Falling For Two * A Jack and Finn Harries Love Story"

I had a idea to write a story about these two popular youtubers from England after i saw their videos on youtube. I thought what would happen if a girl on a trip to England met on of these guys and started dating him and then met his brother and started to like him also and they both begun competing for her love. Who would she pick? The funny, loveable Jack? Or the laid back romantic Finn? Well this is that story. Who would you pick? Who will she pick?


6. One Order of Fish and Chip With A Side Of Pregnancy, Please

"WHAT!" I stand up so fast it makes my own head spin. His brother? He's pushing me off to his brother now? After everything that has went on between us and what he said to me suddenly I'm better for his brother? What the freaking firetrucking hell is this? Jack looks down as i pace back and forth and run my fingers through my hair. "Ok, Ok" I stop in front of him and hold my hands up. Maybe he isn't finish maybe he will just say "your better for my brother but too bad i have you" or " your better for my brother but your even better for me" Yeah that's what he is gonna say i know it i know it . I exhale and clear my throat again " What do you mean i am better for your brother, Jack?" He remains quiet not meeting my eyes. Bending down i low my head to his and ask again. He looks up and rubs his eyes "Anneliese i just think your better for him and he is better for you. There are things he can do for you that i can't. You wouldn't understand til you talk to him." he tells me standing up. I follow him and stand in front of him, grabbing his shoulders and make me look at me in my eyes " I don't want your brother i never even met you brother. I know you i want to get to know you more, spend more time with you. You, Jack not Finn" Jack pulls away from me and walks a few steps away from me and stops with his back towards me he says " But i don't want you, Anneliese"
I start shaking and feel my face getting hot i swallow the tears before they could show "You don't mean that, Jack. Y-you can't mean that. I saw the way you looked at me. You wanna get to know me too. You like spending time with me like i do with you. I don't even know Finn, I hardly know that much about you but i know i want to spend more time with you...Please." He turns around and hands me my phone. "I already erased my phone number. You will be hearing from Finn soon" He turns back around without one single glance back at me like i meant nothing . From this moment on, i hated Jack Harris.
I walked home with tears in my eyes and a pain in my chest it's amazing i could even see where i was going. I make a pit stop in the shop where i first met Jack to gather myself before heading home and go over everything that just transpired. How can he just think I'm better for Finn. Maybe he thinks 'I'm better for Finn because I'm not good enough for him, maybe that's the real reason and he just didn't wanna tell me and hurt my feelings, but he already did that.  I sit my phone on the table and rest my head down. I hear "Wonderland" by Natalia Kills my ringtone for when receive a text go off I look up even though he removed his number i still know it from all the times i would re read our texts he cant be seriously texting me? I open it "Hi :) R U Busy?" I scoff and wipe the tears from my eyes "Am i busy?" i state with a hint no not a hint ton of scarsm in my voice. I was so livid i couldn't believe he had the gull to text me like everything was ok? No, he wasn't gonna get away with this if he wants me with Finn then i will be with him. I text back " Leave me alone, Jack. I never wanna see you AGAIN!"I hit send and the tears begin to fall again. A few moments later i hear my phone go off again, i know it's from him but i don't answer it. My ringtone goes off and my anger grows even higher i cant take it anymore i answer it " Leave me alone, Jack!" i yell forgetting that im in a public place yelling at my ex, whatever he is.
"Excuse me?"
 "Who is this?" i ask
"Um, I'm Finn. I was told to call you?"I quickly sit up swallow the rest of my tears and pull myself together. He really told Finn to call me, he really told Finn I'm better for him. This is what he wants this is what he will get. " Oh um yes yes, Hello Finn. I'm Anneliese well you already know that huh, cause your calling me." Finn laughs and agrees with me. We talk for a moment and agreed to meet officially the following day. I hang up and walk home as i get closer i notice there is a figure standing by my gate. When i get closer i recognize who it is i let out a groan
I walk over to him and stop "Haven't you done enough damage?"
"Excuse me?" he steps closer to me even though i hate him right now hes presences still makes my pulse race " What on earth are you talking about? What damage?" Is he dense? He knows what he did but instead of bringing it up and feeding into his game i move on "Why are you here, Jack?"

"I wanted to check on you and whatever i did to make you upset i am sorry."
I scoff "Your sorry, you think that makes up for it? A sorry?"

"Goodbye Jack, I have a date tomorrow at the shop but I'm sure you already know about that" I press in the code to the gate and walk in. "A date? But Anne" When it closes Jack places his hands around the cold black steel gate and looks at me. The look on his face matches the feelings that are floating around inside of my heart. Pain, Despair. Loneliness. "What about us?"
"There is no us. You made that very clear this afternoon at the park. Please leave." I walk up to my home and open the door. Before i could close the door i hear Jack yell "I DIDN'T SEE YOU TODAY, ANNE!"

