Falling For Two * A Jack and Finn Harries Love Story"

I had a idea to write a story about these two popular youtubers from England after i saw their videos on youtube. I thought what would happen if a girl on a trip to England met on of these guys and started dating him and then met his brother and started to like him also and they both begun competing for her love. Who would she pick? The funny, loveable Jack? Or the laid back romantic Finn? Well this is that story. Who would you pick? Who will she pick?


3. Brit Speak and Golf

The next day we woke up to dad calling us done for breakfast. Dad isn't much of a chef and like i said before we don't really trust Elaine with our food. I opted for fruit and Melanie stuck with some cereal called Shreddies which was just Chex. I took my fruit back up to my room. My room here was a little different then back home. Dad forgot my favorite color was pink so he had the witch herself decorate it. She painted it aqua blue with black and white accents . My bed frame was black with a white comforter and black and white pillows, a build in wall book self for my books and pictures, a small night table for my lamps, black and white curtains, a tear drop chandelier and a white and white computer table.  My flat screen was suspend from the wall. I sat down on my bed and got comfortable. I reached for my remote and turned on my tv taking a bite of my strawberry  i heard  Landon Austin's Where We Use To Run play. I get up and walked to my computer desk where i had last left my cell. I picked it up and saw it was Blair.

"Hey Chica" i said with a smile and pulled out my chair and sat down.  "Hey" she said "So have we spoken to the delicious brit again?" Blair said with a giggle in her voice. I covered my face hiding my smile as though she could see me over the phone. I had forgotten all about his number. "Uhh" searching around my room for my purse. I get down on the ground and find it under my bed. I reach for it and pull it out and find Jack's number stashed away. "OMGHHKP You haven't called him have you, Lee?" Blair says to me

"I forgot too. I swear i will. I'll do it as soon as im off the phone with you. I hope he hasn't forgotten me" i said nervously sitting on my feet and bite at my nails.

" Oh Lee don't say that, no one could forget you. Your beyond gorgeous and super sweet. "

"Aww  do you mean that? Or are you just saying that cause I'm your best friend?"

"Pretty much."

We both started laughing at that  point. I got up and fell onto my bed "Gee thanks, B, your so sweet. Alright im gonna call him and i will tell you what happened. ok?"
"Unless you end up making hot passionate love together." Blair said followed by a loud screeching laugh. I rolled my eyes and laughed and told her i would speak to her later. I hang up and grab Jack's number in my hands and stare at it for a moment. Inhaling i dialed his number. On the fifth ring the line picks up. "Ello?" the voice says. I pause forgetting how to speak. "Ello?" the voice says again.
"Uh yes can" my voice cracks and i clear my throat "Hi, yes This is Anne, may i" the voice cuts me off before i can finish

"Anne? Hello again."

"Jack?" i ask


I exhale with relief and a feel of calm washes over me as i run my fingers through my hair. "I didn't think you would remember me." i admit and quickly feel like a dummy for even telling him this. So much for acting aloof. I just met this guy and i don't want him to think he already has a hold over me. "Of course i remember you. Why wouldn't I?" he asks me. I grab my pillow and holds it close to me "Um because i didn't call you right away?"
"Isn't that the rule though? Never call on the first day?" he says. I can detect he is smiling on the other end of the phone. He has such a good sense of humor he seems to never take himself so seriously or any situation for that matter. He seems so carefree something i seem to lack at times. "Yes i guess that is the rule." i giggle. "So how have you been, Jack?" i ask him rolling over to my stomach.

"I've been good. I was planning to go play golf today."

"You play golf?"i ask sitting upright.

"No not really. But i would love to try. I was actually going to ask you if you would like to join me, you know when you called me."

"Oh" i giggled again. "I would love to come with you."

"Ace. " he says


"It means awesome.  Would you like to meet at the shop we met at yesterday? And walk there together?" he askes me. I climb off the bed to my closet to look for something to wear. "Sure. I will see you in um" i look over at the clock on my desk "20 minutes"

"Sure. See you then, Anne" I hang up and continue to look for a outfit. I settled for simple white top, blue jeans, tan booties boots with a matching purse and leopard scarf. I took a quick shower and got dressed while curling my hair my sister comes into my room and hops on my bed with a confused look on her face she says "Where are you going" I decided not to tell my sister about Jack yet since we just met and there was really nothing to tell. I didn't wanna jinx anything in case nothing happens. Better to be safe than sorry. "I wanted to stop by that shop i was at yesterday and sketch some more, you know?" flicking the off switch and shaking my curls and straightening my scarf i walk out the bathroom and spray perfume on myself.  "Ok cool. When you come back want to watch some movies in my room?" she  asks me
"Sure. That be fun did you bring the twilight movies?" i ask turning to her. She gives me a nod and looks at my outfit. Giving me a once over she says "You look good, Can i take a picture for my blog?" I nod and she snaps a picture. I give my sister a hug and leave. Walking to the shop my whole body was shaking and my heart was bouncing like a jack rabbit. I hope i wasn't over dressed or wasn't dressed enough. I mean what do you wear to go play golf? I never played  before so i wasn't sure what to wear. I just wanted to look nice but not look like i cared too much with how i looked. I wanted him to care but not to show i cared. As i got closer to the shop i saw him standing with his hands in his pockets facing the opposite way. He must have heard my heels clicking on the side walk because he turned around and his mouth dropped. "Anne, you look."
Uh oh, i knew it i am over dressed, Fuck " Dishy"  he finally says looking me up and down. I follow his eyes over my outfit and tug my hair back. "Um, is that good?" finally meeting his eyes. "Yes" he nods  "It is good . It is very good" he smiles. We exchange looks and i transfer my purse to my other shoulder
"Oh" he says with a chuckle "Dishy means attractive or good looking" he says grabbing my wrist gently and we begin to walk to the golf course. "You should teach me Brit Speak" i said looking at him.

