Falling For Two * A Jack and Finn Harries Love Story"

I had a idea to write a story about these two popular youtubers from England after i saw their videos on youtube. I thought what would happen if a girl on a trip to England met on of these guys and started dating him and then met his brother and started to like him also and they both begun competing for her love. Who would she pick? The funny, loveable Jack? Or the laid back romantic Finn? Well this is that story. Who would you pick? Who will she pick?


11. I Die Of Embrassment

The week after my date with Finn i was still in the greatest mood ever. The dinner was delicious, the dessert was delicious and Finn was delicious. Oh shut up, i meant his kisses were delicious you pervert. But anyways i was in the best mood, I never been treated like that before were a guy werent over the top for me like he had. I enjoyed it alot. But since then i havent heard from Jack. I dont know if he was mad at me or what. I missed him. I reached for my phone on my nightstand and proceeded to call im but jsut as i was about to hit send my phone rang.

"Hi,Blair " i said with a smile.

"Hey girl," said Blair

"Hey Anne" said two other voices that i recognized on a instant. It was my two other friends also youtubers. Gregory Gorgeous and Remi. I met Gregory through my sister and Remi through Blair they are both extremely sweet and funny and over the top gorgeous. "The Pink Ladies whats up?"We call ourselves the Pink Ladies after we watched Grease at Blair house. "More like whats up with you." said Gregory

"Yeah we heard about your little sexy twin triangle" said Remi with a hint of laughter in her voice

"Blair!" i yelled

"What you dont really expect me to keep this juicy little detail for myself do you?"

"Guysssss" i said rolling my eyes and falling face first onto my bed. I was gonna kill Blair i swear that is the last time ill tell her anything. I opened my mouth to speak but then Blair screamed


Gregory and Remi overlapped eachother asking Blair for the link and talking about how sexy they were and how cute their accents were. I scrambled up and logged into my laptop and found the chat. Immediately my eye lite up at the sight of both Finn and Jack.

"Omg gurrrrrl they are so sexy" said Gregory.

"Yummy whichever you dont pick ill be there to pick up the pieces of the others broken heart" said Remi

"Uh Remi. " said Blair

I put the phone to my shoulder to muffle out the excess chatter on the other end to listen to them talk "Do we have girlfriends asked HarrisLuv86?" said Jack.

"YES!" screamed my friends on the phone

"Sssh' i told them and waited for their response

"Well," said Finn "She isnt my girlfriend but i am getting to know someone at the moment . Her name is Anneliese "

"AAAAAAHHH" screamed my friends "He said your name He said your name"

"I know i know" i said trying to act as cool as can be and not act like on the inside i was freaking out and wanting to jump up and down and cool every bit of sense i had left

"And she is a very great kisser"

"ANYWAYS" said Jack cutting off his brother "I DO have a girlfriend and her name is Anne and she is this amazing artist so beautiful funny and sweet"

"Oh shut up Jack "

"No you shut up Finn what the hell do you think your doing?"


"Uh oh" said Blair "This cant be good"

"Maybe not you for but for Annie this is a dream come true " said Remi

"More like a nightmare" i said


"She isnt your girlfriend Jack! "
"She would be if you hadn't butted in! She was mine! " yelled Jack. He stood up in front of the camera. Finn stood up and got right into his face "Yeah well shes mine now and was last night too."

"You asshole!" yelled jack and shoved his brother. Finn caught him with a crossover hit and knocked Jack into the computer and the whole screen went black

I sat there looking at the black screen in front of me in disbelief of what i have just seen "Did....Did that just happened? i asked my friends?

"Uh you mean the part were twin brits fought over you in a video chat of  800 people?" asked Blair?


"No it didnt happened" said Gregory

"Yes it did" said Remi

"We know Remi "
"Then why did you---"

"I gotta go"i said quickly and hanging up before they had any chance of  stopping me. I stood up and paced in my room. They just fought over me again and this time all over the internet there will be gifs and blog post all about this and trying to figure out who this girl is. I sat down and thought this is getting way to out of hand. Maybe i should advoid them for the time being and focus on myself. I have enough drama as it is and they are adding to it. Im gonna need to keep my mind busy and off of them " Hey." said Melanie as she walks into my room


"I just got a call from the FineBros to do this Youtubers react thing. Wanna come?"

"Im not a youtuber."

"Your my sister and you make appearances here and there your part of my channel you just dont get a check." she said with a laugh "Oh come on Anne Banana. Itll be fun. Watch a bunch of videos talk about it"

"Where is this?"

"Back in the states well head out for a few days go see Blair and Elle do some shopping and come back. Dads cool with it."

This is just what i need to get away for a bit even though i have to come right back but ill get  a breather from this drama with Jack and Finn, get to see my friends some well need therapy shopping with the girls.

"Im in"


"When do we leave?"

"Tomorrow. Is that ok with you?

Just then my cell beeped. I looked down and saw i had a text from Finn and right behind him was a imcoming call from Jack. I paused and hit ignore on them both "How about we leave now?"

"Now? You sure? What about Jack and Finn dont you wanna tell them youll be gone?"

I looked down at my phone as it beep and rung again.

"They wont mind. " I said . Nope they wont mind at all. Manily because i wasnt gonna tell either of them about me leaving for the states. I didnt wanna face them after this "So? Can we go now?

"If you can get pack in thirty mintues and ill tell Elle and Blair were coming early." Melanie said taking out her cell walking back to her room.

Goodbye Jack and Finn hopefully when i came back you would have calmed down and I know how to handle this. I say that alot dont i? And yet im still right where i am. Oh yeah, I need a break

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