Falling For Two * A Jack and Finn Harries Love Story"

I had a idea to write a story about these two popular youtubers from England after i saw their videos on youtube. I thought what would happen if a girl on a trip to England met on of these guys and started dating him and then met his brother and started to like him also and they both begun competing for her love. Who would she pick? The funny, loveable Jack? Or the laid back romantic Finn? Well this is that story. Who would you pick? Who will she pick?


4. Coffee and A Movie

"Uh" is all i could muster up everything else in my head was gone at that point. "So? When were you gonna tell me about him, huh?" asked Melanie looking at me and eating popcorn. I pause the movie and face her "It just happened ok. We got caught up in the moment and we kissed, that's all. I don't even know if we're dating cause it's too early to tell. We just meant after all."

"You just met? When? Where the hell was I?" she said throwing her hands up. I ran my fingers through my hair and bit my lower lip. I told her the story of how we met and everything leading up to the kiss. When i was done she sat there looking at me. I raised my hands up saying "Well?"

"Well what?"

"You wanted to know and you just sit there staring at me and not saying a thing?"

"He's hot." she said taking a sip of her Diet Coke. I rolled my eyes and laid back down on the bed and rubbed my eyes. "Yeah i know that, Melly." She laughed and placed the bowl of popcorn on the night stand next to her and laid down beside me  "So i'm guessing your starting to like it here huh?"

"Yeah. I kinda am." I smiled at the ceiling letting my mind replay the kiss between Jack and I over and over again. The butterflies in my stomach begun to flutter all around so much i had to submerge a giggle from escaping my lips. "Hey I'm gonna head in." i told my sister but as i looked over i saw she was already asleep. I shut off her tv and tucked her in before leaving to my room. I undressed and changed into my PJS and got in bed before i was about to go to sleep i received a text message. It was from Jack and all it was was a smiley face. But that was enough for me. I went to bed on cloud nine.

The very next morning I headed out for a cup of coffee wearing my favorite pair of distressed blue jeans, a thin blue top, with a black leather jacket and matching heels and to finish it off i tossed on my cursive gold plated Anneliese necklace my sister got me for my birthday. My step dad had a horrible selection and not to mention all he had was gross decaf. Excuse me but when you have one daughter who is constantly on youtube making beauty videos and another who paints and draws up a storm and gets her most best work done at three or four in the morning you need caffeine. I finally reached The Espresso Room it was recommended to me by Elle she said it has the best coffee money could by and when Elle Fowler tells you something is good, damnit you don't ignore that. I walked in and purchased my coffee when i felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around and saw a familiar pair of green eyes. "Jack" i said with a smile. He looked at me first in confusion and then smiled.  "Yeah, yeah. Hello again." he smiled at me. I wasn't expecting to run into him again today but apart of me was wishing i would and here he was.  "Anneliese." he said looking at me.

"Yeah." i chuckled grabbing my coffee and stepping out of line. "That's me. Hey what happened to Anne? Your calling me by my full name now." I sat down at the nearest booth with Jack sitting beside me. "Um, yeah. I like it. It's very beautiful " he said never taking his eyes off of me. Sipping my coffee i shrugged "Ok" i replied with a smile. "How are you Jack." I looked up and saw him still staring at me almost in what it looked like amazement like he was just seeing me for the first time.


He looked back at me and cleared his throat "Yes?"

"Are you alright?" i asked him

"Um yeah, i just never noticed how beautiful your eyes were. They have little flecks of green in them" I blushed and looked down. This was a side of Jack i never seen before. Then again i didn't really know much but this was new. I liked this. At the golf course he was so closed off in a way and now he was very romantic. I guess the kiss we shared the following day opened him up in a way. Tugging my hair back i smiled and looked at him "Thank you Jack."

"Your welcome Anneliese." inhaling deep and exhaling he asks "What are you doing today?" I shake my head and reply "I don't have anything planned. Do you?"

"I was planning to go see a movie. I was going to go alone. But now i don't have too. That is if you would like to join me?"

"I would love too. "

We exit the cafe and Jack reaches for my hand taking it in his and i can't help but smile widely. If i wasn't sure about how he felt towards me i do now. Jack offers to play for the movie and we wake in and sit in the far back.  "Um you may want to shut off your phone so it doesn't interrupt the movie" He says. I nod and reach in and shut off my phone and i notice Jack smiling. It's as he wants to have me all to himself and i reciprocate the feeling. Indefinitely

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