Falling For Two * A Jack and Finn Harries Love Story"

I had a idea to write a story about these two popular youtubers from England after i saw their videos on youtube. I thought what would happen if a girl on a trip to England met on of these guys and started dating him and then met his brother and started to like him also and they both begun competing for her love. Who would she pick? The funny, loveable Jack? Or the laid back romantic Finn? Well this is that story. Who would you pick? Who will she pick?


2. A Cute Boy and A Fat Ass Burberry

The plane ride from Connecticut to England was seven hours at the most. I slept the whole ride there. When the plane landed and we got off we were immediately greeted by our father, Gus. Our dad was standing there in his type attire, tan khaki pants and a polo shirt. " There he is" whispered Melanie in my ear. I stood and looked at the forty-five year old George Clooney look alike that stood before us. " Ello, girls. Welcome to England"  said Robert, my father opening his arms waiting to embrace us. I smiled and reached my arm behind my sister and pushed her into him. "Wha-" she stuttered as she fell into his arms and he wrapped her up . "I missed my Melly Jelly Belly" I submerged a chuckle. Melanie hated that nickname. Dad started calling her that when she was younger she was on the chubby side so he started calling her Melly Jelly Belly. I saw her wrinkle her nose at the sound of the nickname "Um..Dad it's Mel, now." she said taken a step back. "Right, Mel" he inhaled and shoved his hands in his pockets and looked over at me. My sister followed his gaze and walked over and stopped beside me "Your turn" she said and proceeded to walk to the luggage belt. I walked to him leaving a few feet between us "Hi...Dad" i said . He opened his arms up for me. I walked past him and out of the airport. I stood looking for his car and saw her, Elaine walking over to me in a white Burberry Peplum Jersey Dress and matching white pumps. "Ohhh, there she is. Hello Darlin" she ran over to me and hugged me so tightly she nearly squeezed the air out of my body. She grabbed my shoulders and pulled us apart and gave me a once over. "You have gotten so beautiful. Oh my goodness. Welcome to England. Where is that chubby sister of yours?" she asked.

"Ahem" I didn't even have to turn around to know Mel over heard the witch's comment. "Hello, Elaine." Melanie said walking over to join me with her suitcase rolling behind her. "Oh my goodness look at you. You look amazing, Your so skinny." she squealed and grabbed her into a hug. "Yeah i wish i could say the same for your ass" Mel said in a whisper that only i heard. I covered my mouth and laughed. "I'm sorry did you say something darlin?" she said stepping back. "No No, I just said can i take a picture of your outfit for my website? I have a beauty channel on youtbe and a website. And i look just horrible right now so i can't take a picture of myself but i would love to feature your outfit for my Outfit Of The Day." she said with a smile and holding up her IPhone. "Oh my goodness, sure i would love that." Elaine said striking a pose. "Oh goodie" Mel replied with just a touch of sarcasm in her voice that no one other than me detecting. She snapped that picture and said thank you. We got into the back of Dad's car and headed back to his house. One the way there Mel and I laughed as she drew horns on Elaine's picture.