"Brit speak? What is Brit Speak" he asks

"You know, like dishy"

"Oh." he stated with a nod of his head "Ok i can do that, let's start with a common one. Cheeky"

I point at him and say "I heard that one a lot what exactly does that mean? Is it a good thing?"

"Not really. It means you  have too much lip or are a bit of a smart arse"

"Arse?" i giggle at him. I knew what he meant but damn it his accent was too cute for words right now. i couldn't help myself. He bumps my arm. "Alright alright, i know you meant ass. So cheeky, i got that what is the next one?" On the way to the golf course i learned alot of new britsh terms like bollocks which can be good or bad, bob's your uncle which is similar to the america use of 'and that's it' that is one i still don't understand. We finally reached the course and Jack paid for me and him and we got settled. "Would you like to go first?" He askes me sitting on the bench. "Um" i looked around at all the players . They all seemed really good and been doing this for years, i suddenly felt self conscinece i wanted to show off to Jack and get him to like me if he didn't already. He may like it if i got first maybe i would get lucky and hit a field goal. Wait, that was football. Oh crap i said to myself. Maybe he should go first. "Sure" i said with a huge grin.  You are such a idiot. I thought.

 I bend down and set the ball on the tee. I got into position and swung. The club flew out of my hands and over to Jack. He ducked and it  missed him by a few inchs. This was not starting off to be a good date. "JACK! Omg i am so sorry!" Jack looks up laughing and covering his mouth. "No, no." He put his club down and grabbed mine "It's quite alright. Here let me help you" He walked over to me and handed me my club. I took it and he stood behind me and placed his hands over mine. "You need to grip it hard. And then lightly let go just a little.." The touch of his hands on my sent shock waves through my body. The feel of his breathe on my neck as he inhaled my perfume. He grips my hips and shift my weight to my back foot. "Now hit it" He steps back and i exhale and swing. The ball soars through the air til it was just a dot in the sky. "I did it!" i exclaimed turning around and jumping into his arms. He wraps himself around me and lifts me off the ground. I touched back down on the ground and looks Jack in the eye.It was then with him closer to me then before i saw his eyes had changed from blue to green and he smelled of soap and colonge. He turly was breathtakingly beautiful. And i really wanted to kiss him. Even more so. I wanted him to kiss me.

We stare at each other until he lets me go stepping back and clearing his throat. "My turn right?" he says walking over and picking up his club. I stand there still reeling from our stare contest and the remembrance of his touch on my hands, sitting down i watch him get into his stance and hit the ball. "Nice job" I said and he walks over to me and we trade off . We play for a hour and a half. After playing we stop by the shop and order fish and chips. Sitting in a booth jack asks if i had a good time "I did. It was really fun. Thank you so much for taking me."

"No thank you for joining me" He says taking a bite of his fish. I bit into my fries which were still hot to the touch. I look down at my plate and drag my fry through the big glob of ketchup. My mind goes back to the course when i was in Jack's embrace. The look in his eye looked like he wanted to kiss me. But he didn't. Was he scared too? Did he think it was too soon? Perhaps i should have kissed him. Whatever the deal was, it was over. And i wasn't sure if it would come back.  "Anne?" I snap back into the present when i hear my name being called. I look up and face jack again " Hm, yes?" i answer.

"Are you ready? I should get you home."

Already? I thought. We only hung out for a hour. I don't understand. I nod and get up for my chair. Jack walks to the door and hold it open for me and i walk in the direction of my dad's house. Neither one of us saying anything. We share a few glances at each other but not saying a word. When we reach my home I stand in front of him and say thank you once again before turning around to push in the code of the gate. Before my finger reachs the number pad. Jack takes my hand. I turn to face him my eyes bounce of his and then his lips and before i know it we are kissing. It was gentle , slow and soft. I let my bag slip from my hands and i place my arms around his neck and hes hands holds onto my waist as we fall more into the kiss. When we finally pull apart. He looks me in the eye and says "You have no idea how badly i wanted to do that." He tugs my hair back and lets his thumb brushed over my cheek. Oh yes i do Jack. Believe me, I do . We part ways and i walk inside the house. Closing the door i lean against it and touch my lips. We kissed. We finally kissed. I walk up the steps and remembered i haven't told Melanie so i cant show up in her room with a dumb grin plastered on across my face. I shake off the kiss with Jack and enter her room. "Melly."

"Hey your back. Ready to see some hot guys." She says walking out the bathroom fanning herself with her hand. I take off my shoes and get her in her bed "You betcha" i replied. Thought i just finished seeing a hot guy who is a way hotter than Taylor Launter and has more expression then Rob Pattinson and The Slender Men combined. She crosses the room and puts in the first movie. She grabs a bowl of popcron from her dresser and sit down besides me. I reach my hand in and eats some"Ok, hot guys here we come." She presses play. After the title sequence comes across the screen she pauses it. "Oh btw sissy. I saw you making out with that hot twin from youtube". I nearly choke on a pocorn kernel and turn to look at her. She presses play and resumes eating

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