The next day was my date with Finn. I didn't bother to tell Mel the sordid details of my fight with Jack she would have a field day with it. I wanted to tell Blair and ask for her opinion on the situation but she was busy writing her next book with Elle and i didn't wanna disturb her with my problems. So the only thing left for me to do was to follow through with the date with Finn. I wanted to make Jack jealous and make Finn's jaw drop i wore a Jaliyah Womens  waterfall blazer with a black bustier top with a mocha lace middle, romeo gigli vintage palazzo black pants, bootie meia pata metalizada peep toe boots, my script necklace, dome earrings and my jimmy choo roaslie purse pulling my hair up in bun and away from my face before i could leave my father stops me " Annie" my heart stops when he says my old nickname. He hasn't called me that in years. My dad was the only one who called me Annie anytime anyone would try i would yell no, your not daddy. But when he left,  he took that name with him and Annie became Anne
"What? and it's Anne not Annie"
"Anne, please, I know i hurt you and your sisters when  your mother and i divorced"

"No you left her and us. Try to keep this in perspective"My  father places his hands in his pocket and shifts his weight from one foot to the other. I can tell what i said took him back he wasn't expecting me to be so up front about my feelings that is clearly Mel's specialty but i couldn't hide my feelings about what he did to us and our family. How happy we were til that Real Housewives bitch came and ruined our happy family
 " Anne, I-"

" I have to go i have somewhere to be"

"Well can't it wait what i have to say is quite important"

"To who?"

"Us our family"

I pause at the door folding my arms over my chest "Well?"

"Well, um, Elaine is pregnant."

Oh my god, No wonder she looked so fat at the airport that home wreaking witch of England  is pregnant." What?"

"Your stepmother is pregnant. Your gonna have a little sister Annie. " He eyes held such joy for this news this was a big thing to him and Elaine. I could tell he  wanted me to join in on it. Well too damn bad him and that witch can take this news and shove it. This was worse then him leaving but the thought of him getting her pregnant and starting a whole new family with her and  a new daughter with her hurt even more. "You said this news is important to our family"

"Yes i did"

"Hm seems like Mel, Jessie and I aren't your family. You just made a new family with her"


"I have to go" I left with a slam of the door and stomped my way to the shop. I had to leave all that anger behind i couldn't bring to the date. On top of the Jack drama and the drama with my dad i was really starting to hate it here. Oh man when Elle and Blair were free from work they would get a kick out of this. I reached the shop and glanced in through the window and saw Finn sitting at the table in a blue shirt and matching jeans. He looked alot like Jack maybe a little buffer, spraying on my perfume i walk in. I smile when i reach the table 


He turns and smiles at me, "Anneliese. How lovely to finally meet you. Please have a sit" He pulls my chair out for me and i sit. Sitting across from me he looks me over "Wow, my brother was right you are beautiful." I laugh and say thank you " So you said over the phone your a freelance graphic designer?" He nods and places his hands on the table " Yes I am, I am also the founder on the Monster card."

"I'm sorry the what?"

"The Monster Card it's a student discount card it works with all the venus all around my University to create deals and discounts on anything the student may need"

"Really? Wow that's pretty interesting "

"Thank you." He says with a smile. We talk for a few moments i also find out that Finn in two minutes older than Jack. I discover things myself. Jack is more outgoing and silly when we would hang out and Finn is alot more laid-back. Finn excuse himself to go order for us. When he leaves i realize how kinda nice it is sitting here with Finn and we do have somethings in common we both love art which is something Jack and i don't necessarily share but Jack and i do like to laugh alot at anything. I got so lost in my thoughts i didn't hear Jack come in until he called my name "Anne"

"Jack? What are you doing here?"

"I came here to find out what has gotten into you and why your out on a date with someone else when you and i are getting to know each other. I thought you liked me? How can you do this to me?"

"You? Your the one who pressured me to go out with your brother?"

"WHAT? I have done no such thing. I didn't even see you yesterday, Anne."

"Yes you did! At the movie, the park?"

"Anne I-"

Finn shows up just as Jack and I fight get heated "I order one order of fish and chips i hope you don't mind sharing.." He looks at me and then notices his brother "Jack, wh what are you doing here?"

"I think the question is what are you doing here with Anne?"

I look at them both confused at what is going on the tension is so thick you would need either Wolverine or Freddy Kruger to cut through it  "I can't believe you would do this, Finn!"

"WHAT IS GOING ON?!" I yell. I am so upset i don't even care that the other customers are looking at us in confusion and the occasional people who love drama.Jack waits for his brother to speak but when he doesn't he groans and fold his arms "It seems as though my brother is a actor too. " My eyes dart from Jack and Finn looking to maybe catch on but i don't. I wait a few more moments and then it hits me, the dazed look, the confusion when i asked about why he called me Anneliese, the fear when i said i would turn on my phone. Oh my god "Oh my god! It was you!" This whole time I have been seeing both Jack and Finn Harris!

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