She's not Afraid

Rachel was a normal teenager except her parents abuse her.Her best friend is Harry styles.He doesn't know that her parents abuse her.One day he sees one of her cuts.What does he do?read to find out


1. intro

hi i'm Rachel.My parents abuse me.My best friend Harry is the only one who keeps me alive.we've been best friends forever.I actually have a crush on him but i'm afraid he doesn't feel the same way about me.Well,I have long curly blonde hair and hazel eyes. I sneak out every night and go to Harry's house.They actually treat me like family there.The other night my mom saw me leaving but luckilly I got out of the house before she could do anything to me.I haven't gone home since then.I've been staying at Harry's house ever since.Well gotta go my parents found out i'm here.I have to go hide because i'm here alone.Bye.

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