devil. The queen of all b****es. Really you still need my help?! MADISON.... I was staring at Madison like crazy. Something happen... Please.. Max pushes her off " I like someone else" wait... wat? WaT?! WAT?!?! I was going through maddisons head not ma- ehh i didn't care anyways >\\\\> I mentally slapped my self "NO!" me and maddison yelled at the same time max looks at me and I whisper to Brandon " I said that out loud-" " no you yelled it" I walked out slowly mindless dragging Brandon with me. "ya know babe I like it better this way".

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