Falling For Two * A Jack and Finn Harries Love Story"

I had a idea to write a story about these two popular youtubers from England after i saw their videos on youtube. I thought what would happen if a girl on a trip to England met on of these guys and started dating him and then met his brother and started to like him also and they both begun competing for her love. Who would she pick? The funny, loveable Jack? Or the laid back romantic Finn? Well this is that story. Who would you pick? Who will she pick?


1. The Greatest Summer Ever!

The summer sun rays beamed down on my body as i laid in the cot in my backyard with my sister. I didn't real need a tan being Mexican, Greek and English. I had a natural tan but what the hell it was summer and GORGEOUS outside. There was no way me and my sister where gonna let our summer pass without soaking up some of the sun. I laid there in my favorite Victoria's Secret yellow push up halter top with the side tie matching bikini bottom and Coach sunglasses with my sister next to me in her Victoria's Secret Daisy push up triangle top and side tie bikini bottom. Oh the sun felt so good but my hair was totally annoying me today. It was days like this that i wish i didn't have such long hair. I had my naturally curly hair in a hair clip since i couldn't find my hair tie and the clip was stabbing me in my head. I sat up and caused the cot to rock and wake up, Melanie. "Damnit, Anne." groaned Melanie in her sleepy voice. I released my brunette hair and let it cascade down my back. "I'm sorry, Melly Belly it's just my damn hair well really it's this fucking clip." I tossed it down on the ground and ran my fingers through my hair and groaned. I flipped my hair up and laid back. "Mmm, i told you not to use those things they do nothing for girls like you with natural curly hair'" Melanie is a youtube partner of her own Beauty Channel.

She started her channel back when she first started high school. It was her way of reinventing herself and helping other girls like her who wanted to make a statement and she gained a following for 1 million subscribers as well as friendships with tons of other beauty gurus like, Michelle Phan and Elle and Blair Fowler. Blair and I have become super good friends. I didn't do the whole youtube thing i did make cameo's in Melanie's and Blair's video's like when we did the sisters tag, and the best friend tag with Blair when Mel and I were in LA to visit Elle and Blair but that was it. Youtube was not for me unless it was to watch Shane Dawson, Smosh, CassJayTuck or The Readable's but that was all. "Melly Belly please don't beauty guru me too death not before i finish my tan ok" I said reaching over the cot for my water and handed Mel hers and took a sip. The ice cold lemon water cooled me off and i let out a sigh. Aah, that felt so good. I laid back down. Oh this is so good. School was out, no more homework. I can't wait. Melanie and I were gonna run this summer, going to the beach, movies, shopping, sleeping in. Oh yeah the Breckinwood sister's were gonna own Connecticut this year. "MELANIE! ANNELIESE! CAN YOU COME IN HERE" yelled our mother, Marisol from inside our our four bedroom home. Melanie and I sat up and walked back into the house. Our feet patter patted across the cherrywood floor to the living room. Our mother is a Mexican greek 34 year old beauty. She use to model when she was discovered at the age of 14 in Greece. She modeled everywhere from Hawaii to NYC and Italy. She was in England visiting when she met our father . They right away fell in love and after our youngest sister, Jessica was born their marriage begun to fall apart and they separated. We haven't seen our father in a while since he remarried.  We sat down and waited for mom to speak. ", Mi Hijas i heard from Papa." she said in her thick accent. My body shifted as she spoke.I right away knew whatever she was gonna say i wouldn't like it. I adverted my eyes from my family's. "So?" said Melanie. "What the hell does he want?" I envied Melanie she was so straight forward she could say whatever she wanted without a filter. At times you wish she did have one but right now she was saying everything that i couldn't say.  "Mi Hijas, he wants you to visit him in England."

My eyes widen and Melanie sucked in air. I swear it was like she sucked in all the air because i couldn't breathe. " HE WHAT?!" yells Melanie. I knew it, I knew i would not liked this. And you can be damn sure, i was livid. "NO FUCKING WAY! NO WAY NUH UH THIS IS OUR SUMMER!" I rested my head in my hands and tried to calm myself down this isn't happening, this isn't happening. I silently repeated over and over again my head like my own personal mantra. Maybe if i said it over and over again i would wake up. Maybe i fell asleep while tanning outside. Please wake up.  "No maldiga, Melanie" Do not curse my mother said to Melanie in spanish. "He is your father and you have't seen him. Your gonna spend time with." She said walking over and sitting down in the grand chair across from us. "For how long?" i asked in a shaky voice. My mother rubbed her lips together and picked at her french manicure nails. "Mother?" i asked again. "How long?"

