Falling For Two * A Jack and Finn Harries Love Story"

I had a idea to write a story about these two popular youtubers from England after i saw their videos on youtube. I thought what would happen if a girl on a trip to England met on of these guys and started dating him and then met his brother and started to like him also and they both begun competing for her love. Who would she pick? The funny, loveable Jack? Or the laid back romantic Finn? Well this is that story. Who would you pick? Who will she pick?


5. Children Therapy and Bad News

When the movie ends we make our way out of the theater, Jack places a hand on my lower back to help guide me through the crowd. I look down to hide the smile that has made its way across my face if i needed any validation for how Jack felt about our kiss the other day or about me i think i may have finally gotten it. We finally make it through the crowd and outside, turning to him i say with a smile "I had such a good time, Jack. That movie was so good " He smiles back at me and replies " I'm glad you enjoyed it. I honestly thought you would think it was rubbish" I point at him and laugh " Rubbish you didn't teach me that one but i hear it enough to know what it means" Before glancing down to get my phone i notice the confused look on his face like he has no idea what it is i am talking about or maybe i was just thinking that. I pull out my phone and wipe the screen off just as i'm about to turn it on Jack places his hand over mine "What are you doing?" he asks
"Oh well now that the movie is over i was about to check to see if my sister called me.Or even worse, my father"
"Please." He begs taking my phone from my hands. 
"Don't do that" He says with a hint of - from what it sounds like- fear?  I was about to ask him why and what was going on when he answers my question for me "It's just that, i like having you all to myself you know, no one to bother us i just wanna enjoy this time alone. You and I. " I like the way that sounds, you and i, him and i, Jack and Me however you phrase it he wants to be with me alone, that's all i want to since we kissed just spend time with him alone.
"Ok, Ok. This is a no phone day.I'll just keep it in my jacket"
His body relaxes as he exhales and reaches for my hand and interlaces his fingers through mine "You can have this back after our date " he tells me with a smile. A date? He thinks of this as a date? Oh my god i wonder if he can hear my heart thumping out of my chest. I have to remain cool and calm " Ok!" i shriek with a big goofy grin plastered across my face. Ok, well im  the freaking dork of the century if any of Jacks fans could see how dumb i look right now they would scream at me to wipe this dumb look off of my face and be cool either that or kill me to take my place. I inhale and exhale slow letting my heart rate turn to normal. When i am sure i am more relaxed i look over at him and speak "So what do you have in mind?"
"I'm sure i can find something to hold your interest"
"You already do that"  i say out loud. In the words of my best friend Blair OMGHHKP! What was i thinking? That was meant to stay in my head Jack was never meant to know that. I mean i want him to know but crap not now. I'm too afraid to look up and see his reaction. I feel him lean into me and whispers in my ear "You hold mine too, Anneliese. Very much" His breath on my neck makes my knees buckle and i almost lose my balance but i catch myself before he could notice what effect he has on me.

For the rest of our date Finn takes me around England, the places he went to have fun as a kid and places he enjoys now. As we walk into a park I remembered i never really showed  much interest in his brother, Finn, not as if im more into his brother than him because i am not. I like Jack not his brother but i just wanted to know more about his family. " Tell me about Finn."

"What?" Jack stops dead in his tracks and looks at me like he has seen a ghost.He drops his my hand and my heart drops along with him. I reach for his hand again and he pulls back "Why would you ask about him-  mean finn- fin why would you ask about him?"
"Well, he is your brother and you and i are" im not sure what me and Jack were, if we were friends or more so i just settled for calling us friends " You and I are friends i just wanted to know about him. You haven't spoken about him other then when we first met" Jack rubs his face with his hands and chuckles "Uh, I'm sorry, I'm sorry i didn't mean to freak out like that. It's just that-" He walks back toward me and holds both of my hands into his. He thumbs rubs over my knuckles as he looks in my eyes  "I wanna talk about you. Tell me more about you" he says as he bends down to sit on the grass. "Well" i say as i sit down in front of him "I love to read. I 'm a huge fan of Philippa Gregory. My sister and I friend Elle who is also a youtuber recommended it to me and millions of her followers."
"Your a youtuber?" he asks me
"What? No, I told you my sister is, remember? She has her own beauty channel. I don't. She thinks i should for my art. I told you this?"
Jack holds my gaze for a moment and then shaking his head he says that he is sorry he must have forgotten " I guess this is what i get for working so hard at university"
"Oh yeah how is your studies going for Acting"
"Oh um, it's going quite well....."

"Are you ok?"
"Tell me more about you"

For a hour i talk about me. I tell Jack about  my family, my mother and fathers divorce, my sister how close we became after our parents split . How during the fights at night between them  i would run into her bedroom, crawl into bed with her and she would hold me and block out the yelling.  The fractured relationship my father and i have, I tell him about my dream of one day owning my own Art gallery and a pet therapy for abused children " I would like to have it in the heart of NYC. I don't want it to be this huge crazy gallery just a medium size. And for the therapy i think it would be awesome to have the abused children have a pet of their own. See my idea is to have abused pets and abused children to work together. The children would have someone to lean on and talk to who understands them and help heal them while the pets are helping to heal them. And maybe when they get adopted the children can take the animal with them or if they cant they can come back and visit the animal and help them find a family that is good for them. I'm still working on the idea" I never told anyone about this he is the first when i finish talking only to see that Jack has not taken his eyes off of me unsure if whether he is staring because he thinks the idea is stupid or im talking too much i clear my throat and cal his name. He smiles and looks back at me "That is an amazing dream and so well thought out"


He nods looking down and picking at the grass underneath us  i shift my weight and bring my legs into my chest and rock back and forth waiting for him to say something. His face showed a great deal of contemplation. It worried me about whatever it was that was troubling him. After a few moments of awkward silence Jack sighs and takes my hand again " Anneliese," the air around feels tight i find i cant breathe now. Whatever Jack is about to tell me i know it is not good.

"I think you will be better suited for my brother Finn"

I was right this isn't Good

It's Horrible

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