Falling For Two * A Jack and Finn Harries Love Story"

I had a idea to write a story about these two popular youtubers from England after i saw their videos on youtube. I thought what would happen if a girl on a trip to England met on of these guys and started dating him and then met his brother and started to like him also and they both begun competing for her love. Who would she pick? The funny, loveable Jack? Or the laid back romantic Finn? Well this is that story. Who would you pick? Who will she pick?


14. Youtubers React

The next day i woke feeling exhausted. I got zero sleep I would wake up and cry and try to go back to sleep. Yeah that worked out so well. Today was the day of the video shoot for YouTuber React. It was this new thing the FineBros came up with where they would gather together a bunch of popular youtubers and make them watch viral videos and record their reactions to it. They asked my sister and me to do it. Again i dont know why they would even want me im not a youtuber but whatever. I was here and they had me down so i had to show up. I got up and showered and got dressed in Issa wrap effect silk jersey top, Frame Denim Navy Le Color mid rise skinny jean, Junya watanabe herrington woll bend biker jacket and Robery Clergerie Gigi Angular hell ancher shoe boots and just pulled my hair into a ponytail. Before i could make my way out of the guest room my phone rung. I reached into my pocket and saw that it was my dad.


" Hello darling. I know your with your sister-"

"Then why are you calling?"

"Well um when you come back your mother-"

"She isnt my mother "

"Right i -i know. But we have a ultrasound on the day you come back and i was just wondering if maybe you would like to go with us and see your baby sister? And then maybe me you and melanie  can go to lunch and catch up?"

"Yeah no thank you" i said hanging up and walking out the room. My sister sat ont he couch scrolling through her phone. She looked up at me and said "Dad called you huh?"

Mocking his english accent i said "Maybe you Melanie and I can go out to lunch and see the demon child on the big screen" i finished with rolling my eyes

Mel let out a scoff and stood up and we exited the condo and headed to the video shoot.


When we finally got there we were greeted by the FineBros and the other youtubers who were shootig with us, Kael and Anthony Padilla, Joey Graffeca, Shane Dawson, Jim and Tanya. All who were good friends with me and my sister. I clicked so much with Kael as we dicussed her recent engagment to Anthony.

"Ok guys were just waiting on two more youtubers they are running alittle late. Then well shoot ok"

We all nodded and said ok and went back to talking and laughing about stupid things. Twenty mintus later we heard that the other youtbers had finally arrived. "Thank god' said my sister

"Who was late ?" asked Kael

Just then they walked in


My sister jaw dropped up and she said "holy"

"fuck" i finished for her. Standing in the door way there they were

Jack and Finn

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