"The whole summer." she replied.

"Hell NO! MOM ARE YOU KIDDING ME!" screamed Melanie . She jumped up from her seat and stormed off with my mother close behind. I sat there in sheer disbelief. This was my summer and here it was gone. I had my own plans and now they were flushed down the drain and i would have to spend the whole fucking summer with my dad and his new wife who i hated. I walked up the spiral staircase that leaded to my all pink and zebra print room. My room was my favorite place in the whole house it was all pink with black accents. I had Audrey Hepburn Breakfast At Tiffany's hanging up all over my room with zebra and pink comforters, a pink plush carpet  and my zebra print chair and pink Mac on my desk. I threw myself onto my bed and reached for my Zebra print Iphone and phone my best friend Blair. "Hello, she answered in her southern Tennessee accents. "My summer is over" i said.
"What do you mean?"
"My dad wants us to come to England"
"Oooh with the new wife?"
"YES, B! How ratcheted is that?" i asked her
"It really does suck but, Lee, it's a trip regardless. Yes it's with your dad and the wicked witch and her flying monkeys but it is a trip. Try to make the most of it. Your be out there with amazing shopping and The Harries twins, Oh la-la-la" she giggled. I sat up with a confused look on my face. "The who?"
"The Harries twins? You don't know who they are?"
"Um no?"

"OMGHHKP! You have to see them they are so beyond cute. Go to youtube and write in Twin Mail 3" she was talkign so fast i barley understood a word she said but all i heard was Twin Mail 3. So I got up and walked to my computer and searched for the video "What's up guys how are you doing?" said this beautiful blond with stunnign blue eyes and a amazingly cute accent said. And then he was joined by a his twin. I gathered by the video and the one is the grey shiort was Jack and the other one was Finn manily because he jumped up and yelled "I AM FINN!" with a heartstopping smile "Wow, yeah they are cute but BBBBBBBB" i whinned and falling back on the bed. "But B what it will be fun. Lee come on it still is your summer, sure your not spending it the way you want with your friends and everything but you can still make the most of it."Dangit, take it for my bestfriend to be the damn voice of reason. This is why Melanie never calls Elle when she is going through drama. "Fine, Fine your right" Just then my door flew open. "Elle said to were overreacting. I waved my phone and mouthed Blair. I laughed and told Blair i would talk to her later. Melanie did the same and hung up the phone and sat beside me on my bed. " So what are you thinking?" she asked me. I shrugged. " I think they have a point. It still is a trip. I mean yes it's not exactly what we wantd to do but it may still be fun." I cringed my face up and looked at my sister. She was holding my two white pomeranians Snow Flake and Snow White. "Then, i guess we're going to England." i said.
"I guess we are."

The days leading up to our trip to England we had brought alot of clothes. We weren't sure about the weather in England. I heard you can't predict the weather very accurately there - July could be a scorcher or it could be more like November weather. So we brought a wide variety of clothes. Everything from sweathers to shorts, flip flops to boots. Our friends were sad about us leaving but they understood it wasn't our choice wheter we wanted to go our not it was a done deal. We were going either way. For our last dinner together as a family before we left for the trip to England tomorrow mom made Arroz Con  Pollo, which is browned chicken cooked with rice, onions, garlic and tomatoes. Mel, Jess and I's favorite. Because of Jessie starting camp the following week she was staying here in Connecticut. As we dug into the food i tried to savor every single bite of mom homecooking. For three months i would miss it. Dad has never been much of a cook and i was scared to eat his new wife's cooking. I always believed she was one of the women from that tv show Deadly Women who goes around killing people. "Are you excited to go see papa, Anneliese?" asked Jessica. I took a sip of my water and smiled at her. I never tell her that i wasn't and hurt her feelings as far as she is concerned we are all one big happy family "Yes, Sica, i am so excited to see daddy" One day when she is older she will learn the truth  and make her own decison. " Whenyour there can you try to make it count?" mom said "Anne, Mel?" I looked up and made eye contact with mom and then to Mel. We gave her a smile that said all that needed to be said with words. Mom raised her glass " To my mi hija's may this trip be all that you want it be and much much more. To England " she smiled and we clicked glasses. " To England" we said in unisone. Yeah, like anything interesting will happen on this trip?

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