We arrived to Dad's home. It was protected by a gate that opened when he entered a code. It was detached family house. It has  four floors and comprises of two spacious reception room, dining room, full kitchen,breakfast room with setting area leading to a substantial split-level garden. He had it build for him when he started his own business. We pulled up to the circular driveway and got out. "Welcome home girls." dad said getting out of the car. I got my purse  and closed the door and looked up at the house. "It's your home. Ours is back in Connecticut" Mel said walking up the steps and into the house. I turned and looked at dad. "You um go ahead and get sorted i will have Samuel bring your bags up." Giving him a nod i turn around and walk inside. I haven't been here in a long time. As i look around i noticed pictures of my grandparents, aunts and uncles, Jessie, Mel  and I. As well as Dad and Elaine. None of mom. I walk over and pick up a picture of dad and i when i was a baby at my christening. I picked it up and stared at it. I was such a daddy's girl before everything happened. A part of me still missed those times where i would run to my dad with anything and knew it would all work out for the best. Now things had changed between us and there was no getting it back. "I remember that time." I heard Dad say when he came up behind me and touched my shoulders. "You were such a quiet baby. Unlike Melly she cried through out the whole thing but you, you kept your eyes locked on me. As if looking into my eyes and being in my arms kept you so calm and relaxed. No matter what i was the one person to make you feel at peace." I placed the picture back down on the table. "Yeah well. I was little then." I turned to face him. I saw him clench his jaw "Anneliese" he said but before he could finish Mel came down the stairs. "Anne, let's go check out England" She was out the door believe i could say yes or no. I cleared my throat and followed. When i got out she was recording a video for her channel. "I am here in England with my sister," she turned her Iphone to me. I gave a quick wave and walked down the driveway "We are here for the summer visiting our dad." I walked ahead of her as she continued to talk. I really didn't want my face on her videos. Like i said those were her things not mine. Mine was drawing. She told me multiple times that i should make a art channel because a lot of our friends wanted to learn to draw. But i really didn't like the idea so i just left it alone. Melanie told me she was gonna check out the shopping and would meet up with me later. I opted to get something to eat. I stopped at this really small shop that sold Fish and Chips. I sat down by the window and eat alone. It was really delicious. I looked out the window and got lost in my own mind and the food. I reached in my purse and pulled out a small notepad that i carry in case i got the urge to draw. I started sketching , nothing in particular. Free drawing is my favorite form of drawing when you haven't got any water colors or paints. Where you can just draw whatever come to mind. Just let you mind go and draw. I was so caught up i didn't hear anyone come over to my table until i heard a tapping. I looked up to a pair of ice blue eyes. "Hello, i didn't mean to startled you." he said. He looked familiar but i couldn't put where i knew him from. "Oh no, it's ok. I was in my own mind. I lose sort of check out when i'm drawing." I told the blue eyed guy. "That is what i wanted to comment on. Your drawing. It is hand down the best drawing i have ever seen."
"Really? Oh, thank you so much"
"Your welcome. I'm Jack" he said extending his hand to me. I took it and gently gave it a shake. "I'm Anne."
"Anne. It is very nice to meet you." he smiled at me and it was then that i remember who this guy was. It was one of the twins that Blair told me about. The Harris twins from youtube. She wasn't joking they well he is really hot in person. "Would you mind?" he pointed to the seat across from me as to ask if i minded if he joined me. Oh yeah sure i would turn him down? Please. "No of course not, Please" He pulled out the chair and sat down. "I'm guessing by your accent your not from here?" I shook my head  and giggled "No, I'm American. My sister and i are visiting my dad and his wife for the summer. We just landed actually not to long ago"
"Oh really? Well let me be the first to welcome you here."
I grinned and replied in my best english accent "Well thank you very much Jack." He laughed at my horrible accent and said "Nice try with the accent. It needs alittle work"
"Maybe you can give me a few tips?" i chuckled.
"I would be honored to help you, Anne"
"Awesome Jack"
We both started to laugh so much that everyone else in the resturant were looking at us funny. They must have thought we were on drugs or something. But it didn't bother us so much. We were engaged in our silly jokes . We sat there just getting to know each other. I leanred he is studying to be a actor. And lives with his mom and of course his brother who i already knew about but i didn't state that. I didn't want him to think that i was another one of his fans that drool over him and his brother. Thats the last thing on my mind. I told him about my sister and her channel and how people think i should get one. "If it's not for you then i don't think you should do it. I've got a channel and it was really my idea. My brother makes a appearance in them but i don't pressure him to make a channel" he told me.
"Exactly. I really just draw for myself it gives me piece of mind."i said. Suddenly i heard my phone go off. I excused myself and walked outside "Hello?
"Anne! Where are you we said we would meet up at the shopping center. I've been waiting here for fifty mintues. Where are you?!" I looked down at my watch. Oh my god i have been talking to Jack for fifty mintues. "Oh my gosh, Melly i am so sorry i will be there in a few mintues i promise don't leave" I hung up and rushed back inside and gathered my things. "Jack, i am so so sorry but i have to go meet my sister i am so sorry." i apologized. Jack stood up and waved his hands "No, No, it is quite alright. I do hope i see you again." He took my hands into his "Anne" he smiled and exited the resturant. I closed my hand into a fist and fell back into the chair. Oh my goodness was he so cute. And that accent and OH MY GOD i didn't get his number. Oh no. How would i see him again? God I really sucked at this. I stood up and my notepad fell out of my hands and onto the floor. "Crap" I whispered to the sky and bend down and picked it up. Under my seat i saw a napkin that must have fallen out the notepad. I picked it up. There was writing on it. It said Jack with his number.
This trip was really starting to look up. I got my things and stood up and exited the resturant. I looked around to make sure that Jack was gone before i squealed and jumped up and down and ran off to go meet my sister.

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